Most popular types of Forklift and their uses

Whether it is warehouse or store or construction site or other business, transporting heavy loads is an everyday affair. Forklifts are available in many sizes and shapes for different purposes so it is difficult to select that best suits the environment. To get the more experience with different types of Forklifts it is worth doing forklift training Toronto. It is essential to get the certification to operate Forklifts safely.

The use of most popular forklifts types are described below:-

1. Counter balance Forklift

This is the most commonly used for material handling. They are ideal for indoor use but can also be used outdoors. This type includes two trucks that counterbalance with each other. The truck has dual forks at the front and weight at the back that offset the load weight in front.

2. Side loader Forklift

This type of forklifts is well suited in narrow areas as forks are at the side of the truck which can safely pick long loads like piping, timber and sheets.
It has 3 types:-

Enclosed cab- Used for outdoors mostly
Stand up- Used for indoor
Multi-way- 90 degree wheels allow transportation in all directions

3. Telescopic handler Forklifts

This type of Forklift is used in industry which requires high lifting so they are ideal for use in agriculture or in construction sites. It has a single telescopic boom that has ability to extend the lifting possibilities with attachments including a lift table, pallet fork and bucket.

4. Pedestrian Operated Pallet Trucks

This type of Forklift is used to move loads at ground level and for easy transportation of pallets in warehouses. Forks slide beneath the pallet and with the help of hydraulic jack it lifts the load from the ground easily.

5. Powered Pallet Trucks

This type of trucks are similar to Pedestrian operated trucks but the difference is only the use of electric motor within machine to move or lift the load. Therefore, they are ideal to use for small packages and skids. Powered Pallet truck is the modern version of Pump truck that was used traditionally.

6. Order Pickers

They allow personnel to pick orders quickly and efficiently. Rather than complete pallets they allow ‘Hand picking’ within limited reach. These are available in all electronic or only electronic lift and are used indoors only. They are not used on uneven ground having risk of accident being the top heavy.

7. Rough Terrain Forklifts

This type of Forklift is ideal for transporting heavy loads on rough and unpaved surfaces like gravel, sand and muddy areas. The tyres have thicker threads that provide stability on uneven ground. It also has powerful engine to reach higher speed and to make it robust and durable.

Forklifts are powerful vehicles that can safely lift heavy objects that humans cannot. Either you can hire forklift for a short time during the peak time of business or buy for long time purposes. Forklifts are like investment but hiring is the best option for short term requirement.

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