How much are your tweets actually worth?

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From trending news to emitting rage against a particular brand, more than 320 million people use Twitter for sharing their views. Whether you believe it or not, all such views, snippets of data and even whinges entails certain worth.

Twitter seems to be adopting the same pattern like the blogs. First, they are just for the personal usage – (oh please!) Then, there is an increase of applications. And then a delayed awakening by businesses that twitter is powerful and the platform might be worth using. Well worth it as 47% of people following a brand’s Twitter account are more prone to check that company’s website. You can check why 65.8 percent of U.S. companies are now including Twitter in their marketing strategies. You can Buy Gmail Accounts in U.S.A. and manage multiple Twitter accounts.

How small businesses can use Twitter

Here are some factors that put stress on why Twitter is essential for start-ups and SMBs and how they can drive benefits from it.

  • Create brand awareness

Big brands do not require getting followers. However, small business owners, looking for more people to discover about their product line, should utilize Twitter to establish their brand. Consumers usually prefer to connect with a person over a faceless brand, unless it is long familiar.

  • Connect to customers

Twitter accommodates millions of users and its user base is growing more and more with time, which makes it a favorable platform to search for potential customers. The SMBs serving a niche market can use Twitter to get associated with them. Besides that, businesses can also interact with their current customers and work with them to explore more regarding the ways business use to be considered in the niche market.

  • Create relationships

After you have earned followers on Twitter, you need to build a positive relationship to make the business prosper. For this, you should try to post updates and tweets as per your clients find interesting and useful. Establish your direct marketing posts on a sale or promotion, as a lot of marketing ads, can impede your efforts of creating a positive image. Moreover, avoid posting too many tweets at a single time, as doing this could be considered as spam.

  • Provide information

News moves around faster online as compared to radio or TV. You can utilize your Twitter account to announce important updates and share any sort of news that your customers want to know. While a radio or TV announcement can do a similar thing for you, Twitter is low-priced and the message will be delivered to millions of people without further ado.

  • Advertising new products

The key reason that businesses should be using Twitter is to get engaged with the prospective customers and advertise their products. Once you have made your account for your company, you can introduce new products on your profile. New products, particularly those that your customers like, gain more popularity with such social networking websites than they would with the traditional marketing channels.

  • Survey and feedback

Twitter can serve as an effective tool to interact with customers and promote your goods. However, it is an equally beneficial tool for accumulating customer feedback and their thoughts about your company’s brand, products, and services. Everything you need to do is to follow the conversations regarding the company products and you will find answers to your questions without even asking. If you something specific to acquire, you can do so by questioning the customers unswervingly or channeling a poll with your account.

How much your tweets worth?

How much profit can you imagine on your first tweet of the day? Around $25.62— as stated by SumAll. It is a data visualization & analytics company, published a review of more than 900 of its users’ social media efforts. According to their findings, retweets diminished revenue a bit – every retweet only reaped about $20.37.

Sumall also discovered that the first tweet generates the greatest return. After that, it demands about 6-8 tweets per day to double up the revenue received. Generally, though, the company calculates that an effective Twitter marketing strategy could improve about 1-2% of profits to a business yearly. The optimal number of tweets each day for a company seems to be around six.

Once you ponder over the average number of views on an individual tweet, the yields resulted are just about $0.005 per impression, which is lesser than other marketing tools and just “a little bit greater than an AdWords impression,” according to a SumAll’s spokesperson. Still, some companies can utilize Twitter more efficiently. One of SumAll’s customers increases about $29.34 for each tweet, with retweets equal to $26.19, with a complete reach of more than 400,000 people. They can leverage Twitter with their efficient YouTube channel to get a greater return on their marketing. Furthermore, SumAll also discovered that Instagram followers are worth around 10x more than Twitter followers are when it comes to the ROI.


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