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SEO strategy

7 basic components of a strong SEO strategy

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7 basic components of a strong SEO strategy


Among the primary marketing strategies which may help online merchants build a successful online company is search engine optimization (search engine optimization ), the procedure for optimizing your site to the algorithms that search engines use to rank sites based on “signs” the website emits.

But, Search engine calculations still change with time as the web evolves, so online users will need to evolve together with the search motors. We have to be certain we keep up-to-date together with best practices to maintain the greatest possible positions for relevant keywords and phrases.


SEO strategy

Here are 7 basic components of a strong SEO strategy

  1. Keep your code organized and clean

Imagine you are studying a Textbook. The table of contents will be your very best buddy from the get-go. Further, you know how to locate special information by navigating chapter names, page numbers, etc.

Imagine search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc are your reader, and your site is their textbook. The sterile code will make it simpler for search engines to know and categorize the data presented on your website. The quicker your website can be crawled and indexed, the faster you will see improved positions when you add fresh articles or make other developments.

2. Keyword Density and proximity

Keyword Density and proximity are tricky. doing it again and again and you’ll be Penalized, also doing less and nobody would notice your site exists.

Keywords are what allow Google to know exactly what your articles Is all about. For this reason, you have to be certain you let it understand, without highlighting your desperateness to rank for that specific keyword.


The best strategy would be to:-

  • Initiate the article/paragraph together with the primary keyword.
  • Headlines may be optimized by copying the keywords in them. They gain a small preference according to their own header tags.
  • Utilize LSIs:- Keywords using similar significance, but not precisely the very same words/alphabets. For eg. When”SEO Strategy” is the main keyword, you are able to use “Plans for SEO” and other relevant keywords.
  1. On Page SEO

To begin with, we’ve got onsite SEO: it’s about site structure evaluation as well as also the changes or implementations necessary to make it simpler about the SERP. The most important SEO tags are extremely important, such as Title and H1, however, contents can also be basic: a correct information structure and text marketing, informative and useful to the consumer, are vital for the website to be considered trusted in the eyes of Google.

It is great that the graphics are correctly optimized, particularly in those regions in which the visual element is indispensable, for example, design or layouts. The next macro-activity is made in increasing the site’s ability — we frequently rename off-site SEO into trust construction, we are talking about producing resources which bring awareness of the site-customer at a natural manner, through merchandise reviews/services, brand names, and hyperlinks;


  1. The benefit of local search.

Online research for offline purchasing is a developing trend. Optimize your website in order to capture local traffic by revealing your address and local telephone number prominently. Compose a comprehensive Directions/Location page with landmarks and neighborhoods from the page text.

Submit your website to the free regional listings solutions which the significant search engines provide. Ensure that your website is recorded in local/social directories like CitySearch, Yelp, Local.com, etc., and invite clients to leave reviews of your company on those websites, too.


  1. Competition

Your Search Engine Optimization techniques are also affected by your competitor’s approaches, so understanding what they’re doing is a vital part of the procedure for both SEO and company intelligence goals. There are Lots of situations you may encounter:

o The competition discovers a distinctive, exceptionally converting a set of keywords.

o The competition discovers a concentrated, high-value connection.

o The competition saturates a market section, justifying your attention elsewhere.

o Weaknesses show up in the competition’s plan, which offers opportunities for manipulation.


Contest from a search engine optimization standpoint is a considerable portion of inventing your SEO strategy.

  1. Backlinks.

Backlinks are ‘Queen’ if the content is ‘King”. Backlinks are not all about links but its all about quality links. Drive traffic by submitting monthly or bi-monthly press releases on almost any exciting business, and calling popular sites in your market to view ways to work together to find a backlink from their site. Produce the best possible merchandise website that you can, so people speaking about the merchandise that you market will relate back. Consider generating images or newsworthy content which can influence bloggers and information sites to link that articles.


  1. Website Speed


Website speed is additionally, it is a ranking element! So don’t miss this one simply because it becomes technical.

As a normal, so that you can better understand user-experience, consider your personal habits when surfing the net.

If you encounter a few websites you are considering, how likely will you wait about if loading takes more than 4 sec? What about 3 sec? If you are like the vast majority of users, you may not even make it that much better.



Analyze your competitors and determine what they’re doing with regard to search engine optimization. Off-page optimization (aggressive link analysis) and social media. While you might do lots of the very same things there, it is incredibly important to think beyond the box to find a leg around the contest.


Avani Shah is a Marketing Manager at TemplateTrip. She is a resident of India. Avani is also experienced

in Prestashop Responsive Themes, WordPress E-commerce Themes, Open Cart Themes. She also likes to share her thoughts, on SEO, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Development.

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