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5 Important Trends of Content Marketing in 2018

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With the recent popularity of content marketing, numerous organizations have invested in the domain expecting fabulous results. Yes, it has paid off with Google changing its terms for the use of quality content for the businesses that need to see the limelight of the first page for Google rankings. According to the latest report from the CMI, one can see that the content integration strategies opted by various companies have paid off in the recent years.

The statistics suggest that about 60 percent of the B2B marketers accepted the fact that their content implementation efforts have paid off more this year as opposed to the previous one. When one compares this statistics to the one acquired in 2016, it was observed that only 34 percent of the overall marketers in the business industry felt that their efforts for content marketing were paying off.

This is a significant boost to the content marketing investments by several companies that include both small and mega-winged companies. This suggests that content marketing is sure to expand in the future with trends that will be better than before regarding business. Here are some of the possible scenarios for a future based on content marketing in the year 2018.

1-Changes in the format will introduce shifting roles

The past few years have been all about creating content instead of churning it out. Previously, business website owners followed the crowd pattern of filling up the website with irrelevant content that was no way in correlation with the mission or vision of the business with no SEO based optimization for the website. Soon the marketers realized the importance of quality content instead of just flooding the feed with words that simply don’t hold any relevance over the business motive or its customers.

Not just website, content placed on social communication websites such as Facebook or Twitter started getting optimized to help the audience relate at a personal level regarding requirements or emotions. However, proper visibility over social media websites requires a good number of likes on the official page.

If you are unable to gather proper likes manually, one can use the option to buy Facebook likes to increase the page content reach. Any content writing firm needs to house writers with multiple skills and a better understanding of the digital platform to create content that is relevant and reflects quality.

2-The AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The artificial machine learning process helps with analyzing the customer sentiments via social media comments or review about the business. The language processing feature with AI helps with the generation of product recommendations for the potential customers. The future is all about machine learning that can easily process huge data volumes to draw hypotheses with regards to the customer behaviors as well as future needs of the business.

The conclusions obtained from AI analysis can also be used for the development of optimization of the content strategies that can be based upon the customer search patterns and the channels frequented by the user. The marketers might use the AI to gather a deeper understanding with regards to a customer’s behavior for shopping products, services, or adhering to a mission/vision.

To cater complex data demographics of the potential or present customers, the AI can act as a beneficial option which grows higher with better social media reach that can be obtained by opting to buy Facebook likes.

3-Video Content

The visual marketing goals have been successful in the act of grabbing the attention of new potential customers as opposed to the written content. Even though it is true that written content plays a major role in the marketing strategies of any company, the video content has been exposed to rising fame in the recent years. Video Marketing content has shown better ROI, especially when implemented via social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

YouTube has garnered massive recognition regarding video content marketing and ranked 2nd after Google as a search engine. Video content paired with SEO and tags can easily garner the attention of a higher number of visitors which gets boosted with better page likes. One can opt to work towards the natural ranking of the page or go with the option to buy Facebook likes to gain better exposure amidst potential customers.

4-Content Personalization

Gone are the days when the content was just about professional words to describe a business. Today, the marketers opt for the more personalized approach to acquire a better chance for lead conversion with an effective call to action. Moreover, content personalization is all about catering the right offer to the right potential client. The option for content personalization introduces a sense that the company has been speaking directly with the customers.

The companies use data such as purchase history, mobile activity, emails, along with website visits to understand whether or not the customer like one product as opposed to the other. This is also known as the customization of marketing content. Providing the customers a feeling of individualization helps create a strong bond with the brand while creating brand loyalty that makes them come back every time they need your product rather than going to the competitor.

5-Multichannel Publishing

With the increase in competition amidst the present generation of marketers, it is essential for any business owner to expand the approach and go for multiple channels marketing that involves various search engines and social media websites. Doing this brings you a chance to interact with customers present at various channels. While a segment of probable customers might be present at one platform, the others might be present on another.

Even if you miss a chance to showcase yourself at one platform, you work with the feasibility of gathering that attention from another. This is a good way to increase the visibility of a website and its products or services. Consistent and reliable brand identity with proper marketing of the product over several channels helps gather maximum from potential customers that frequent these channels.

Author Bio: – Melissa D Jordan is a content writer who specializes in email marketing Guide Video Marketing and blog ideas. She had started her carrier from Growth Funnel in 2015. Growth help business and startups personalize their marketing like never before.

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