What is the better programming language – Python or Java?

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Every programmer will be in a dilemma in choosing the right programming language to kick start their career as a programmer. Here, let’s find out the major and minor differences among the two programming languages. I hope this article would help you in choosing the right programming language to excel in your career.

Python was released quite earlier than Java, but Java has created a hipe and ruled the programming languages about a decade. Later python has replaced Java with its outstanding features and started gaining massive attention.

The significant difference between these two programming languages is that Java has static runtime where python has a dynamic runtime. In terms of compilation, both will execute bytecode. These languages belong to the same “Algol” family. These languages have a large market around the globe. The critical difference between both languages is “duck typing”.

Currently, there are about 9 Million Java programmers in the world; in the future, the count may increase to 11 Million. It’s not about the count it’s all about the competition that Java programmers are facing in building their careers. Python, there are about 8.5 Million python programmers in the world in the next few years the count may rise to 10.5 Million, i.e., nearly equal to the count of Java programmers.

The popularity has always a game between these two as they are close competitors and stood in the top 3 positions in terms of popularity, along with Javascript. Java was the most popular and leading language before JavaScript evolution and when Javascript stepped in, the founders choose a name that is close to Java to make it gain attraction.

Choosing to learn Python or Java or any other widely used programming language is a solid move if your chief goal is to develop a marketable skill. Knowledge of any of these languages will help you get a job. Better still, it’s a good idea to learn several of the most popular options.

Difficulties that programmers will face in the development phase

Before we discuss difficulties that programmers are facing, firstly we have to differentiate the programming languages and its challenges.


Python supports functional programming and has a robust, readable code and also supports OOP concepts. It offers highly “logical-programming”. The following are some of the features of python:

  • Strongly typed (Duck Typing).
  • It uses whitespace to convey the starting and ending blocks of code.
  • It can run much faster due to small programs
  • Less code is enough to create an application but executed slowly
  • Java executes native bytecode.
  • In python, a programmer can assign a string to a variable that once held an integer.
  • Easy to read and understand compared to Java
  • not supported in all of the platforms
  • It is optional in Object-Oriented Programming

According to the latest advancements in python. The programs have a bright future if they choose to learn python. There are numerous opportunities in the market for python developers. Now every sector of the IT industry is adopting python programming to enjoy the benefits and the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Python is very easy to understand the syntax and less amount of code to execute the program that runs on Go. python is going to making it crisper. And it also has Go doc it automatically generates the documentation, making easy to the programmer to execute. Python goes faster due to its inbuilt concurrency. There exists a technical trade-off for every programming language. Both of these competitors reduce the programmer burden to a great extent. It depends on user requirements and the suitability to decide which one to go with.
Running python example code

Merits of python are its lightweight nature. So it is straight forward to get coding in python – no need to install ( at least initially) learn to use complex IDE’s like as an eclipse. You can run simply python console. In Linux as simple as running the command.

These are something similar to illustrated in listing

Python 2.7.3 (Sep 26 2013, 22:08:41)
[GCC 4.6.3] on linux2
Type ”credits” ,“copyright”, “help” for more information.
Here’s how to check if sqlalchemy is installed:
>>>import sqlalchemy



Java has its unique way of programming with the most advanced features. Java is a complex language when compared to Python. The latest version of Java 5.0 was updated to increase the efficiency of Java coding.
The following are a few underlying features of Java:

  • Java statically types of language.
  • Curly braces are used to notice the beginning and end of functions.
  • Programs are large.
  • Can be run on both Java virtual machine or any Operating system (OS).
  • It doesn’t execute native bytecode.
  • Can’t change data types of variables.
  • Object-oriented programming is mandatory.

Recently, Java released the latest version Java 8 and 11 in April 2016, 2019 respectively. The future of Java developers is bright when they are familiar with the most recent update. Especially students both IT and NON-IT backgrounds can learn Java to start their careers.

Variables are identifiers associated with values. They are declared by writing the variable’s type and name and are optionally initialized in the same statement by assigning a value.

int count; //Declaring an uninitialized variable called ‘count’, of type ‘int’
count = 35; //Initializing the variable
int count = 35; //Declaring and initializing the variable at the same time

Python Vs Java In 2020

Both Python and Java will have an equal craze. Currently, the future is completed dependent on AI and ML so that Python programmers will have that cutting edge over technology, which means that python developer has a bright future in the next few years.


Every language is unique and has different programming experience. But among all other programming languages, Java has its magic. Ironically python has also reached up to the mark. After all, Java is the base for learning all other programming languages; this is the reason why Java has a separate era in programming languages. In the next few years python is going to rule the world but Java will never fade out.

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