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How to Promote Your Website and Drive Traffic For Free

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If you own a website or an online business, you must know that online traffic is your most important asset. Your website cannot simply survive without healthy traffic. There are multiple techniques and ways you can use to attract people towards your website. Generally, website owners are worried about the cost of marketing in order to increase traffic. Thankfully for you, there are numerous ways in which you can boost traffic for free.

If you want to promote your website efficiently and quickly without taking big risks, you should not just have a basic knowledge of SEO but should be aware of its complexities. You would have to hire a professional if you are not an expert. You must keep your website light and highly informative. Here are a few ways you can use to increase the traffic on your site without paying a dime

Customize Old Content

It is important that you keep track of all your content. You must add better keywords to your old content so there is a higher chance of a better ranking in the search engines. Most search engines, including Bing, prefer updated and new content to dated content.

Create and Sell

You must come up with new and engaging content and make sure you teach people what you already know using different courses. You can use not only your site to promote and sell your content but also other sites. This would enable you to attract a high volume of online traffic and widen your visitor base.

Contact Potential Customers through Email

Sending emails to people is probably one of the easiest ways of promoting online content or website. You should create weekly newsletters, which are both interesting and attractive. This would require you to convince people to subscribe to the newsletter. This is the best way to keep your customers engaged and informed about your products and content.

Use both Long-Tail and Short-Tail Keywords

H3 Keywords play an important role in promoting your website and increasing your online business’ profitability. A right set of keywords is required if you want to see your website prosper. You must keep a balance between short tail and long tail keywords. Some companies focus on one of these and hence face the consequences. Both play an important part so it is necessary that you use both.

Get Social

No matter how genuine, authentic and interesting your content is, you still require intelligent marketing techniques to make sure people read it. This involves using social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You should choose between different sites wisely. Sites like Facebook also allow you to target the right market as you can make segments using keywords.

This helps you reach your ideal audience. It depends on whether you own a B2B or a B2C company. Using social media sites to promote your website and content would also require you to stay updated with the current trends so that you can go with the flow.

Use Eye-Catching Headlines and Hash-Tags

A headline is the first thing we lay our eyes on before reading any article. It is important that the headline is eye-catching. Almost all successful companies pay attention to the headings of their content. Some even write up to twenty different headings before choosing the best one. You should definitely master the art of headline writing to attract traffic to your website. Also, use trending hash-tags, as they are an important for SEO.

Create Online Courses

Creating long content, like online courses, would drive more traffic to your site. However, any course you create must be relevant to the keywords you use. The longer the content, the longer people would have to stay. This way you can offer them other content too. You should make sure the courses and content is highly interesting and useful or else people would take no time in closing the page and leaving your site.

Offer Genuine and Authentic Content

H3 You should avoid using copied material on your site as it displays an unprofessional image. If any reader thinks your content is not original, he would never revisit your site. You should make sure all your content is 100% original. Copied content is also risky as it can lead to legal cases, which can further lead to heavy fines. Moreover, it is important that all your content is supported by actual facts as this shows the site’s authenticity and allows visitors to rely on your site whenever they come looking for information.

Use Multimedia

A site which has nothing but text is less likely to be successful. People usually get bored of sites which have nothing interesting to show. It is important that you keep your content original and use info-graphics at the same time. Info-graphics share information in the form of pictures and videos. As this can be a little complex and time consuming, you might need a graphic designer or a professional with incredible picture editing skills for the job. You can also share the links to such content on different sites like Pinterest to attract more online traffic.

Come Up With New Products

Launching a new product is another way of driving traffic to your site. You would have to observe what people need and come up with an affordable solution. This would be a double win for you as not only you would be receiving a healthy volume of traffic but also be generating cash by selling the product.

Improve Loading Speed

You should make sure your site is fast and does not take a lot of time to load. This would require you to have compressed files on your website. You would also have to check your structure and see if there is any extra-unused data. You need to delete all unused files from the website to keep it light and easy to load. If your site is not fast and takes ages to load, you would lose a big chunk of visitors.

Do Your Keyword Research

You must use the keywords that are relevant. Irrelevant keywords often make people leave the website. Irrelevant keywords also give an unprofessional image of the website, as people do not find what they are looking for. In order to get a right set of keywords, you can use different applications that generate keywords for your site.

Take Advantage of Rival Sites

You can use sites like SimilarWeb to find sites that are similar to yours. This offers you an easy way of approaching your target market. This proves to be a win-win situation. You can also allow the guests/visitors to write or post on your site. Once they do, they will become somewhat invested in your company and would promote it.

Research the Competition

If you are not aware of what strategies your rival sites are using, you might be losing out on traffic. There are different software that analyze the changes in a specific field. You can use such software to know what people like to read and know more about what is trending. You can also learn about the different techniques your competitors are using.

Run Webinars

Running online webinars is another way you can divert traffic to your site. You must give out invitations weeks before the webinar so that the word is spread to a large number of people. You can give out ads for free using sites like Facebook. It would be better if you focus on people with a large following as one repost could bring you a lot more traffic.

Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

People nowadays do all their online research and internet browsing on their smart phones and this is why you should make your site mobile friendly. If people cannot access your site on their phones, they would not switch on their computers to visit your site. In fact, they will immediately go to some other site. Sites that do not render perfectly on phones are considered unsuccessful and people rarely visit them. In order to make it easier for the visitors to read your content, you should opt for a responsive design.

Monitor Your Performance

Promoting your site for free would require you to try different ways and techniques. Since you must know the best way to gain a significant volume of traffic, you must check the site’s performance on a regular basis. This would also allow you to know which technique gets you more traffic. Moreover, this also helps you stay in the market and have an edge over your rivals.

Conduct an Audit

If you do not check the data and content on your website regularly, a pile of irrelevant and unused data could accumulate, which affects your site in many ways. Make sure you check all the content on your site on a regular basis to keep a good flow of traffic coming.

So, as you can see, there are numerous ways in which you can promote your website and drive traffic for free. If you want to succeed in managing your community, use Ning social website builder. This platform is a good example of a tool that allows you to freely design your online community, promote its content, or develop SEO and layout.

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