Drupal Commerce Vs.Ubercart – Which Ecommerce Platform Should You Choose?

Drupal-Commerce-Vs. Ubercart - Which Ecommerce Platform Should You ChoosePicking the best content management system is extremely crucial for your Ecommerce store, as it lays the strong foundation for your business development. The core element of any Ecommerce store is its Content Management System. A Content Management System is a computer application that provides an interface to publish and modify the digital data.

To have a well organized Ecommerce store, you must choose the right one. There are a lot of ecommerce platforms available for you to build and then manage a digital store, but most of the users opt for Drupal. Drupal is a very popular Open Source Platform, prominently ranked Content Management System. With Drupal, you can develop a multifunctional ecommerce store, a blog, and even a forum. An Ecommerce built on Drupal is not only limited to serve an online platform for the shop.

Drupal provides highly qualitative approach for content marketing. It provides comprehensive search engine visibility channel, which helps your website to grow and develop itsranking on the web. It can be easily integrated with popular services likeAmazon,PayPal, Moneybooker, 2checkout, Mail chimp, Google maps, Google Analytics. Drupal being an Open Source Platform providesa full span of functionalities with less to be spent on.

The more particular reason why Drupal is a popular choice is that it provides two optimal ecommerce extensions – Drupal Commerce and Ubercart. Today over 45k websites run on Ubercart and 50k Drupal ecommerce sites thrive on Drupal commerce. It is necessary to have in-depth knowledge of the platform you consider for your digital store.  The article compares the two distinct choices when it comes to ecommerce development using the Open Source – Drupal Commerce and Ubercart.

Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is a flexible open source extension, providing a robust solution for ecommerce development. It is highly customizable and offers top-notch services which simplify the buyer-seller process.  Drupal Commerce is well built in with efficient tools, which completely understand your requirements.

  • Versatile:

Drupal Commerce is a very versatile add-on quickly adapt to your needs. There are no fixed features on your products, their display conditions; quickly you can build a website that meets all your needs.

  • Adaptable:

Drupal Commerce efficiently adapts itself as your business grows and progress. With Drupal Commerce making layout and the logic changes becomes a trouble free concern.

  • Fully Feature Packed:

Drupal Commerce facilitates the shopping cart, checkout form, and the complete administration system all at one place. It supports multiple languages and currencies, provides bonus features of tax calculation, discounts, promotional offer’s codes, etc. which makes it the most appropriate choice for an ecommerce.


Ubercart is a very seamless and user-friendly extension built for Drupal 6. This open source solution provides rapid development, power-packed with multiple modules that ultimately meet your needs at its disposal. The standout alone attribute of Ubercart is it’s built in payment processing, that sets the digital shop in real time.

  • Simplified Management:

In Ubercart, each product is assigned to the content node and the variations as product nodes. That makes it very productive outcome for businesses selling products with different attributes i.e. size, color, price, etc.

  • Payment and Shipping Module Integrated:

Users as per their requirements can enjoy benefits from these modules or a-la-carte.

  • Records Activities:

You can quickly check any product processing stage, order status, payment processing, etc. without any complicacy.

Picking the right one – Drupal Commerce v/s Ubercart

  1. Product Management

The product management in Drupal Commerce is relative less error prone than Ubercart. Ubercart set one node for variations in products which have chances to create errors in shipment and tracking. Unlike, in Drupal Commerce, it specifies different nodes for diversities, which facilitates easy product management.

  1. Payments and Shipping

Drupal Commerce lacks concerning payment and shipping. Additionally, the user will have to install the module for payment and shipping. Ubercart is equipped with inbuilt payment and shipping module, supports almost all the payment gateways and shipping sources. Drupal Commerce does not support Google Wallets also it does not allow shipping with FedEx.

  1. Extensions

Both the extensions are highly user-friendly, although, regarding learning, Ubercart is much easy to learn. Drupal Commerce involves an understanding of little programming to set up a digital store on Drupal.

  1. Documentation

Drupal Commerce documentation is far better rich than that of Ubercart.

  1. Long Haul

Drupal Commerce is more capable of using for long term projects. Also, Ubercart is limited to small-scale projects; it does not have provisions for large scale ones.

From the above-listed parameters, Drupal Commerce is more, but choosing among them you should be fair enough to your requirement.

Update Release – Drupal Commerce v/sUbercart

The latest release of Drupal –Drupal 8 supports only basic functionalities of an online store. Drupal 8 lacks in productive commerce functions which may not be beneficial for your store’s current development.Both Ubercart and Drupal Commerce have come with their alpha release update. Ubercart is now Alpha 2 release updated with some drastic changes in Ecommerce interface. Alpha 2 releases have brought significant advancements for “Payment and Shipping”.With Alpha 3 release, Drupal Commerce 2 is now equipped with intelligent back-end features and optimal solutions for cart management. Drupal Commerce with its latest version provides more robust Ecommerce environment.


Drupal Commerce and Ubercart although the most popular obvious choices and leading competitors as an Ecommerce add-ons, they share many similarities together. Both the platforms are Open Source i.e. highly customizable – you can easily modify its content and functionality as accordingly your use. Also, Drupal Commerce as well as Ubercart, are easily installable, easy to use, and require same setup configurations. Drupal Commerce and Ubercart, both provide administration structures – an enhanced management for your Ecommerce website.


Some of the primary attributes, along with the distinctive elements between Drupal Commerce and Ubercart are covered above in the article. Before picking one, you must need to clarify your requirements with the Content Management System – Drupal as the functionality depends solely on it. You can also install both to try – Drupal Commerce and Ubercart and then can use them accordingly.

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