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How Google and Yelp reviews benefits real estate business

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Google and YelpReview of anything has much importance. Around 85 percent of the people presently explore things using reviews. Be it a new Smartphone that we plan to buy or a new car or whatever. It builds trust with the particular thing we desire to have and depicts the reality of it too. It affects the business also to an extent as the positive review turns into lead for a business or a click for sure. Back in the days, the major source of review used to be the people we know but things have changed. Internet has totally transformed the way of living of people.

According to a survey, to form an opinion about any company 40% of online consumers check at least three or more online reviews. Google is one of the major platforms to give and read review about any company. The review is submitted by the people through the Google+ accounts and the reviews affect the Google ranking of businesses to a certain extent. And, it is a important factor as most of the people migrate online for buying or selling anything from the past few decades.

In the real estate business, the reviews are crucial along with testimonials also. It serves as a factor which is very important at the time of decision making of the consumers. But, often, it is also seen that some reviews are even posted by those who haven’t even used the company’s service, especially in the real estate industry. In that case, have a look how you can improve and increase Google and Yelp reviews for your real estate business:

♦ Increase your trust factortrust

Though we have internet but still we put still we put more weight age on the reviews of our closed ones rather than the advertisement that we go through in our day to day life. In the same way, the reviews on Google reviews and yelp are nothing but the experience or referrals or warning of individuals. And it can be either worthwhile or harmful for your business as the positive ones will render positive while the negative ones will proffer negative impact.

Yet you can be trustworthy among people by proffering them service through which you can get high star rating by them. If you are bestowed with high star rating you are destined to convert the traffic into leads. If we consider the statistics, 94% consumers prefer the business with four star rating and 60% with three star with three star as well as only 13% with two stars or less. And, if you get positive reviews on your business you can easily connect with new consumer ever and anon.

♦ Reach out to peoplereach out

As everything is going digital, reaching out to people is not a daunting task but also not that easy.  It requires continuous efforts and dedication to expand business and reach majority of people and especially to the ones who are looking for it. From real estate business perspective, the website is the main source through which consumers can connect with the business. Hence, it needs to be managed properly to give people the details they want in best possible way.

The website also needs to be managed properly for mobile usability too, as majority of people are mobile user nowadays. You can also ask entertaining and exciting thing to the visitors to make them connect with you. From the last couple of years, the number of people who look out for local business has almost doubled and expected to grow more in the coming times. So, from future point of view it is beneficial.

♦ Stay connected and up to dateconnected

Consumers look out for recent reviews rather than the outdated ones. To stay relevant, it is important to connect people with your business so that they can write their recent experience. The reviews which are older than a month are considered as outdated reviews and are the same which are usually ignored by the people. Before going with a business almost everyone or 92% people check out the reviews of business. Hence, the more are the reviews, it is better for business. But the positive reviews are the important thing which matters the most.

Implement new strategies and ideas in business to connect with peoples’ lives as new things attract people. Also, note the key points the competitors are doing in the business and take inspiration from them rather than doing what exactly they are doing.

♦ Be as trusted as a personal referral

be trustedRegardless of all the advancement and technology, personal referral is still an important aspect in business. People still give more weightage to personal referrals more than online reviews. In real estate, if anyone is looking out for a property option and land up to a agent through a personal referral or through a positive review, the chances are more likely to be converted into business.

Business is mostly based on reviews nowadays. And most of the people finalize their decision by the reading top 10 reviews while choosing the business. If we talk about the statistics according to a survey, around 88% of people read up to 10 reviews before making a decision and nearly three quarter.

♦ Manage five stars in Google and yelp reviews5 star

Five star rating on any website is another alternative of a positive review. The more are the five star rating on a business, the more it has trust factor. The consumers share their reviews on several online platforms such as Google+, Yelp, Facebook, Zillow, Foursquare, Yahoo, etc. Other than this, try to keep an eye on what you competitive are doing to dominate them.

Also, you can have your presence on Zillow, LinkedIn and Trulia but from all the mediums, you need to have target to get as much as positive reviews you can get. It builds a good reputation in the industry if the entire platform gives specific business positive reviews. So, consider these points thoughtfully to boost your business.

Author Bio :

This article was written by Manish Kumar.  Manish is a professional content writer and landscaping enthusiast. he works for hcorealestates, a India based company that offers real estates guidance services.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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