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WordPress is not a new name for the corporate world. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System we have today which is widely used by companies these days for their websites. It is used for both blogging and non-blogging websites. The most important reason that WordPress is the choice of most web developers is its ease of use. WordPress offers a large number f themes, templates, and plugins. The website can be completely customized as per the requirements.

If you wish to build an interactive and user-friendly website, you need a certified professional with ample knowledge to give you the best results.

There are professionals who work for the same and they are called WordPress developers. So if you are planning to develop wordpress website then hire wordpress development india for the best result.

But what are the skills that you need to look to hire WordPress programmer?

In this article, we discuss a few top skills all WordPress developers are ought to own.

Technical Competency in Skills

No matter who you are and what you do or whatever your job is, everyone is ought to have to ‘own your art’. This means no matter what work you do you must have a wholesome knowledge of your work or at. Like a singer must understand the upbeats and low keys while singing, a content writer must know how to develop attractive content.

For a WordPress developer, the art is all about choosing among HTML, CSS, PHP, Js or maybe MYSQL. The language you must know depends mostly on the kind of work you do. Knowing is just not enough, one must have the will to develop and brush one’s skills.

Growth must be a mindset.

Stagnation is a drawback for any profession.  In the case of developers, it is notable that whatever area they are working at incurs frequent and continuous changes. The versions of WordPress and thus its environment and platform also constantly change. The following must be taken care of majorly: Design, Technology, and Security.

The developer must have the eagerness to learn and also a positive outlook for the future developments.


The only way to know the gain maximum of everything is by pushing yourself and your skills. Though you can never be able to know everything, pushing yourself can help you gain the maximum of it.

WordPress is an ocean of fields from the front end, the theme to plugins different specialized knowledge is must by the developer.

It is good to have knowledge in various areas, but the focus is a necessity. One must be focused a lot on the work they do in everyday life so that no other barriers can distract and the work can be done smoothly.

Sharp Planning Skills

The best performers of WordPress ought to be artistic in nature. The creative worker is someone who brings something out of nothing. So for a developer, if it is his hobby as well as occupation, he is the best out there. But there a factor that needs to be taken into consideration i.e. planning. A serious planning is a must while working with customers. The goals whether big or small needs to be down with proper planning.

Basic Marketing Skills

Now one may wonder, how a Developer is related to Marketing.

But the truth is a lot of times for the developers, marketing serves as a negative connotation.

Marketing is all about the ability to present yourself and your services so as to attract a large number of satisfied customers.

It is about knowing who your customers are and what is exactly they need from you. While working with clients, a little knowledge about the asset to design the themes and others is sure of a spark to the client.

Best Customer Services

Offering the best of the best services to the customer is a must owned skill by a developer. It can be a make or break situation at times.

It is not only about providing customers with best of website but also about clear communication, presenting good ideas, Solutions to their problems and many more. These are what can bind your customer to you and make them trust you in future. Your satisfied customer will not only turn up to you every time but also spread good words about you among the market.

Receiving Feedback

Steve Jobs has a habit of asking a lot of people about their opinion during product development. He chooses this every time over a customer search. Why does he do so?

This way a much clearer feedback is what you receive. Testing thoroughly what have you made with feedback of commoners is surely a practice a developer needs to follow. But like a coin has two sides, one must always be prepared for the negative feedbacks. The negative ones are the ones that you let you grow if taken positively.


As a developer, at times you make think that doing everything you must be the belief. As a WordPress developer, you have to do a lot of task from coding, designing to marketing and customer interaction.

This is surely a tuff task. So it is advisable to go for delegation.

It is better to opt for the things you are best at and for the matters that can be taken care of by others must be handed over to other trusted people. Also, running an effective team and getting the best of them in it is a glance of your leadership skills. So surely leadership is a nut every WordPress developer must crack.

Love Whatever You Do

As the famous proverb says, if you love what you do you are sure to be happy.

It is likely that you won’t succeed in what you do.

If you love this creative process, enjoy working with clients then you are sure to get good outputs.So, if you are wishing to hire a WordPress developer as a firm or wish to be a WordPress developer, the above are few must have skills by a developer.


Denny Kelly is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow.

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