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10 Top Car Tracking Companies in Nigeria

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car tracking company in NigeriaCar theft is one of the major concerns of car owners in the country. Interestingly, many of them are ignorant of the simple solution which is the installation of a car tracking device.

No doubt, the prevalence of car theft in Nigeria cannot be underestimated, which is why the installation of car tracking devices in vehicles is necessary.

Car owners and organizations see this as the only solution to minimize the rate vehicles are stolen and beef up vehicle security.

If you are managing a fleet of vehicles for a company, you would need to know the location of such vehicles, where they are, the roads they ply, the amount of fuel consumed etc. hence the need to install car tracking devices on each of the vehicles.

Many a times, the trouble is finding the right company, trustworthy and reliable enough to install these car tracking devices.

If that is your worry, then you don’t need to worry at all because we have analysed the best top 10 car tracking companies in Nigeria.

Top Ten Car Tracking Companies in Nigeria

1. Otobase Solution Company

 Otobase Solutions is one of the best top ten car tracking companies in Nigeria.It is an indigenous company that has distinguished itself in security system supply,installation and maintenance. They are one of the leading companies in Nigeria that introduced latest technologies in the GPS/GPRS/GSM vehicle tracking system, personal tracker, CCTV, etc.

One can barely underestimate their technical capacity as it is one of the best car tracking companies in Nigeria today. Their experienced, competent technical experts and highly trained Engineers who work in different areas of security systemdeliver best product and services, designed to add value to insurance companies, Haulage companies, Taxi/transportation companies, corporate organizations and individuals.

With many consecutive years in the tracking security system, they have developed and established lasting solutions for their numerous satisfied clients around the nation.

With Otobase solution’s, you can rest assured that your car or fleet of cars is secure and well managed.

 2. Car Tracker Nigeria

Car Tracker is seen as a leader in the car tracking business in the country at present. Their latest art vehicle tracking software is one that will help you recover your stolen vehicle with ease. The company provides speed limiters that meet the standard specified by the FRSC and SON.

They also provide fleet management services for ten or more cars so you can track each of the cars in your fleet. If you also want to buy the anti-shatter glass protection film, Car tracker Nigeria sells too.

Clients of these company has listed the advantage of using the tracking device by Car Tracker, one of such is their live map tracking which helps get the details of your car’s exact location. Another is that you can track your car on the go from your phone without it been internet enabled.

3. Fenix System

With over 7 years’ experience in the market, Fenix System is a subsidiary of Impact centric Techniks, a reputable security and car-surveillance company that have various offices in Port Harcourt, Lagos, Kano and Abuja. The company is sported as one of the foremost car tracking companies in the country.

No wonder they have clients such as government parastatals, insurance companies, banks, logistics companies etc. You can look up their auto-tracking plans which include the single auto-tracking plans and the fleet tracking plan on their website.

4. Philux International

Philux International is another best car tracking firm that uses both GSM and GPRS technology to create an innovative car tracking device for individuals and top organizations. Apart from the automated car tracking and fleet management services they are accustomed to, the company also provides an innovative solution to car tracking and fleet management that makes it difficult for car thieves to operate.

5. Zenda Car Tracker

GPS tracking service in Nigeria will not be complete if Zenda is not mentioned. Most clients see them as a popular choice among the rest. They offer affordable car tracking solution be it for you (personal car) or (for fleet management). You also get a live report and one year warranty of their products.

6. V-Dile Solutions Ltd

V-Dile Solutions is Nigeria’s foremost car tracking company incorporated in 2008. They boast of highly technical professionals and competent engineers that deliver excellent work in order to provide the best car tracking service. If you are looking for a trusted car tracking company in Ikeja, Lagos with high customer rating, we suggest you go for V-Dile Solutions as they are known to be specialized in the procurement and installation of car tracking devices.

7. Olive Track Ltd

One latest tech trend in car tracking business is the geo fence alert. This tells you when your car leaves your preferential location. This company has the latest car tracking technologies. Olive Track combines GPS and GSM technologies to help car owner receive data needed to see the location of the vehicle in real time. This service will help companies track their drivers and vehicles whenever they are on the road easily.

8. GPS Car Tracking Service

GPS Car Tracking is among the list of reputable companies in the country offering digital car tracking services currently. With their donkey years of experience, the company provides a GPS tracking device that shows you the exact location of your car in real time. This can be easily seen either using your mobile phone or computer. They also offer asset tracking service which helps you track your cargo carrying vehicle.

9. Abon Technology Ltd

Another reliable company providing car tracking solution is Abon Technology located in the outskirts of Lagos. As one of the leading car tracking companies, they are fully committed to reducing the incidence of car theft in the country using their automated car tracking devices such as the online GPS system. This device enables users monitor and manage their fleet as well as track their vehicles in real time irrespective of location.

10. Stremcom Track

Stremcom Track is a reputable provider of car tracking solutions in Nigeria that has a team of professionals that are experts in the installation of car tracking devices. They have offices in Kano, Lagos and Port Harcourt.

We trust we were able to do some justice to your worry or search for the best cartrackers in Nigeria? If no, feel free to send us a message @ or visit our website at now, so you can start reducing your insurance premium and ensure your car is monitored.

And of course, we are ever delighted to proffer solutions to any car related problems or questions of yours. Always feel free to reach us.


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    Vehicle tracking system is modern technology. It safe our vehicle, also we looking our vehicle. If you go unknown place, then GPS is best friend for find any location and safety.


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