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9 Reasons Why Every Web Designer Should Know About SEO

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“Hey, you created an awesome website design, I really like the layout, but I am not getting the expected results”. ‘Let’s make some changes and make it perfect’.

This is common feedback for any website designer who creates the beautiful mind-blowing design but the websites keep coming back to them for changes. (This is actually demotivating)

Web Designer

The reason to ask for changes? It is not getting the right traffic it should.

Now what? Do you start from scratch or do you make the necessary recommended changes and give it back to the client?  Or your hands are full and you just simply give up and leave the contract?

Well, we have a suggestion. Learn SEO.

 What is the need to learn SEO for web designers?

Web Designers create awesome websites but there is no point creating a website which has no visitors. Therefore, it is necessary for them to know about SEO as well.

Moreover, Small business owners create a website to attract traffic, they want to engage client which are the online audience to their business.

So, even as the website designer you created an awesome website but if it fails to attract customer the client will come back to you again for making the necessary changes..

Isn’t this going out of the niche?

Not really. You have created the website design for the audience and without the right attention, your design is not worth.

The SEO web design will help you rank in search engines. This Added feature in the design will give the website more visibility.

It actually means that when your potential customer is looking for something, your website is there to offer them what they want.

We here discuss 9 reasons why web designers should know about SEO

  1. The Website is the platform for marketing

Building an on-page SEO by web designers will help the clients’ websites. Clients face challenges which the experienced web designers are aware of. Therefore, clients prefer quality web designers because they know that the designer is aware of their business goal. The design of the website will help them to fulfil it.

 What are the common goals which almost every client has?

  • Increase Web Traffic
  • Website Must Increase Sales
  • Correct Ranking
  • High Number of Leads And
  • Of Course, Boost to the Business.

They have not come to you for mind-blowing designs for patterns what they are looking for is hands down solutions.

So, there is nothing wrong to say that the website is the platform for marketing.

How to make a perfect website so that it reaches the audience?

A complete website proposal should include SEO keyword research. These keywords will identify with the search terms that the searchers type in the search bar.  It will identify the products of services by your target audience. It is known as keyword integration plan which is an important part of SEO.

Mind it, these keywords will be effectively used throughout the site.

So, as a web designer, you need to learn the nuances of SEO well.


You need to assign target keyword phrases on each and every page of the website. Next, you have to place these keywords in the page titles, meta descriptions, and alt tags.

Redirecting existing web pages to the new page increases the SEO value of the new website however the web designer needs to do it very carefully or else it can bring a negative effect on the rankings.

Google does not like websites which try to manipulate the search results and can even penalize them.

  1. It has a direct impact on conversions

With an attractive design, you have lured in your customers, but an SEO web design should also be able to close the sale. It turns the high-quality traffic into conversions and we tell you how.

SEO web design should navigate the person through the site. Which stimulate the person to schedule an appointment or buy something or book the deal and also make the sale.

One important thing to remember

SEO helps in micro conversions. Micro conversions a little activity that people do on your site.

Activities like watching a video, taking a quiz, clicking a link signing a newsletter, are all micro conversions.

 Effects of These Activities

It increases your brand value; people know about your brand they are now connected they are attached.

These little activities might sound not so important, but they increase the user engagement time improves the Google ranking significantly. It is upon the web designer to understand what works to hook a visitor and increase the interest.

This is where knowledge of SEO is helpful.

  1. SEO web design grows organic search traffic

You are searching for the best baby shampoo and you would prefer to click the website result which is organic. You easily sieve the results as they have sponsored or AD mentioned in front of them. Reason? We all know the best website get the ranking on their own.

grows organic search traffic

The searchers find them more reliable and authentic.

So, the SEO friendly website gets the best ranking and results and getting the right traffic.

This is how they get the share of organic market research.

If your website design is SEO friendly, it will get the right traffic and attention.

  1. You earn good reviews

SEO web design is responsible to create a lasting impression of the product or service. Once the goodwill is established, the fear of negative reviews goes down. Now there are chances to earn good and positive reviews.

good reviews

These work like word-of-mouth recommendation in the online market.

A good review can instigate a potential customer to close the deal As Quick as Possible.

SEO website design help to earn accolades which increases conversions.

SEO Optimises everything and no wonder everyone wants to hire the web designer who has an insight into the Search Engine Optimisation trick.

  1. You have the right attention

As the website design is SEO optimised it reaches the target audience easily and seamlessly. This saves the website from getting unnecessary and useless attention. Search console and other metrics might show that there is an increase of visitors on the website but without reaching the right users, these figures are useless.

  1. Social media is not missed

Social media sharing is much easier through website widgets. These strategically placed widgets make social media sharing easy. One more thing to remember, sharing something directly from your site is more powerful and has a lot of impacts. It is like a personal recommendation.

Social media

Social sharing does not reserve the top spots in the search engines but it will create brand awareness which generates high-quality traffic to your site.

Search engine algorithm also senses the popularity and therefore they understand that you deserve the top spot.

  1. Designs are motivated with the buyer’s persona

SEO is all about reaching the right audience. Online platform big but the seller is not aware of the consumer and its behaviour. It creates the buyers Persona which is created with the data and information collected and behaviour of the visitors.

Website which is built with the information of buyers’ persona is more likely to be successful than any other randomly build website.

It will definitely generate more specific and target oriented result which is very important for the success of the business.

  1. It will keep the business constant

Links generate profit compound. As the website which is created on SEO guidelines is likely to produce results for the coming years. A matter of fact is, the links never expire. They always remain active and keep generating result. This is the whole story of back-linking. Website get tremendous help stay in the position through back-links. This means constant and regular flow of income which are through high conversion.

  1. It exhibits cost effectiveness

A website which is built on SEO tips will not come back for changes and saves the cost of implementing the fluctuations. Also, it combines the marketing aspect very carefully without making it obvious.

Again, the website is the place where a lot of activities takes place which includes marketing, creating brand awareness, attracting the visitors, closing deal, creating a relationship with the client and a lot of other important activities important for the business.

A perfect website can do it all and so it does a lot more functionalities which save money. Therefore, the web designer needs to understand SEO to make the website fully operational and functional.


Preforming on-site SEO upfront will let you focus your marketing resources toward these aspects. As a common practice of utilizing these resources toward an activity that should have already taken place.

For those who have a web proposal that does not include on-site SEO, it is time to get some modest bids. Your new website design should be viewed as a solution by the web designer to a marketing challenge. This will allow him the create a perfect website which will have on-site SEO during the design process. It will get you one step closer to a full marketing solution.

Author Bio:

Bulbul Singh is a Professional Blogger and Content writer. She is working with Hridik IT Consulting. In her professional life she has written many useful articles about Android Development, iOS development, WordPress, Social Media, SEO and almost all about Digital Marketing.

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