Want to Boost SEO through Online Reputation Management? Use These Top ORM Tools

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You build your brand; whereas your reputation is earned! It holds true for managing your brand’s reputation online. And when it comes to drawing up a positive reputation, brands have to work it out! According to an Accenture study, about 94% of the B2B buyers conduct online research before arriving at a buying decision. What would your online visitors chance upon when search outcomes appear? Brands and business owners need to consider this question.

Do you have a negative review on your name? Is there an unresolved online reputation you have to manage? If yes, then it will impact your online reputation, online sales, customer goodwill and also the supply chain relationships. You will get limited in your potential PR activities online. Fortunately, today there are ways to assess what people are saying about your brand. Thanks to the advanced online reputation management tools that are on offer.

The Best Online Reputation Management Tools to Opt-in For

 Want to manage your online brand reputation? For this, you ought to evaluate analytics and data as this will enable you to assess your present online performance. For any unwarranted situation that might occur, it’s better to have a competitive strategy in place. It is where the leading online reputation management tools help. You can select from the popular names discussed below.

1. Trackur: Want to know what online visitors see when they search for your brand in social networks or search engines? Trackur will help you gauge that. It monitors the mainstream news sources and social media. And by doing that it offers social analytics that highlights apt insights and trends your company should know to plan further. You also get to know if your brand has an impact on your target audience or not.

 2. BrandsEye: This tool enables several of your office people to have access to it while working. It comes with all the necessary online reputation management tactics. However, the tool is equipped with a new age algorithm, which interprets and analyzes data.

 3. Brandwatch: Want a tool to help you with keyword and social media management? If yes, then this tool is what you need. Brandwatch focuses on collating public views and consumer feedback. Using this data, you can manage your core decision making.

 4. Rankur: Is your’s a start-up or a small business? If yes, then this tool is best for you. Rankur provides several demographic data and analytics. It also enables you to manage competitors and check online reviews. You will love the team workflow feature here. The bonus is, it’s available in many languages.

 5. Technorati: If you have just started with online reputation management, this is the apt tool. Technorati expertly traces all blog posts to check who links back to your post. It indicates the success of the post amidst the readers. Subscribe to the alerts for this data.

 6. SocialMention: The best part of Social Mention is that it notifies you of all the keywords. It also evaluates when your brand gets a mention. It also classifies the significance of these mentions.

 7. Alterian/SDL: This tool provides you with multiple data. Want to know what people are talking about your brand in various countries, across different language and demographics? This tool will help you gauge that. All that you ought to know about online brand reputation is offered to you. From marketing analytics to online campaign management, this tool has you covered.

 8. Google Alerts: One of the fundamental online reputation management tools, Google Alerts is easy to use. You need to add in a term you wish to track. On most occasions, it’s your company name. You will receive email notifications stating where and when the words got a mention. The tool does no analysis here. Instead, it provides you with the data.

 9.  Whos Talking: This tool has similarity with SocialMention. It will send your alerts every time your brand and keywords get a mention. You will notice these mentions on every social media platforms, along with images and videos. You have the choice to check only one “type” of mention at a time.

The Connection between online Reputation Management and SEO

 The online reputation of a brand is the summation of all sources and websites that comprise its brand presence. Regardless, it is a review site like Glass Door or Yelp or a media mention; everything is included. Each of these web elements is hovering around for placements in the search engines. The ones that have maximum domain authority will receive better ranks.

SEO comes with its strategies that come under the set of online brand reputation. Simply put, SEO is the process to make your brand’s web pages rank high for a set of keywords. Hence, it’s all about maximizing website performance. Online reputation is all about making your company feature in potential sites. There are a subtle link and interplay between ORM and SEO. Furthermore, SEO impacts ORM just like-

  • Public Relations
  • Content Marketing
  • Review Site Management
  • Social Media Cultivation

You can have an SEO plan for website optimization. You also want to target keywords relevant to your industry vertical. It is done via a mix of “on-page” strategies, for instance, optimizing page copy, site architecture, page titles, URL planning and image tags. Along with this you also get to implement “off-site” SEO strategy as well. It is known as the inbound linking strategy which is done for external websites point to your site and offer incoming web traffic. This seems perfect.

The website that you are influencing will undoubtedly appear in the search outcomes. There are also other sites. The ones that appear on page 1, for instance, Google reviews, Indeed, Glass Door, Yelp, Angie’s List and many more. Are you also appearing in a favorable way there? It’s essential to draw a plan to manage your reputation on every website your brand would get a mention in search outcomes as that’s what your online visitors would see. And to check what they see, you can opt-in for the top online reputation management tools.

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