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15 Latest SEO trends to prepare for in 2017

15 Latest SEO trends to prepare for in 2017

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2017 will see more mobile centered search optimization and also less concentrate on keyword traffic data due to updates Google made in 2016 and will keep on making in 2017. This shouldn’t generally come as a major shock to a great many people, as web users are moving towards mobile just use and Google’s search AI and profound learning is beginning to truly get steam.

Search Engine optimization is dependably the distinct advantage when it comes in the world of digital marketing. It has turned into the most ideal way pick up the competitors point of view. SEO is dependably on moving track in this way there are different SEO trends to prepare for in 2017.

15 Latest SEO trends to prepare for in 2017Google update many times in a year to improve search better and to demoralize spam exercises which are making look most noticeably bad. In a quality internet marketing it’s truly critical to keep updates SEO procedure according to market standard to take after progressing SEO mechanism including search communication, content building, web-based social networking engagement, and the distance organizations utilize connect with its customers on the web.

Here are latest SEO(Search Engine Optimization) trends to prepare for in 2017:

1. Entering the mobile first era:

Regarding the matter of mobile, Google still can’t announce the release date for their mobile first index but it is coming – and soon. Optimizing for mobile has never been a greater amount of an urgent requirement, so be prepared.

Optimize your mobile version of the site. As per google most recent update on search engine  rankings significant traffic is coming through mobile. A year ago in November most website traffic was from mobile.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP):

Google has moved to AMP Protocol for indexing the pages since February 2016. It contains three sections – AMP HTML, AMP JS and Google AMP Cache. It permits building website pages for static content that render speed and enhances page execution impressively. It is likewise considered to significantly affect on ranking in the upcoming year as Google connections AMP pages in all its search results. Many companies giving SEO Services are as of now hoping to optimize for AMP as it is required to acquire force in 2017.

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Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) are an open-source protocol that permits website admins to make pages equipped for loading right away on mobile. The thought is that a modest bunch of simple structural changes can make your site load up to four times quicker and utilize eight times less information. As of now, Google is beginning to support sites that have changed over to AMP, giving them visibility in a carousel and a little symbol showing their AMP status. In 2017, I envision we’ll see more partiality for AMP in search results, with more brands taking the alternative.

3. Fresh Quality Content will be top trend for SEO in 2017:

Individuals are getting bored of reading the same spun content again and again, in various words. Early content search engine optimization advertising efforts were centered around delivering great and unique content as possible, however for as far back as couple of years, we’ve seen same contents in various words, long pieces that cover a theme exhaustively. So content will remain the king. Quality will be on need. Higher the quality of your content, higher your site will rank. Quality content is the principle part for SEO that you need to center in 2017.

4. Optimizing for voice search:

Voice Search has been a predictable meander in the tech business for quite a while now. There’s no denying that voice chase is one of the best cases of the advanced age. With massive changes to Siri, Google Now and Cortana, SEO services provider would be keen to nearly separate voice movement and think past content based inquiries in 2017.

15 Latest SEO trends to prepare for in 2017A featured snippet — also called as a “rich answer” or “direct answer” — is an outline answer to a searcher’s question that Google appears in a unique piece at the highest point of its SERP.

As should be obvious from the screenshot over, a featured snippet for the most part incorporates a connection to the page from where the information was taken. What’s more, in this way it has an extraordinary traffic-attracting in potential you can use.

5. Website Page Speed:

Loading…loading…Oh no!!… Close!!! Numerous website admins have reported that their general traffic enhanced by 5% to 10%  after improving their web page speed. Website pages which open inside 5 seconds are more convertible and have low bounce rates. Page speed is a Google ranking element and it is all the more commanding in 2017.15 Latest SEO trends to prepare for in 2017

6. Short Video Submission:

Since content submission makes violence over the article submission site and as you probably are aware through the video you can without much of a stretch get more consideration from individuals around the world.

Keep in mind the force of YouTube videos. YouTube has day by day a large number of viewers. Video promoting is one of the SEO 2017 trend. Video helps quickly in branding and attention to your business. You have to optimize your videos on YouTube considering these above variables.

7. Social media presence will remain significant part of the brand-building.

8. Quality and Epic content will be the king. Long and data driven content pages receives the maximum number of new visitors.

9. Guest blogging will remain in-trend.

10. Infographics will be on rise. It is also better than article submission.

11. Audio Submissions: It is also a unique way to get attention from people around the globe.

12. Blog Commenting: Appropriate commenting will only be considered, giving links here and there will spam your site and though its rankings

13. Try to build quality links as much as possible. They are like votes to search engine.

14. Natural links and Social signals will become more important than force link building.

15. Stop focusing on brands and begin to concentrate on products and services.

Hope all these SEO trends to prepare for in 2017 will help you. All the best!!

Hiren PatelAbout Author:

Mr. Hiren Patel is marketer, developer, designer, storyteller, thinker at iMOBDEV Technologies. Get the first-rate IT & SEO services for your start-up with down the earth cost.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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