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Top 10 Most Favoured Web Designing Trends Ruling 2015

Top 10 Most Favoured Web Designing Trends Ruling 2015

Top 10 Most Favoured Web Designing Trends Ruling 2015
Top 10 Most Favoured Web Designing Trends Ruling 2015

With each passing year, there has been observed major changes in the web designing trends. Last year, in 2014 we have experienced some of the biggest web designing trends, including- flat design, grid layouts, background videos and majority of the increasing capabilities of HTML5 APIs. Now, in 2015 we are here to uncover some of the most favoured web designing trends this year. Let us have a quick glance over those trends:

Longer scrolling websites

Majority of the website currently designed and hosted are longer in length while scrolling through the page. As most of the people use mobile devices so in order to become popular, the longer scrolling websites is becoming popular. Also, it is becoming commonplace for those sites that opt the scrolling technique rather than linking as a way to display the contents, most preferably on the home pages.

Storytelling and interaction

Along with having an amazing content, it is important for any of the websites to tell a story through the content. This is a big advantage for any of the website and so 2015 is trending this feature widely of helping to tell the story of users. An interactive interaction combining the animation with the website journey would surely bring a wow factor to the website.

Making website designing simpler by removing non-essential design elements

The website design is considered to be complete when all the non-essential elements are being removed from the site. This helps in reducing other unwanted hassles while keeping the designing of the website simple yet functional one. The designers practically have eliminated most of the design decisions, that majority of the current websites have.

Hidden main menus

Just like the flyout or slideout menus, it is preferred seeing more sites hiding the main menus together as the visitors first visit the site. These kinds of hidden menus will just be visible when the visitors wish to move on them while clicking on the favourable icon.

Large typography

Using large headings and typography even larger are currently in trend. This is generally used for making a visual statement that isn’t likely to be missed. This ultimately enhances the visual hierarchy of the page just by ensuring the visitors are able to read the largest page on the page. This makes the users or visitors grab their attention first.

Vibrant design

 The website must be attractive yet simple. The design specification must be intended to combine the texture as well as tactility of paper as well as ink along with the imagination and magic of the digital that inspires most of the designers. Using the vibrant and unexpected colours that are contrasted with the subdued and muted environments would surely delight the users. The large-scale typography, use of responsive design, soft directional lighting and shadow are some of the factors currently in trend.

Performance and speed

Some of the design trends are been designed by keeping in mind the most important factor, that is making the sites load faster while consuming less bandwidth. This year, the site designers and developers are focusing greatly on the weight of their sites as well as how the users are going to interact with them. Some of the factors like the slow network speed or more loading time and the device type have forced the designers as well as developers to make performance and speed as a major concern.

Thus, these were some of the most favoured web designing trends that are getting popular in 2015.

Author’s Bio: Ryan Holman is a website designer and working with one of the best website design company since a few years. With this post, he is sharing some of the most favoured web designing trends ruling 2015.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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