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area rugs

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Choosing The Area Rugs

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area rugs
Area rugs not only protect your floors but also keep your feet comfortable and decrease the noise in your place. Finding the right area rug takes time and proper planning, which includes choice of color, size, material and many more. Availability of so many options can confuse homeowners and let them make wrong choices. Some of the common mistakes homeowners do while choosing the area rugs are discussed here: –

1. Buying the wrong size rug

It is very common mistake that homeowners make too often while choosing the area rug. Short size results in vacant space and big size makes hard to fit in the area. Instead of guessing the size, they should measure the dimensions of that area properly. When they have correct dimensions in hand, they will have the perfect sized rug for particular area. Homeowners can go for closest standard size or customize rugs in Vaughan for any size & shape to ensure the perfect rug around their place.

2. Forgetting to buy a rug pad

Area rugs provide comfort to our feet and back, undoubtedly. But without a rug pad, the comfort may lack somewhere because they offer additional padding and support. Moreover, they prevent slippage and extend the life of rug. Your rug get free to move and slide too much on the floor if you don’t use rug pad. Therefore, getting rug pad for both indoor and outdoor rugs adds cushioning in your feet.

3. Choosing the wrong material

Not all types of material are good for every area. For example, some types of material are best for living room & bedroom but not for kitchen. It depends upon the performance of rug due to pile on it. Thick pile rugs gives more comfort but harder to clean. Whereas, thin pile rugs provides less comfort but easier to clean. That is why it is so important to check the rug you are going to buy which should function according to your need.

4. Ignoring cleaning instructions

You cannot clean every rug with traditional soap and water which can ruin natural fiber of some rugs due to too much moisture. It can cause permanent stains on rug that many homeowners are not aware of. Hence, it is a good idea to pay attention to care and washing instructions in detail before buying the rug with natural fiber.

5. Selecting the wrong binding or color

Many homeowners choose the wrong binding or color of area rugs due to not paying attention on recommendations while purchasing online. It doesn’t necessary what you look at the picture is exact same in real life. You should always check the recommended color binding according to the pattern. This ensures to get the binding that complement your choice.

The bottom line

The choice of area rug depends upon factors like durability, texture, location and sustainability. You should always spend on high quality rugs without ignoring your budget because less costly options are also available. You can add style to your place in a cost effective way.

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