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Habits that transform us totally

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It was Sunday morning and I was sitting on my favorite couch with a strong cup of tea and my wayward hair made me look semi presentable.

Then suddenly I thought, almost 6 days are over and I have not done something lucrative (It can be anything). As always I was reciting my mantra- learn, write, educate all and stay healthy.

After taking that last sip, I plucked up the courage of writing about the habits that can bring fire to your vision and bring a neoteric person from you.

Imbibing quality habits is felicitous and if you think it will be fortuitous, then that is not true.

Here let us start with those habits that are pivotal and help you to grow better.


Writing is secured and something that gives you freedom to share your thoughts, if you haven’t started, then this is the right time to write what you love, I always believe that writing is ceaseless and it makes you a brainy person.

Looking for a platform to write, then Quora is one that gives carte blanche to write about anything, when I heard about it, next day I had my account and today I have reached to a good level and crossed more than 1 lakh views.

There are profiles which are genius and you will learn lot out if, the way people are writing is so compelling and moving that you feel like writing it for you as well, there was one question “top 10 things you adore in life,” I got damn good views on it, believe me it was truly captivating.

I thank this platform because there was a time when my friends used to laugh on my English; it is just that I was timid nothing else.

One advice, do not run for words because you can’t quantify a good content, but there are people who just run for words and they don’t care what one is writing I completely feel pity for them and such people can’t mount up their business.


People are divided into two equal parts some are readers and some are writers, you still having that poker face, let us break that because if you have no idea where to read from then, then at better side of knowledge you read the best top notch readings that gives you an interesting vision and educate yourself more. Smart people follow smart tips I liked this a lot as it accentuates new tips that anyone can follow to tweak their power of understanding.


Not like I m appreciating myself, but if you know something that can really help another person, then you should do it, like I thought I should share these habits to those who really are eloquent, but somewhere something is pulling them back.

Like I believe learning is ceaseless, do you believe the same? You know I tell you one thing I worked my fingers to the bone to give my best in everything and this hard work has helped me a lot to be an audacious person.

So if you think you have something neoteric inside you, then the source of medium is free, you can educate umpteen of people together through different mediums and give them a new vision to think different and think new.

Use your knowledge in a good way; nothing can be better than this.


If you take care of your health, then you are just so perfect. Nothing is important than your health, so it is important that you watch out what you eating? And what exercise you doing?

Today, there are ceaseless of ideas to follow and that helps you in gaining your good health.

Whatever you feel you are comfortable in just use those ideas to fillip your health. Healthy mind, healthy life- just believes in this concept and grow at the right pace. Healthy as a horse, I read this idiom one week before and I feel here is the right place to use it.

Let’s us all take a deep breath.

I have one more important habit to talk about, it was not planned, and it just clicked in my nerves.

Investment is that pivotal, are you skeptical? No need to be.  Investment, what I mean? We all have been earning few less or few really higher, but if you will think about it today, then you can make it felicitous.

Investment is diversified, but investment in property is a good decision, according to the recent report it accentuates that growing population also increases the demand for property, so today’s investment in property will make your future prominent.

Properties in india are fetching lot of attention as they are crammed with all the needs where residents have freedom to choose and enjoy life. Investment in property is a farfetched dream, but with too many options and proper guidance you can pick the best.

After all, it is only you who is responsible for your actions and you can make or break your life, so today is the day to really think about where your life is going, I have realized one thing that time flies and if the actions are not taken on time, then the time will take you and you will never stay happy.

I m indebted to my father who really helped in making me clear about what habits I should add that can really help my readers.

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