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Magento eCommerce Development-The Benefits You Need to Explore

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Magento eCommerce Development1In addition to an extensive pallet of advanced features, Magento, a leading open source eCommerce platform offers store owners with ultimate customized options to manage appeal, content and functioning of their stores. Magento features everything required to design a full-fledged online store front. It can also be integrated into your existing site for the very needed dynamic interface and magnificent user experience for your valued consumers. Magento has succeeded as one of the most reliable and reputed eCommerce development platform because of presence of extended range of advanced features.

What makes Magento a smart choice for eCommerce web development:Magento eCommerce Development1

Superb flexibility: Depending on the requirements of your business, you can opt for Magento Enterprise or Magento Go. Magento offers out-of-the-box flexible features to run a successful eCommerce business. The platform is flexible enough to support a wide variety of payment gateways like Paypal, Google Checkout, Worldpay etc. It also supports Checkout by Amazon which is an innovative feature.

Responsive to mobile devices: Magento is mobile-friendly too. A responsive design allows users to engage with the website services on any device including smartphones, desktop and laptops. The mobile-optimized version of a mobile site allows for easy management on the go and delivers products/services tailored to mobile consumers. Magento gives your mobile site audio visual and drag and drop capabilities, image scaling as well as gesture based controls for varying screen sizes.

SEO friendly: Magento allows you to improve search engine rankings by including features like content duplication, page traffic, SEO ready links, layered navigation, URL’s to get an organic boost with an increased number of visitors. It also improves the chances of product pages appear higher on search engine result pages. The customized SEO features helps business owners encourage organic traffic.

It also supports URL rewriting options that offer full control over optimizing each web address. Additionally, you can manage meta data for product and categories pages to improve search engine ranking, which, in turn results in increased sales and revenue generation.

Multiple store management: Magento makes it easy to manage online business in stress-free ways. You can easily manage multiple stores from a single admin panel. Featured with a unique product catalog, it allows you to manage and create more than one store with greater ease and accuracy. Magento has now simplified this process by allowing you to run multiple websites on the same backend.

Modular and customizable: Magento is highly customizable and modular. Its extremely modular technology allows you to develop excellent front-end customer experiences by modifying layouts and templates of your choice.

Magento extensions: One of the major benefits of using Magento for eCommerce web development is that it offers a lot of extensions that can be integrated to suffice business requirements. These extensions are available for different requirements, so one can easily hire Magento developers to get their desired extension being integrated.

Expansion: Magento efficiently manages thousand of products simultaneously. It can support up to 500,000 products on a store and also offers up to 80,000 transactions within an hour, which is quite impressive. Being a completely scalable platform, it can effortlessly manage ‘n’ number of products on your store.

Google service integration: Magento provides options to integrate varied number of Google services like Adwords, Google Analytics, Google checkout and so on. This, not only improves efficiency but also productivity.

Great carting features: Magento’s shopping cart comes with a simple, one page checkout which is quite easy to follow for purchasing any product of their own choice.

Simplified order management: Using Magento’s simple admin panel, store owners can take orders in a hassle-free way. It offers time-saving ways to edit orders, raise invoices, print packing slips, and also the creation of a fresh order.

Better functionalities: Magento comes with countless features to offer a pleasant eCommerce website experience. Some of the best features include layered navigation, shopping cart integration, product comparison, wish list, email list and so on. These features, when integrated fully ensures a better user-experience for consumers.

Well-built security: In terms of stability and security, Magento outfars the other eCommerce system. Users are able to customize their level of security being ensured that there is always a strong wall of defence against unwanted intruders.

Analysis and tracking system: It is important to analyze user behavior as a part of business marketing. Magento provides some useful statistics for tracking the overall performance of a website. It also comes with multiple extensions and plugins to install in it for different sorts of tracking. Google analytics and similar other applications can be integrated to have a detailed analysis about where customers are coming from and what products they have browsed. This data is further useful in improving the productivity and performance of site.

Filtered search options: With filtered search options, it becomes possible to receive the most relevant search for specific elements of a website. This, not only saves time but also makes the process easy.

Integrates third party apps easily: Simply plugging-in the third party apps that integrate new features on your site makes the process of development quick. Magento comes with easy integration options that saves developers’ time. With other eCommerce platforms, integration of third party apps is entirely in the control of service provider. Magento’s extensible API makes it easy to connect to any kind of plugin of your choice. Therefore, features like payment gateways, web analytics, tracking or shipping can be easily integrated in your Magento site in no time.

Magento gives the freedom to choose hosting service: Magento gives you the flexibility of choosing a hosting service of your own choice. This keeps your costs down and offers the flexibility of switching hosting services whenever you run into problems with the existing ones.Magento eCommerce Development1

In a Nutshell

With the above mentioned advantages on board, Magento offers the flexibility to emerge as an excellent platform for eCommerce web development. From start-up businesses to large-sized businesses, Magento web development can cater for the most stringent of their eCommerce needs. So, if you require an online store that is tailored to your business needs, Magento will work seamlessly.

Author- Bio:

Jason Larue is a talented and experienced Magento web developer at PHPDevelopmentServices. He has been offering customized Magento web development services to the clients all over the world. It is only because of his wide skill set and proficiency in the related domain which allowed him achieve successful results till now. In addition to this, he also likes sharing knowledge on Magento web development services with the help of informational and well-written blogs that are aimed at delivering useful knowledge to readers.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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