All that You Need to Know About WordPress Web Development

Websites are no doubt the powerhouse of business online, and a WordPress, therefore, can be considered as the powerhouse generator in literal sense. All the newbie entrepreneurs find WordPress as an excellent platform to create a website and portray their business online.

WordPress Web Development

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Well, if you doubt its recognition then let’s talk some stats.

WordPress and its recognition

The small businesses and startups find help in WordPress to build their online presence. Recognized as a prominent Content Management System (CMS), WordPress currently employs more than 100 million users across the globe. Most of the entrepreneurs who decided to take their business online and build reputation are using WordPress Platform for the process.

Presently, over 400 million websites are powered across the world by WordPress and interestingly the 100 million websites among them currently sit on the WordPress platform in United States.

In accordance with the results of global analysis, the posts (mostly related to business) are published with the frequency of 17 seconds from the world’s top one million websites currently being powered by WordPress.

More than one-quarter of websites on the web are powered by WordPress including all kinds of websites from simple to complex, blogs to e-commerce and applications as well.

One of the big reasons for WordPress’s popularity is its flexibility in combination with simplicity. Out of all the CMS available in the industry, WordPress remains the easiest and simplest CMS with free access.

From merely being a blogging platform, WordPress has made an outstanding move allowing the entrepreneurs to develop e-commerce site, social networking sites, and directories using it. Hence, to this end the significance of WordPress to all size businesses can’t be overlooked.

Apart from offering the simples CMS to use, the users count on other benefits of WordPress as well that makes it the preferred choice worldwide.

WordPress and its benefits

With a dramatic evolution of the platform, there are a lot of reasons why online businesses choose WordPress for their web development. Let’s have a glance at few of them. First and the foremost, the benefit is that websites developed using WordPress are easily discovered by search engines, as it employs search-engine friendly techniques and principles.

In addition to it, WordPress website SEO can be enhanced by installing plugins and extensions.

Next comes the quick installation. WordPress get you done with the web development through a simple one-click installation of CMS. So, you neither need a web developer to get the job done for you nor the WordPress installation files and FTP.

Just visit the control panel from hosting provider, install the WordPress, choose the theme of your websites, fix the aesthetics and details and there your site goes up and running in few minutes.

Well, though WordPress web development sounds easy, there are quite a few things ought to learn before you get into it in order to enjoy good exposure and traffic. So, why not get a brief “How-to” of web development.

How to get started with WordPress web development

Building a website on your own can be challenging with series of tasks managing the front end and back end but then you also have the option of seeking help from a WordPress development company or Web App development company to get the job done for you.

Though you can manage things on your own with WordPress, hiring help can be great idea.

Now, resuming to the aspect of enjoying good traffic or exposure for your website, you must have the custom domain name, because search engines preferably index domains instead of subdomains, also AdSense account gets quick approval.

WordPress has got a plethora of amazing themes, easiest social media integrations, and a huge network of users including theme developers, plugin creators, webmasters, freelancers, bloggers, creative artists, etc., so you can quickly find help through various free resources available on the platform.

  • So, starting with the most and basic and important factor for a website to be up and running all the time, the Hosting. You to need to search for a hosting service supported and managed by WordPress.
  • Soon after you install WordPress, configuring the website should be done accordingly. You should basically be concerned about the permalinks set up, comment modification, and follow best practices. Well, WordPress makes all these simplified though.
  • Out of the plethora of amazing Word Press themes, find a proper theme for your business and make sure it is a convenient, flexible and reliable theme that allows modifications whenever required.
  • Performance of your website also stands crucial, and when you install too many plugins out of functionality greed can cause your website to be slow. So, try installing only the important plugins which can be used actively.
  • Make sure to install the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin to be easily found on search engine directories like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • Although WordPress offers reliable security features, you should ensure proper security for your website against potential threats like spyware and malware by employing advanced security measures by installing security plugins and following other best practices.


Building the perfect website is not a piece of cake, the perfect website required time and continuous efforts to keep up with the trends, optimization, and security enhancements. Not all the times, your website can be up and running, at some point it goes down and you will find bugs.

Perfecting the gamut of web development company entails putting the services in place to manage such issues, such as content and database backup, maintenance theme, and a good developer and/or designer. And it all requires experience, so fret not if you don’t acquire it, you can have someone do it for you.

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