Cyber Risks in IoT

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To create value for the business, the Internet of Things (IoT) offers several new ways. However, the uninterrupted data sharing connectivity also creates new opportunities to compromises information.

Let’s start discussing the significant differences that make IoT from that the general internet. It doesn’t rely on human intervention to function.

Sensors with the IoT, can collect, analyze, communicate, providing innovative ways for media, telecommunications and, media to value creation- Whether it’s creating utterly new revenue and business streams or providing consumers with an exceptional experience.

Essentially the world becomes one integrated system of integration with IoT aimed at improving the quality of life and driving new and innovative business models efficiently.

With an increasing amount of corporate and personal information exists in the cloud where it potentially interchanges with device’s multitude. In case, any weak link in the security chain could provide with vulnerability to exploit and enjoy unlimited data access.

As IoT creeps into each part of our existence, numerous security issues emerge and the system that may merely associate the home could represent a risk to the overall population if traded off. The inescapability of IoT accompanies its arrangement of digital security challenges.

Major Cyber Security Challenges are as follows

The Golden Standards for Mobile Technology
In previous years, mobile devices used by traveling salesmen, now they have become a professional necessity. With the expansion of functionality and applications of mobile devices, so does its usage.
Likewise, companies now include mobile devices into it’s the strategy of Information Technology as a pivotal component that integrates data safety policies and corporate Cybersecurity.
The entire system needs to incorporate into security procedures along with mobile devices. Against these vulnerabilities, hardening systems involve leveraging practices of security with secure communication, system maintenance and management protocols of mobile devices ensuring updates with patches and pitches.

IoT Complexity Magnifies Cyber Risk
Connecting with higher network diversity of devices, IoT brings related risks with it. Above three million smartphones are in use worldwide and IoT approximately nine million devices, with an increasing scale to put this into perspective.Gartner report states that “By 2020, over 20 billion things will connect, that represent a network portal and can be compromised or hacked.”

It is not easy to secure organizations against this proliferating risk but is not impossible. Each node’s security in the framework is essential to impart full organization security. The validation of Endpoint is crucial to safety, as it controls the connections of the en ire network.

For instance, if Fitbit connected to an employee’s work computer, can result in an unintended network compromise. Hackers can penetrate through the Fitbit, can easily access business information along with his home network.

To avoid unauthorized device connections, organizations should have a control system. All the devices connected should adhere to the security protocols in place to ensure complete security integration across all nodes.

Impinging Cybersecurity on Public Safety
The IoT network that is mounting opens up the grid to mischievous cyber-attacks which is an opposition to worrying about data leakage. A hacked network not only allow access to private banking details but access to public infrastructures like GPS systems, traffic lights, power plants and water services that could fall prey to hackers.

It leads to the rise of stakes for adequate Cybersecurity considerable, being a compromised system has more consequences than the organization losing efficiency and profitability. Security should be maintained for all interfaces, fixed and cloud and mobile. It also includes additional firewalls and networking traffic monitoring as well as access control.

Private Issues in IoT Landscape
Although several precautions taken to data security, the sophistication level that is exhibited by the cyber-attackers is remarkable. In addition to public networks, these attacks can craft from private sources including cars, smartphones, and even smart homes.

Companies can use distinct models of encryption to prevent unwanted data dissemination. De-identifying data from all personally identifiable information efficiently protects the privacy of those involved, avoiding hackers and their attacks.

Data Volumes Pose a Threat to Cybersecurity
The IoT proliferation enabled the big data collection. The algorithms of machine learning, smart sensors gather information, thus add value to the business and promote informed decision making. These IoT devices generate extensive data at sheer volume.

A recent from Federal Trade Commission stated that 150 million data points generated by 10,000 households daily that provides a significant number of the entry point for hackers.

Along with the risks related to Cybersecurity surrounding IoT development increasing, the companies must employ professionals to secure devices and networks against unwanted infiltration. The personnel of Cybersecurity needs to shift with the new creative ways hacker’s intent to profit from insecure and unmonitored systems to meet the changes proactively.

However, efforts to build robust security framework are underway that can be embedded in the IoT, supplemented by raising awareness among users as humans are considered to be the delicate security link. Every new technology that comes with a set of new threats and risks and IoT is no exception.

It is necessary to address the increasing privacy and security concerns appropriately before adopting the technology broadly. Both organizations and users need to raise their level of awareness and should work together to embrace it as a secure technology.

Prasanthi Korada, a Post Graduate in Computer Science from Andhra University was born and raised in Kakinada. She is currently working as a Content Contributor at Her professional experience includes Content Writing at Vinutnaa IT Services and Digital Marketing at Prominere Software Solutions. She can be contacted at Connect with her also on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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