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Want to leverage SEO for conversions? Count on these four useful guidelines

Initiatives taken to rank better and generate higher traffic in search engines can be at loggerheads.  It is especially true for the ones who want to increase website conversion rates. Today, the enhanced user experience is becoming a criterion for the search engines. And that is making conversion rate optimization and search engine optimization a multi-step, complementary process in any business marketing.

Don’t fret! It won’t ruin your SEO initiatives on the website. Also, your conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies too won’t affect the way you get found on online searches. Are you developing your marketing plan? If yes, then you might want to create various pages for various phases of the conversion funnel. Based on your business requirements and strategies, you might design SEO-based pages in association to CRO emphasized pages.

The link between CRO and SEO

 The shift in focus as mentioned above is a shift in content. Online business owners and brands generate content so that their website gets found and rank high, rather than having content to convert random online visitors into buyers. Every web page you create has an objective to the macro and micro conversions, which gets filled by the soft and hard CTA’s. Hence, you might think whether your site’s SEO focused content will come in between any of these conversions.

Let’s place the CRO and SEO content queries aside for a while. Instead, let us recall that the updates in Penguin, Hummingbird and Panda algorithms aim at improving the user experience by understanding their requirements better.  Google wants to provide the users with the most excellent outcomes for their questions. Hence, the Googlebot crawls down to source out data that matches the user’s search. Additionally, it also provides an improved experience to resolve the queries.

Enhance your website conversion SEO

You could be a start-up venture in DC or any other place and want to improve your site conversion SEO. Here are four smart ways that you can opt-in and experience the difference positively.

 1.  Retain the entry page “scent.”

To be able to maintain an active link between the organic search outcome and a chosen landing page is essential for conversion. When you click on the search result and realize you don’t want this, it becomes a concern.

The data “scent” makes sure that the online visitors are in the correct place. Furthermore, the scent impacts whether an online visitor arrives on the website, leaves soon or whether they browse around to complete a web transaction.

Do you want to optimize your web page for the scent? If yes, then you need to do the following:

  • Develop a clear website structure
  • Match the H1 heading and title tag
  • Be cautious about the dynamic search ads in the category pages. Google gives guidelines. Furthermore, you can also set the local contact details depending on the GeoIP for the organic business address. Also, you can check-out the new features of click-to-call in natural outcomes.
  • Manage your web layout depending on the keywords
  • Ensure that you eliminate outdated products from the search outcomes

2. Blend A/B testing with your SEO

When you plan it correctly, split testing will enable you to get increased leads. You can further attract increased visitors and maximize your sales. Want to conduct a secure and effective split test? If yes, you will have to provide Google specific data about the original page. Google encourages A/B testing. Google emphasizes that conducting A/B or a multivariate test might have less impact on the website rank. However, it is essential to avert clocking errors. Also, it’s vital to use the rel-canonical tag.

3. Enhance the load time of the page

Do you know how long will a user willingly wait for the page to load before he/she bounces off to another page? The web page loading time is an essential factor in abandoning a website and resorting to the other. Delays for one second or two is bearable. However, a delay stretches over a second will make the users impatient. And even they stay in your website, they probably won’t buy something.

Few relevant statistics about web page loading times include the following:

  • 47% of the shoppers want the web pages to load within five or fewer seconds
  • 52% of the online shoppers said they are loyal to websites sites that load quickly
  • 40% of users abandon the website when it takes more than 5 to 10 seconds to load

Are you thinking how to go ahead and enhance the page loading time? If yes, you can implement the following tactics:

  • Analyze the reports
  • Make use of a website speed test tool
  • Avert any external embedded media
  • Optimize the images
  • Evaluate reports
  • You can use a CDN
  • Reduce the round-trip times
  • Install Google Page Speed on the server
  • Enhance the perceived web performance

4. Make the most of videos

Today, videos play a crucial part in maximizing the conversion rates. These videos also provide businesses with a scope to explain their value proposition adequately. The explainer videos might also be useful for increasing the page engagement. The attention span of visitors is always less. Hence, the average duration of videos needs to be within 2.7 minutes. The hosting needs to be quick in assisting the video feeds. Also, you will require great content to gain the attention of your visitors within a short span of time.

Wondering how you can have a beneficial outcome with Video SEO optimization? You can follow the steps listed below:

  • You can try using the AdWords Keyword Tool
  • You can open a video channel for your business website on Vimeo or YouTube, which will be useful in maximizing subscribers. Your domain is essential. So, go ahead and generate a sitemap with the vital information, for instance, category and title to allow Google to get the data.
  • You can add prompts to communicate with the online visitors
  • Trace the SEO outcomes

Both CRO and SEO can work for your website’s benefit. It is essential that your site is easy to find. However, it also needs to offer value to users along with quality content that takes care of the user’s requirements. Making use of CRO and SEO as one multi-step approach makes you rank better in search engines. It also maximizes your conversions. You need to avert the Googlebot rules that might penalize you. If you want to use SEO for enhancing your conversions, then the above discussed four tactics is a right place to start.

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