Uprising Cloud Hosts in Canada Will Boost Internet Based Services and Businesses

Cloud hosting has become the buzz word of today’s business world. Every industry whether small scale or large scale, is busy exploring the cloud hosting options now a days. Cloud computing in its initial stages was more about the concept of software-as-a-service, now it has widened its horizons to infrastructure as a service and platform as a service.

Keeping up with the hype, cloud computing has worked together with organizations to propel them into greater competition and increase their net profit and shareholder values. Organizations are provided a possibility of reducing the investment and capital costs, an option of increased operational flexibility and agility.

It is astounding that developed countries like Canada still lack behind in cloud computing services. The research says that reason behind Canada’s incompetence in cloud hosting is due to a combination of many factors like inferior internet connections, vast geographical boundaries, uneven population spread and highly government controlled telecoms industry. With the advent of new local cloud host servers, cloud hosting in Canada is picking up fast. That is one side of the story. There is a different angle to the story and that is once Canada is competent in cloud computing,cloud hosts in Canada clubbed with their stringent privacy laws will act as the best site for critical and sensitive data.


General issues in cloud hosting

The downside of Clouds is privacy and security of data. It might cut the cost, but it also reduces the control over your own data. There are many examples where there were breaches of security and confidentiality law. Not to mention the corruption of your data and unethical access of your data are another very common issues in cloud hosting.

Why local cloud hosting is gaining momentum quickly

Many countries like Canada have numerous strict privacy laws. They even have mandated to use local cloud computing services. Canadian organizations like their other counterparts in various parts of the world are also choosing to host their data to local clouds. In other word cloud hosts which are well within borders of the country are preferable these days.

How to choose best cloud hosting service

To select the best cloud host proper analysis and risk mitigation analysis should be done. There are some points which should be considered before deciding on the vendor. Most important is how well they manage failures and disasters. Cloud host are best as ‘pay as you go’ but they should have proper backup and disaster recovery plan.

Although due do its dynamic nature, it is practically impossible to define a proper set of features which should suit everyone. It is recommended to have a thorough discussion with cloud hosts in Canada, regarding the requirements which are unique to every organization and the data legal aspects.

The small scale industries or startups are the most benefited businesses with the intent of the cloud computing concept. Uprising Cloud hosts in Canada have already started sketching the portal of success for Canadian internet services and businesses.

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