How Can Social Media Helps You With Marketing Your iPhone Mobile Apps?

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Social media is an effective tool to market your mobile applications to the audience over the globe. Since everyone is on social media nowadays so what else can be a good playfield for the app promoters for their potential customers than this. It is often reliable to promote your iPhone application on such a platform so as to gain competition over others in this app market.

Building your online presence will influence you to get more supporters. For instance, let’s say you build an audience of 60,000 in your facebook, twitter, and Instagram combined when you launch your app you will have at least 60,000 followers to market your app too.

Some of the really promising social media platforms to promote your application can be:

  • Facebook: It is the biggest social media platform one can use for the marketing of the iPhone applications. One can go for free marketing through the fan pages or can also involve in paid engagement through Facebook advertisements if you have funds.
  • Twitter: It is the most effective channel to market your application as there is a facility of instant reply to the queries of your customers. Also, it helps to build trust and reputation among your targeted audience.
  • Instagram: Although inferior to facebook and twitter still Instagram is the most popular visual marketing channel and has a great potential if used to its greatest strength.
  • Google+: It helps to determine your ranking on the Google search; a good upgraded ranking is mostly preferred to influence your target audience.

The most promising platform for app promotion is Twitter. Twitter’s statistics say that about 80% of its users who are live on mobile are actively searching for apps to download.

The reasons why one should go for social media marketing are:

  • It is the cheapest channel to advertise your iPhone application since there is no such initial funding required.
  • The other medium of marketing have become obsolete nowadays, with the advent of the social media; email and other forms of marketing may not prove to be as effective.
  • More reliable and gives a better return than the traditional marketing approach.
  • High-quality users can be acquired on a scale through this form of marketing and the overall retention period of iPhone app users is seen to be much higher approximately 50% higher than the non-social network users.
  • It’s the social media where video advertisements are already making a mark. In the fourth quarter of 2014, the facebook videos have shown a growth of 3.35%. So promoting your iPhone app through video-based promotion on Facebook is much more helpful.
  • GlobalWebIndex states that 28% of the time people spend online is on social. Hence the app developers have a huge opportunity to get a large volume of audience.

Some of the most effective ways to market your iPhone mobile application on the social media platforms are:

  • Make a long-term commitment and be consistent with your social media marketing. Having a truly organic content can prove to be more genuine and satisfactory for your customers.
  • Make social media as your priority so that the users can share their experience regarding the app which will create a long way for you towards your app’s success.
  • You must have certain reward programs which makes your buyers feel excited and valued. These can be in form of digital rewards or reward points. A little investment on this can make you more visible and you will be favored by the potential buyers.
  • Publish as much as valuable content as you can so that users get the desired useful content which helps them choose your app.
  • Try to automate as much as you, in today’s world users like to stay updated so you need social activity automation tool which does all your social update in advance while you are busy up with other activities. This helps you to attract potential buyers for your app.
  • Build a personal online presence in your social media community. Try to communicate more and more updates about your app to the audience so that they feel connected and attracted toward your app, however, limit this to a certain extent otherwise users may get bored and irritated.
  • The app developers should follow an 80/20 rule i.e they should know that the brand-related promotions for the app should be 20% the other 80% should be promoting industry related and high-quality content so that you don’t appear to be more self-promotional.
  • Try to use the content generated by the user itself this will help you to engage your community. The user reviews and videos and feedback are a good source of content generation and keep the user busy and engaged in your app. This also helps you to improvise your iPhone app.

There are like a plethora of tools available which helps you to market your iPhone application on social media. Here is a list of some of them and the features they provide.

  • com: This tool gives you the character count, frequency of words, word count, sentence count etc so that it fits in your limits of FaceBook, Twitter Or other social media platforms and help you make you social writing effective.
  • AFS: It stands for advanced facebook search. It is a chrome plugin which helps you with suggestions of the search options. It helps you to dive in deeper into the search and do a more advanced search so that you find a potential line of moving forward in your search. This can be used as a research tool for social media marketing.
  • AnyImage: It is a social media marketing tool that helps you to create a social card from the image you provide. Having a social card preview for each of your social media platforms will attract users as these social cards are quite eye-catching for the audience.

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