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9 Benefits of a Website for a Small Business

9 Benefits of a Website for a Small Business

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9 Benefits of a Website for a Small BusinessWhat are the essential benefits of website design for small business owners? In today’s world, a small business website is a powerful marketing tool, website promotion and strategy for attracting more leads, converting visitors into customers, increase sales, improve customer service delivery, targeted marketing, and promote your professional brand.

According to a recent web design and development statistics for ecommerce and small business, about 92% of all small businesses in Nigeria and Africa don’t have a responsive website.

This is not good news for the economy, and our local businesses need to quickly learn the rope how to take their offline business online and generate 6 – 7 figure revenue monthly for sales of their products and services.

The internet market is still maiden and untapped.

To build website is one thing but to maintain it, your website must be made as easy to use by integrating the latest technologies such as web development content management system (CMS) and web 3.0 improved platforms.

A recent study shows that hundreds of massage website owners now use simple CMS platforms like WordPress to build their site so as to maintain it by themselves.

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So the importance of a well-maintained website cannot be over emphasized, as it will help you gain a competitive advantage and improve your business image in your industry.

Developing your website, using quality stock photos and graphics, integrating a content marketing strategy and social media promotions can offer many unique benefits online and offline for your small business.

There should be a big difference between having your own website for your business and running your business without any website impact.

Getting an affordable website with blog that consists of quality and valuable web content and blog posts is the best traffic generation strategy that will drive visitors to your website from the search engines and social media channels.

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I’ve curated the top 9 benefits of a website for small businesses to guide you in your informed decision making.

Knowing the basic why your business needs a website is an improved step towards the creation of a successful business empire both online and offline.

Top 10 Benefits of Website for Small Business Owners

Below are the top 10 luxury benefits of a website for small businesses who want to succeed online and earn more revenue for their website ROI.

1. Attract New Customers 

With only your small business website address or URL you can have easy access to new customers through word of mouth referrals from existing customers and clients.

Your satisfied customers and consumers can refer you to their colleagues, friends and relatives by simply giving them your website address.

Often times you may have received a business call enquiry and the caller asked you what your website address is.

You guess, they have been referred by someone.

2. Maintenance is Simple

A well-maintained website is easy to use and update properly anytime without getting fatal errors or being vulnerable to hacking activities.

Getting your plugins updated to their latest versions will not only keep your site safe and secure but current and up-to-date.

With a website, you can make simple edits, updates and deletions from any smartphone, tablets, desktop computer or laptop that is connected to the internet.

If your website is built with web 2.0 CMS like Joomla or WordPress older versions; there is no need paying a programmer every time you want to add a text or product to your site.

Thanks goodness… you can now update your website software version with just a single click or set it as auto-update.

3. Increase Productivity

Having a product or service details web page on your website improves and increases productivity.

Your potential customers can easily find all the information they need before calling you to place an order.

So you spend less time on the phone explaining information that is already available 24/7 online on your website.

4. Customers Education & Training

Educate and train your customers by offering free advice about your services and products on your website.

You can deliver this training using any medium such as videos, blog posts, PDFs for courses download.

A well thought out and consistent method of publishing educational and informative web content can boost your trust, credibility and authority in your industry.

Your customers will see you as a leader or a leading expert in the niche.

4. Effective Advertisement

Putting your website link or address in all your promotional materials and medium such as infographic, business cards, flyers, social media profiles, blog posts, guest posts on other relevant authority sites, identity cards, company printed brochures, billboards, banners, etc will improve your advertising effectiveness and return on investment for every dollar spent.

This will help your business gain additional exposure and direct traffic and encourage the visitors and readers to check your site for the information they are searching for.

With the right conversion optimization strategy and effective content audit, you can convert every visit into leads, sales, and customers.

5. Reduction on Printing & Distribution Expenses

Your business can save money on printing and distribution costs with improved ROI.

The number five benefit we just discussed talks about improving your advertising effectiveness for every Naira spent. If you use a web 3.0 content management system (CMS) to build website, you can quickly make update changes at no extra cost, unlike print media materials.

Your website can act as your official online brochure or company catalog that you can update and change anytime.

6. Break Geographical Barriers

A website helps you to expand your market and dominate your niche or industry irrespective of your business location base.


The web allows small businesses to break through the geographical and environmental barriers.

And become accessible by potential customer with an internet connection from any part of the world.

Offering services or selling products online is easier and cheaper for your small business and customers.

7. Extend Your Local Reach into International Market

Extend the local reach of your offline business pa brick-and-mortar store to international consumers, retailers, and partners worldwide.

Visitors need to make an informed decision through your website since your company is open for business 24/7 365 days / year with all your products and services displayed online.

8. Sell Products & Services Online

You can promote and sell products & services online on your website.

When customers and potential clients are using Google to search for information that is related to what you offer, your website becomes visible on the search engine results page.

According to a recent study, 68% of potential customers will save your phone number to call at a later date.

With your mobile-friendly and responsive website, you can make your address and phone number available for an instant one-click website-to-phone call for easy access and contact with visitors.

Always provide detailed descriptions of your services or products with quality and visually appealing photos that are eye-catchy.

Explain why your products or services are the best and more superior to that of your toughest competitors.

With screenshots and video presentation, show visitors how your services or products can help them improve their professional or personal lives.

9. Build Your Reputation with Your Own Internet Identity

A domain name for your small business, example (www.codedwebmaster.com) establishes a strong online brand identity.

You can set up personalized private-hosted email addresses for your company, employees and yourself.

It increases trust and credibility if you have a company email that accepts emails on your site.

Sending out email updates, sales and holiday store hours, newsletters, and notices to your customers is a reputation building and booster for your business.

Become a go-to expert by publishing your knowledge and expertise in your area of work in your blog posts, guest posts, Youtube videos, infographics and web page content.

For example, NDIFREKE atauyo published his knowledge and expertise free of charge and uses a complete web design guide and tutorial to connect with web design students, researchers and potential clients in the web design industry.

This also boosts his company brand through guest postings on authority sites just like this one you are reading on CODED WEBMASTER blog.

This can be done by writing blog posts and articles that inform, train, guide, teach, and educate visitors (your audience).

And help them understand your business and product offerings as posted on your site.


Today, you’ve now learned the benefits of website for your small business. One of which is increased sales.

And when owning a business, your main priority which is exposure is key to attracting customers, boost credibility and reputation.

You need to have an effective website today and with great content increases the probability of landing new customers for increased sales.

So what do you think is the one benefit we’ve missed or left out? I love for you to comment below and when do you expect to have a website for your small business?

Coded Webmaster offers professional website design services for small and medium businesses in Nigeria.

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NDIFREKE atauyo is a Computer Science graduate from UNICAL and a full-time internet and website designing blogger. He lives in Calabar, Nigeria & writes about everything imaginable on Website development and design, software designing and programming, tech, graphic designing, mobile application development, hosting, SEO, affiliate marketing, content marketing, and so on at bestsoftnigeria.biz/blog, bestsoftnigeria.com & bestsoftnigeria.net

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