Must Know Facts About Web Design Trends in 2020

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Have you ever thought about how website design adjusts to different devices? Or why your website faces challenges doing the same? 

Quite simple! Your website is not designed for that function. 

Don’t worry. You are not alone in this; not every entrepreneurs and business know about responsive website design. 

So, if your website is not responsive, it is, a problem because search ranking, visitor retention, website user interest rates and time on the site go down, just because your website is not able to adjust on different devices. People are no longer dependent on the big screens for browsing the internet. Indeed they use numerous other devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.

So, now you may know what importance a responsive web design holds for your business. Probably, by understanding the essence, you would be looking for a reliable and experienced WordPress Development Company, that will help you reap the benefits of responsive website design in 2020.

The deficiency of responsive web design often results in the loss of potential profits. However, a responsive web design adept to the surrounding of the device it’s shown on, making it a lot easier for the user to navigate through the complete website seamlessly and that too without compromising on the quality perspective.

Whereas, in the present scenario, responsive website design is the buzzing word in the web development and design trade and the constant use of smart devices instigated the professional developers and designers to create a site that quickly adapts to any device used by a user. This means it will automatically scale and fit itself according to the screen to display the content, images, and other web design aspects.

So, if you have not optimized your site for jelling well with other devices and mobile platforms, it’s the right time to think beyond the line and unfurl the ten most surprising facts about responsive web design.

#1. Google Loves “The Responsive Website”

Mobile-friendliness is a decisive element in the ranking factor that was coined by Google in 2015. Subsequent studies suggested that this factor has an ever-lasting impact on ranking as an outcome of the changed algorithm.

Mobile-friendly websites rank much higher with search engines and as a result, have turned into a prominent trend in today’s digital landscape. So, to ace, today’s digital era, opt for an exclusive WordPress development theme and witness the change.

There are also shreds of evidence that shows non-mobile-friendly are at the bottom line or either not at all mobile search results at an accelerated frequency at SERP.

Responsive websites not only enhances the user experience of the desktop visitor but simultaneously provide rich browsing and navigating experience to mobile visitors. And, this is undoubtedly the foremost reason Google decided to prioritize responsive sites in comparison to non-responsive in its search engine ranking algorithm.

#2. Responsive Web Design Is Directly Proportional To Quality User Experience

Obviously, the easier it is to view and use a website, the more user will visit it. While a website that is hard to navigate and requires a lot of scrolling and manual enlargement will be far away from getting users. Undoubtedly, ease and convenience are the game players.

Convenience and comfort are the primary keys for gratifying users with easy accessibility, view, and usage of the website, irrespective of the site and even providing WordPress plugin development that is more likely to help you repeat customers and visitors. Also, it must be developed and designed to optimize every customer with uttermost satisfaction level across devices of different sizes and dimensions.

Providing an impeccable quality and seamless user experience on any device should be the goal of SEO and marketing efforts.

#3. Half Of The Searches Turn Up On Mobile Devices

As per Search Engine Land latest report, approximately around 50% of searches turn on mobile devices.

There is no surprise, over half of the population is browsing the internet either through their smart mobile screens or devices. And, due to the availability of on-the-go wi-fi facility, more and more people are getting towards mobile devices to access the web. Also, smartphones are an affordable option in comparison to desktop screens.

The upsurging number of mobile devices for accessing and browsing the internet is allowing the designers and developers to build a responsive website that works well and seamless regardless of device. Therefore, to proffer an unparalleled user experience, make sure you provide them with a quality experience while scrolling web pages through the respective website.

#4. The Mobile User Discard A Website With Loading Time More Than 6-10 Second

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“Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line”

According to a recent survey, 73% of users say that they discard a website that takes more than 2 seconds of loading time for a web page. Whereas 30% of mobile user waits for 6-10 seconds for a complete website to load on the particular device, and just 16% of users wait for 5 seconds before abandoning any website.

In addition, 33% of mobile users expect websites and web pages to load at the same pace as it does on the desktop or even quicker.

Even, page loading time greatly affects the Google search ranking as users tend to care more about speed than all the bells and whistles you are looking to add to your website.

#5. 53% Emails Accessed Through Phones For Accessing Emails

In the last few years, desktop emails are slowly fading away from every person to-do list. Their place is taken by the smart mobiles and devices like iPad and lot other. This drastically has turned the accessibility of using intelligent devices easy and comfortable with the responsive design.

Whether we talk about responsive email templates or the helping hand provided by an extensive array of services like HTML to WordPress conversion, they bound to get higher clicks on all devices and screen sizes. As per the latest reports, Mailchimp makes 5 to15% of upthrust in actual clicks with responsive design.

#6. Improved User Interface/UX

Yes, you read it right!

Responsive design is a crucial aspect that you need to abide by while designing your website. Web designers build responsive websites and pages to gratify vibrant and soothing user experience to both – desktop users as well as mobile users. Irrespective of what device your users are using or your potential user will use, rendering a quality browsing is utmost important – and all that matters is “Experience – The Key To Success”.

Mobile oriented web design allows the user using mobile phones access and use the website content and images without any hassle and glitch on the screen. And what comes next is the best part, rendering a quality user experience on multiple devices keep your visitor satisfied, and for sure they’ll come back, which inversely promotes your digital marketing strategies.

#7. A Big Bounce Rate On Non-Responsive Websites

40% of web users discard a result if a non-responsive website pop-up in a search engine query. It means it’s mandatory to make your site responsive if you want to attract a significant number of visitors across the web.

#8. 72% People Look For Mobile-Friendly Websites

It can be disheartening if your website is made with accuracy and precision, user will still leave. But the fact is, people will stay longer if your website is mobile-friendly and engaging.

It is the new paradigm for maintaining your online presence in the global arena. Alluring design amalgamated with user-friendly navigation tends to bring and attract the target audience.

If your website is not mobile-friendly, then you are not alone. A significant portion of small business still occupies the space on desktop design and have no mobile option either. This will work for you to turn the odds in the favor id you acted upon it ASAP.

#9. 50% Of Total Revenue Comes From Mobile

By the end of the day, the point of building a mobile-friendly app or website is to manifold the profit. The stats make it quite clear that half of the user prefer shopping online.

And, as more and more are people switching to the internet and smartphones, the number of users is predicted to rise exponentially. In fact, the trajectory rising to mobile usage shows more opportunities for everyone.

Following the traces of the trend, this will surely prove to be a big boon to the digital spectrum and global market. All you have to do is brace yourself, take the leap, and build a responsive website with exclusive WordPress website development.

#10. 94% People Judge a Website Based On Responsive Web Design

You must have heard “First Impression Is the Last Impression”, and this is more important when you are talking about the web pages. Just imagine, you come across a website that is perplexed to navigate, probably you will quit it. Similarly, like 94% of others who state that they don’t trust a website because of it’s designed.

The same goes for the web pages that don’t alter or adjust to fit the screen of the user device.

Lots of hinges on the design of your website that can turn-off your potential clients. Also, it can drive your ranking further to one page down.

In some scenarios, it can hurt the opinion one have about your business through word of mouth. Only, in this case, words travel faster as it’s just one tweet away.

In The End…

It’s pretty obvious from the digits that future consumers will step towards mobile. And, if you simplify the reason, it’s because mobile provide instant and easy access. Mounted that with, potential growth opportunities, and secure online business transactions, and you can imagine the future – 2020.

So, are you 2020 ready? Or,

Are you ready to harness the advantage of this technology with WordPrax? This is the trusted choice for WordPress development company because all their techno-geeks abide by learning about responsive web design. And, for them it’s a daunting task, don’t worry about it.

Moreover, our portfolio offers up an in-depth knowledge that can help you learn about mobile responsive websites. So, make sure you sign up for your free estimation for actionable tips on responsive website design and many other digital services with emerging technologies in the arena. If you plan on doing it yourself or contact us if you need assistance.

Whatever you may opt, keep in mind that it’s never too late to adapt to an ever-changing landscape. After all, what matters is just a matter of creating and curating a solid game plan for the future.

So why not start today?

I am working as Sr. WordPress Developer at Wordprax for the past 10 years. I have several years of experience in developing different kinds of customized WordPress websites, WordPress theme customization, and WordPress plugin development.

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