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Efficient and Effective SMS Marketing for Universities and Schools

SMS marketing campaigns are not confined to online businesses and the corporate world. It has expanded and can be used in any field of life to improve lines of communication and interaction. A text message is highly convenient as it helps you send out one message at a click of a finger. Everyone uses a cell phone these days, and this means they are unlikely to miss out on any message.

How can SMS marketing help schools and colleges?

SMS marketing campaigns can have several benefits for schools and universities. It helps parents to be aware, staff to be vigilant and everyone gets alert in the event of an emergency situation. With a single click of your mobile, you can communicate one message to everyone associated with the school or university.

Reasons why SMS marketing is helpful for universities and schools

Preschools to universities should have SMS marketing for better functioning and reach. SMS campaigns can improve both parent and student satisfaction. The lines of communication become fast and open. Parents and students are aware of the latest news, alerts, and notifications as reminders can also be sent to them at the click of a mouse. This is convenient as one single message reaches everyone instantly. There is no chance of anyone missing out on important news and notification.

Why is SMS marketing so successful over email marketing?

No one likes to read long emails anymore. SMS marketing helps you send convenient messages to everyone in the network within no time. SMS is easy for people to read and remember. They are mostly short and are retained in the memory for a longer period.

The open rate for SMS marketing is 98% within the first 5 minutes of the receipt of the message. Open rate is the measure of how many people view or open a message. It just takes 90 seconds for recipients to open and read the text compared to emails that take 90 minutes on an average. Moreover, some parents and students do not check their emails on a regular basis, and the chances of missing out on important messages are always there. With SMS marketing, they are able to get instant messages as all of them use cell phones. To receive a text message, you do not have to own a smartphone, so the chances of the text being read are always very high. Today, you are at an age that is mobile friendly. This means people do not have to rely on word-of-mouth, home flyers and emails to get your messages across to recipients.

Keep parents always in the loop

Sms marketing helps you to keep parents in the loop always when it comes to important announcements for students in an educational institution. Working parents are a common sight these days, so they have work responsibilities along with home duties. A school or a university that banks on SMS marketing campaigns helps them to get instant links to newsletters, important educational announcements, news, etc. Even if you are a stay at home parent, checking information about the school or the university might not be your top priority all the time. You will be more concerned about getting the home cleaned, preparing dinner, shopping for daily groceries and more. Nothing can be better than receiving a text message about things related to school or university conveniently. Text message saves you a lot of time, and you can stay informed round-the-clock. Schools and universities are able to eliminate the stress of parents by giving them all the information they need for their child’s education. Renowned companies like SimpleTextinghave helped many schools and universities create customized SMS marketing campaigns. Each of them had seen benefits when it came to streamlining important announcements and communication.

Your staff is informed round-the-clock

Like parents, your staff has to be in the loop when it comes to important information and communication. In case your staff is not informed or aware of the latest news, events, and information about the school and university they will not be able to function efficiently. Like the students of the school or university, they should be informed of everything that is happening in the institute.  For instance, you have a fire drill scheduled for Friday next week at 11.30 am. You can compose a text message and send it to all students and teachers days or minutes ahead of the drill. In this way, teachers can plan their lessons around students and get them ready by 11.30am on Friday for the drill. This means that when the alarm for the fire drill is set off, the students are ready and move accordingly.

Manage emergency situations better with SMS marketing

This may sound surprising to you however SMS marketing has the ability to manage emergencies properly. It even has the ability to save lives. Sms can be delivered quickly, and you can communicate with thousands with just one click of a mouse. Communication becomes easy with the phone always available. One does not need to log in to a system in case of emergency. With SMS marketing you are effectively able to place the safety of your students and staff first by instantly sending them an emergency text alert. There are several companies to help you create a customized SMS marketing campaign specifically for schools and colleges. Bank on them for improving the lines of communication and trust.

After deciding to opt for SMS marketing, talk to companies that have skills and experience in the field. They will help you choose a plan that customizes the needs of your school or university without any hassle. They offer suggestions and the features that you can use for the SMS marketing plan. With the right plan, you can really make a big positive difference in how the school or university functions. Students, parents, and teachers will be happy as you place them high up on the priority list with alerts, notifications, and emergency updates.

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