9 Amazing Features Your Retail Mobile App Must Have

9 Amazing Features Your Retail Mobile App Must Have

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With the advent of several different technologies and devices, the retail industry has completely evolved. The different technologies are easing out several tasks in the industry. Most of the challenges of the industry have been overcome by those technologies.

These days, retailers are increasingly adopting mobile apps, and these apps have become a standard. Several people use their smartphones in the store while shopping. The shoppers are more inclined to use mobile devices for shopping, and this aspect is prompting major retailers to create retail mobile apps for their business.

However, an app is not enough to enhance the shopping experience. A retail mobile app is only worthy if it augments the customer engagement and ROI. If you are a retail store owner and hiring a mobile app development company in UK. You must know what features your app must have. In this post, we are mentioning some must-have features for your retail mobile app. Consider these features while creating a mobile app for your retail business.

  • Product Search

If you are offering myriads of products to the customer, you must implement a smart product search feature in your app. Customers can easily find the products with smart or advanced search feature,with the help of several categories including color, collection, size, price and more. It reduces the time and efforts consumed in scrolling through several pages of the website.

  • Preview for Product Evaluation

Every customer wants to preview the item before buying products but shops don’t allow. Whereas, previews are common for online shopping. Using retail apps, users can see the preview of products in the form of static preview or a video. Mobile app developers can also integrate augmented reality experience into these previews.

The preview feature must be integrated into your retail app to give customer complete insight of the product. Besides, your app can also display the reviews and impression of other customers. It will also help customers in evaluating the quality of the product, via the comments left by the users who have bought it.

  • Stock Check

Your retail app must have stock check feature, so users can check the availability of desired item in store, before visiting the store. It enhances the shopping experience for the customers, as well as increases the opportunity to boost sales. Most retail businesses are implementing stock check feature in their mobile app, to make the shopping experience easier and accessible.

  • Code Scanning

Your app must have the code scanning feature to scan a QR or a barcode of any product. This feature helps in managing the product stock. By this, you can scan the bar or QR code with your mobile camera and check all the information related to the product.

After scanning the bar-code, the app finds the item in the database and shows information related to the product such as price, customer impression, previews, quantity, and discounts & offers. This also reduces the pre-sale consulting efforts for both customer and retailer.

  • Mobile payment

The mobile payment is the need for both businesses and consumers. Usually, people have to wait in long queues to make payments, with the mobile app customers can avoid this hassle. Using a mobile app, users can purchase the product and make the mobile payment and pick the product from the store. Moreover, after putting the products in real cart in the store, customers can pay the bills through mobile payment.

  • Click and Collect

The ‘click and collect’ is an amazing feature integrated into some mobile apps. Using this feature, users can reserve the product and collect it from a store close to them. This feature helps in reducing online abandonment and increases in-store sales and footfall. Experts say that it is bridging the gap between e-commerce and in-store. With this feature, shoppers are more likely to spend additionally in store, therefore It will definitely increase the sales.

  • Push Notification

The Push notification in the app can inform users about the newly arrived products in the store. With the notification, users can keep track available discounts, offers, promotions, news and more, offered by the retailers. You can also use interactive notification to retain the users on the app. It keeps retailer connected to the customers and helps in identifying the preference of shoppers and re-target them according.

  • E-Promotions & coupons

The retail apps offer ease for making and using coupons. With the mobile apps, coupons can be easily created for a user on the basis of their purchasing. Moreover, it takes less time and money to personalize, create and launch a special offer. This provides exceptional ease to retailers, and drives the sales. Lastly, users require only a mobile app to activate their coupon and they can easily show it to the cashier on the checkout counter or use it to activate a discount for mobile payment.

  • Location-based services

With the help of iBeacons, mobile apps can establish an improved interaction with the customer. This provides access to the information in the right place and at the right time. Beacons are small sensors that trigger actions in a retail store mobile app when the users’ mobile is at a certain place. A predefined set of rules regulates these actions.

With the use of GPS in the mobile app, retailers can locate their customers when they are nearby and send notifications of special offers and discounts.

All the mentioned features can help you boost the sale of your retail store. For creating a retail mobile app, you must hire a reliable and innovative mobile app development company. Mobile app developers at Fifium, are creative and deft in modern Mobile App Development technology. They provide iOS and Android mobile apps with faster loading time, great UX and UI. They have knowledge and experience for implementing AR, VR and Blockchain technology in mobile apps, to create a secure and unique mobile app. For securing retail mobile get in touch with them.

Description: Retail mobile apps have great potential and great features can augment the sales exponentially. Good features are strength of mobile apps and benefit users in many ways. Integration of great features in retails apps can increase customer engagement.

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