How to create Facebook Ads with Perfect Audience

How to create Facebook Ads with Perfect Audience
How to create Facebook Ads with Perfect Audience

Today’s world without social media is unthinkable. Among all the social websites present, Facebook can be considered the most popular one. Individuals as well as companies are using Facebook to promote themselves as well as their products. For many companies, Facebook is generating huge amount of revenues. There are also several companies that are getting lost because of wrong Facebook page management. Companies create their Facebook pages, but due to lack of activity, they shift their focus elsewhere.

Facebook management requires targeting specific or perfect audience for the websites. Going after random audience or traffic will never bring in the desired result. Certain strategies should always be followed to manage your Facebook page; otherwise, the energy and money will both go down the drain. Experts in Facebook page management are capable of reaching out to the perfect audience for improving a company’s financial structure. The trick is providing the right Facebook advertisement in front of the right person and at the right time.

To manage your Facebook page might seem easy, but it requires a great degree of expertise as well as following certain important steps. The steps detailed below can be the game changer for the new companies as well as the old ones that have resigned to the fact of using Facebook to generate profit.


The first thing that a person should do is show the ads to those people that have visited the Facebook page but never purchased anything. So customers that have already made their purchases should be avoided. Digging out those people that did not feel the urge to go through the check out process of the website should be the primary target of the Facebook ads. It is easy to find the people that spent a large chunk of time on the website, but did not buy anything should be the target of Facebook ads.

The second step involves looking out for people similar to the ones that have already bought products from the website. This is a smart way of getting to the perfect audience. The person needs to go to the Lookalike Audience section of Facebook Ad manager. Then on searching for the similar audiences, Facebook will give a long list. It can be shortened by searching based on specific area and keywords.

The people that manage your Facebook page very well do the tricks mentioned in the first two points. The third point includes finding the category of people that fall in the larger income group or are highly educated. Also, finding a number of people based on their online buying history can be decisive. Several third party partners of Facebook like Acxiom, Datalogix and Epsilon help in this kind of broad searches. It is better to be not too specific about the searches made. Within the Facebook Ad Manager, there is the opportunity to find people based on demography as well. These people can be great buyers, and so showing them Facebook Ads seems pretty reasonable.

The right kind of Facebook management also involves targeting those people that live nearby or are passing through the nearby areas. This can be a very critical step towards targeting the perfect audience. This can be done via mobile Facebook Ads. The Local awareness Ad within the Facebook Ads Manager helps in this procedure.

This is another smart step that most managers of Facebook forget about. Targeting the LinkedIn audience with Facebook ads can be a smart way of reaching out to the perfect audience. LinkedIn gives the opportunity to users for downloading the emails of all contacts available. Targeting these contacts with Facebook ads can create a huge amount of opportunity for business.

The next best thing to do is target people that are online at a certain specific time of day or night. It is better to target people when they are online, rather than targeting the Facebook ads at them when they are offline. The specific time period at which the Facebook ad will run can be set via Facebook Ads Manager.

Those people that have not seen the Facebook ad on a specific day can be served with the advertisement. This will help them to not forget about the product that the company is targeting to push. Facebook has this option of pushing ads to people once daily. Although this is a paid option, but it can be a very effective way of reaching the perfect audience. Facebook tries to show the ads to people that are more likely to be interested in the product and click on the advertisement.

The above tips are there for people to reach the perfect audience that most companies crave about. Among the tips discussed above, some Facebook management tips might be immensely successful, while others may show less of a positive result. So it is important to try and see the amount of success generated by each and every tip discussed above. It is a reality that only 5% of the first time visitors of any website go on and become customers. So it is not feasible to forget about the 95% visitors that did not make the cut. Facebook ad targeting is one style of persuading those people to visit the website and become customers. Most companies think that building a website is enough to reach the perfect audience, but it is not so. Facebook ads help in reaching out to those lost perfect audiences.

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