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Useful Tips to Boost Your Blog Traffic Faster

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No matter if you are blogging for your personal use, for any community, for your employer’s site, or to promote any business, only you need readers to locate your site and get addicted to it so that they become true followers. Every online business efforts for one target: magnetize traffic and modulate that traffic into subscribers. This will facilitate your blog to grow over time.

There are different methods to get free traffic. These days many business websites use PPC (Pay Per Click) or other paid methods to generate traffic to their blog.  There is nothing wrong with these methods, but you need to have proper direct setup, else you would be burning your money.

So — what’s the best way of to improve your blog’s traffic without resorting to paid marketing?

Content should be Genuine

Before starting a blog you should stop thinking like a salesman and start to act like a reader or client. Because a salesman only thinks about boost the sale but a reader & client have their own concerns regarding the product. And as a client, you can address all those concerns and your readers can relate to your blog.

Writing a blog is something anybody can do, and anyone can create genuine and targeted content that impels more traffic to your blog and establishes your voice as a convincing one on a precise topic or within a certain field. To write genuine blog content, you’ll have to do your research, write sincerely and offer your audience content they can’t get anywhere else. So you might be looking for an authentic example, so Godrej Summit Gurgaon is the best sample justifying the above point.

Share your post on Social Media

Your trade has taken the content marketing heal to fight decreased organic reach, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t promote your blog on other platforms. Sharing your post on brand’s social mediums can facilitate to create new readers for your blog and present more value for your current followers. As well as when a reader likes one of your posts, they want to share it! Make it simple for them to do so by adding Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest sharing buttons to the footer of your page.

Make Your Blog Load Faster

Google evaluates the speed of your website at the time of deciding the ranking of your website in search results.

Back in 2010, Google engineer Matt Cutts declared that now they are counting site speed factor into search rankings. So, it only makes logic that you would make your blog as much as fast as possible. It’s essential to spend extra time reclaiming that speed and improving how you acquire top ranking on the search engine.

Images of your blog should be valuable

Having appealing images makes your blog look visually attractive, but this is workable only when you are using the exact image to express your message. Your images should be appropriate to the topic of the blog and should be somehow appealing.

These days, most of the bloggers are using “related posts” with thumbnails, or have “Hot Topics” in the sidebar. All of these use an image of the post to show the thumbnail. This not only facilitates you achieve a higher CTR but also shrinks the bounce rate.

Pictures also help you hold lots of traffic from image section in search engines. But for this to workable, you have to optimize a few things like the Alt text and image description.

Create Longer-Form Content

Did you know that Google gives priority to long-form content in its search results? At here long-form content, I mean posts that have approx 1000 or more words.

In the recent posts, many SEO experts outlined Google’s trend towards long-form write-ups. They found that long-form content was more liable to be linked to from another site, and it was more likely to take the high ranking in search results.

It is a good deal for a few hundred (or thousand) extra words. Here let us give you the right example of a content which is crammed with more than 1500 words “100% Content, 100% Conversion” and it is following all important aspects for which again such contents garner lot of traffic easily.

Choose best keywords in your blog or title

Choosing the best keywords and title for your blog is an important task of the process of search engine optimization and making your site more detectable to search engines and searchers alike.

Find an appropriate & appealing title is crucial for your blog. Indeed, finally what you are aiming for is to attract readers. For this, you need two things:

  • Understand your Audience
  • Brainstorming for keywords,  title & Brand Name like Hcorealestates

Improve your meta-tags and rich snippets

There are lots of things you can do to your write-up to confirm that your content looks as attractive as possible when it’s shared on social media or ranked by search engines.

Most of this depends on a small piece of meta tag code that you should contain in the <HEAD> of your HTML page. Meta tag will give instructions to networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest by instructing them which image, title, and description to apply when a post goes live.

If you’re working on WordPress, the Yoast SEO plug-in is the best medium to confirm that most of it happen robotically. By confirming your content looks as good as possible when it’s posted, you will increase your blog traffic with no difficulty.

Understand your audience behavior

The vital step in generating different marketing and community relations strategies is to understand the behavior of your audience. Readers are those groups and/or individuals that you want to reach and correspond with through your marketing efforts. Avoid applying shortcut in the process of understanding your audiences’ behavior, (because shortcut can give you false information).

There are many ways in which you can classify the people in order to decide what could best inspire and engage them. Some of them include:

  • Industry type/Profession
  • Generation type/Age
  • Designations/Roles
  • Primary skills and attitude
  • Pastime interests
  • Industry type/Profession

At last, there is no rocket science or top secrets to acquiring good amount of organic traffic for your blog. You just need a good strategy for same.

Have an attractive call to action, loading speed, Meta tag and design that exactly lead your readers to it. This is the best way to boost your blog traffic.

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