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Does Your Company Need Colocation Services?

More and more businesses are opting for Colocation which is an integral part of any data-driven company, especially in the current century. So, it is essential to understand its various aspects and the different companies which take part in colocation to decide whether it is ideal for their company. Now the question is when a company should choose colocation?

Basic Facts

Every size of business generally takes part in a colocation center. Essentially companies that use these are data centers for storing, cooling, space, power, bandwidth, equipment and physical security concerning their server, networking equipment, data storage and more, in a situation when they desire their system’s availability. The colocation centers generally rent out the retail space to organizations for handling all such hardware requirements. Instead of managing their respective space for the server as well as network infrastructure, businesses have the chance to co-locate such assets with service providers which specialize in managing such assets.

The Need for Companies to Use Colocation

Most companies need Colocation, hybrid solutions or Cloud Computing for different business security as well as other reasons. Along with beefing up security and providing back up for crucial data, colocation services also offer extra support for a web-based company and also companies that have a significant dependency on a universal demographic. The large-scale companies such as Google have been creating and maintaining its personal data centers for quite some time now. Google is an excellent example regarding a company which used colocation to attain economies of scale till they attained a point and to manage their respective location turned into a better choice.

Different Ways in Which Companies use colocation

Small-scale operations or companies that are new to colocation can use it in multiple ways and different size rentals. The colocation centers offer higher bandwidth compared to companies that are private and small-scale and can attain or afford on their own. Besides such centers are cost-effective compared to storing a company server in its respective business place should it be utilized for more than merely a user-friendly, small-scale site. Along with allowing one the flexibility of customizing their needs, a colocation center will help one in maintaining complete control over their server.

Absolute Success in the 21st Century

If a person enters the market for expanding a web-based corporation that is small-scale or does not possess the security or space for their servers in-house, then colocation will be an ideal choice for their success online especially in the current century. Both hardware and real estate can be costly particularly in big cities that make it an immensely feasible option for any company that is agile and small to use colocation rather than setting up and maintaining their individual data centers. When a person decides to rent a space from colocation centers, they will share the expense with a couple of clients. That will provide them the financial flexibility for turning a huge profit with their web-based business devoid of dishing out than what is necessary for their business expenses. The best part they will not require to pay the IT staff or visit the data center for observing or making repairs as these will be handled for them. For best results make the most of Colocation Montreal – ServerMania.

Benefits of Using Colocation Montreal

What is Colocation? Here are simple means to explain it. One’s equipment is housed within the colocation company’s secure location and kept under observation via the technical professionals. It is the colocation company which offers building security and infrastructure such as fire protection, cooling, and power along with these systems redundancy. The specialized equipment such as servers requires dedicated care, and this is precisely what is offered by a colocation company. Take a look at the key benefits of using Colocation Montreal,

  • Reliable Connectivity- An uptime of 100% is crucial. A vital thing which colocation providers will do is they will make sure that the equipment is continuously connected with the broader world round the clock. When it comes to maintenance, it is frequent enough to keep everything work flawlessly and is structured there is no scope for downtime.
  • Redundancy- Redundancy should be taken care of. The colocation data centers provide redundancy that is N+1. During a power failure, there will be backup generators.
  • Green Energy- The truth is data centers need enough power so building the same in places with affordable green energy makes sense. Today most Colocation Montreal facilities make use of hydro energy because it is a low-cost and renewable choice.
  • Fire Protection– Every office building is likely to have fire protection. But servers too need specialized fire protection. And why not they draw enough power and can be damaged easily by water. Any good colocation centers will always employ fire protection elements that are active and passive. The active elements will comprise of sprinkler systems, or different fire suppression systems and the passive elements will comprise of sensitive smoke detectors that can pick up the smoldering electrical components before they ignite. The walls will divide the space to stop the spreading of the fire.
  • Cooling- People and servers never make for good officemates with regards to the thermostat. The temperature in case of servers or other networking equipment should be controlled and cool. The colocation provider will keep track of the temperature at different points and use powerful air conditioning for maintaining the components in its optimal range. Besides they will also monitor the humidity.
  • Multi-Layer Security- The server will hold the most vital and sensitive data of the company; hence security must reflect that. The colocation provider will adopt the approach of multi-layer security. They will use CCTV cameras, biometric identification in case of access as well as have cages to cordon off various tenants’ equipment. As few people will require being onsite, it will keep the security breach at bay.

Any form of complex equipment especially servers need space and has its individual needs that are technical and specialized. So, choosing a colocation service does make sense.

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