A Helpful Guide on Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CRM solutions boost the profitability of the business by simply streamlining your administrative tasks in your marketing, service and also sale divisions. In addition, it allows you to focus only on strengthening your relationship with customers. When it comes to a powerful CRM solution, it is a well-known platform where all things essential for creating, enhancing and maintaining the relationship with customers is stored. With the support of a fully integrated CRM process, you never miss the growth opportunities as well as lose profit.  It is because the specialized solution ensures that the operating processes are optimized or you are making sales leads or better customer relationships.

If you want to know about the best way to increase profitability and reduce costs of your business, you can read this post thoroughly.  It shares you precise details regarding the best CRM software.

What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an excellent customer relationship management software solution developed by the Microsoft platform. The focus of this product is on service, sales, and marketing sectors. It is significant to know that Dynamics CRM can be marketed as a CRM platform that encourages many partners to utilize the proprietary framework for customizing it. This feature makes it as a part of Microsoft Dynamics group of various business applications.

When it comes to Dynamics CRM, it is one of the server-client applications that support lots of web services based interfaces. This CRM solution is used for driving better marketing effectiveness and sales productivity for your organization. It also helps you to handle the overall customer support network and provide business intelligence and social insights. One of the most important things about this application is that it provides complete mobile support to use CRM applications on both tablets and mobile phones.

Key functional modules of Dynamics CRM

The CRM application takes benefit of the fast application development framework to provide the best insights, interactions, relationships, and processes. It has 4 different functional modules which are given below:


  • Sales module

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you to sell more quickly. Every buying decision is made before engaging.  If you want to win, you must ensure that your sales must quickly adapt. You can try to use simple-to-adopt, familiar and intuitive solutions to make the sales team highly effective.  It is because the Microsoft Dynamics CRM brings them better access to essential social data for both relationship management and lead generation to make the customer conversation highly productive, relevant and valuab

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It helps the sales reps to collaborate across workgroups, team, and geographies with quick visibility into the pipeline on various devices, from anywhere. The sale automation process of Dynamics CRM includes various aspects including:

  • Invoice tracking
  • Order management
  • Lead-to-opportunity conversion upon qualification
  • Lead generation
  • Customer Service Module

Dynamics CRM offers an extensive capability for customer support and service to ads in reducing the service response times, increase the customer self-service and enhance case resolutions. It helps you to manage as well as exceed the SLAs.

It helps business owners to deliver effective, relevant and responsive services on any device, any time and from anywhere. You can connect with the customers on various channels, offers service to the teams and also empower the team for quickly moving to meet the expectations of modern customers.


  • Marketing module

Now, marketers want to get the ability for planning, measuring and executing campaigns from beginning to ending easily. To meet the requirements, Microsoft Dynamics comes with some specialized features. It helps you to let your customers know about the marketing vision of your business.   

With this solution, you can save time while marketing, improving your brand consistency while getting better customer insights. It aids you in planning and executing flawlessly and effectively.  When it comes to enterprise-ready collaboration, it means that you can work effectively together with others to stay agile and aligned.


  • Social module

You can connect with Dynamics CRM to receive better social insights and achieve social engagement. You can try to monitor your brand presence and also track the strategic initiatives across customer service, sales, and marketing.  

The software offers social capabilities for helping you to analyze and act on marketing intelligence from various social conversations. You can also connect with your customers, drive your business agility, accelerate your business success and foster better customer loyalty with various social capabilities.

Who benefits from CRM?

CRM not only bring a fantastic chance to serve customers and drive revenue but also helps clients to acquire some additional benefits.

  • Small business

If you want to become competitive in your business marketplace, you can utilize a CRM solution. It is because this solution can take care of the IT management process by simply automating on the business processes. It helps small business owners to only focus on important things. It will surely lead to huge success.

  • Industry leaders

With CRM tools, you can improve and simplify the complex customer engagements. It is highly advised to choose the tools based on your individual business needs.

Benefits of Dynamics CRM

It is a flexible application that will meet the requirements of your business. When you use this flexible solution, you can get a chance to acquire numerous benefits that includes:

  • It has search filters and reporting tools that help you to work effectively while making smart decisions. This feature brings you access to the required information quickly.
  • Dynamics CRM makes it simple to create, manage, analyze, refine and run campaigns.  It aid marketing staffs to acquiring only the best from marketing spend and boost campaign results.
  • It helps marketing and sales staff works combined to improve the manner they manage and track opportunities and leads.
  • This solution can successfully store the customer interactions that help you to improve customer conversation and boost business efficiency.
  • Your revenue and customer retention increase when the staffs successfully deal with the queries more efficiently and quickly.


With the above-listed advantages, hence it is obvious that Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps business owners to streamline their business processes, take tactical decisions and manages their customer relationships. It also offers data insights and analytics to make smart decisions that enable your business to grab numerous business opportunities.  

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