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5 Reasons Why Most Nigerian Bloggers Fail

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Nigerian-BloggersI know how it feels, opening the WordPress dashboard only to count the number of times you checked on your post.

No traffic, the only traffic to your blog are but the sympathetic friends and family you have, who feel obliged to add a little to the trickling traffic.

Believe me. I know how it feels.

You’ve doing everything right, but the results keep saying otherwise.

Then you spend hours reading of the pile of clich√© Posts about How to Millions get millions of page views in 3 days, a new surge of joy flows through your veins. Like a child trying out his new toys, all you want to do is implement the strategies you’ve learned.

A few days more and the initial Gra Gra turns cold, you are left with a blank stats counter rubbing the mark of failure in your face.

Finally, you shut down your PC, and you conclude that Blogging is not for you.

Of course, blogging isn’t for everyone but people who say that must have tried and failed which means they were doing things the wrong way

Below are 5 Reasons why Nigerian bloggers keep Failing at Blogging

Our Love For Varieties.

One thing, I have noticed with bloggers in Nigeria is their love for varieties. You enter a blog only to find different kinds of posts about sports, entertainment, gossip, Tech, daily devotional, betting, and all sorts of news that defeats the aim of a niche site.
For those who don’t know, Google now gives a preference for Niche sites over the rice and beans sites.

A Niche site is related to products or services that appeal to a small section of people. For instance, if you want to make a site about phones, you can narrow it down to infinix phones www.techslize.com/infinix-phones
Perhaps, in Nigeria pioneer bloggers are to blame, the likes of Makinde Azeez, Linda Ikeji, and others have succeeded using the multiple niche system, but in today’s world, that strategy wouldn’t yield results, especially for a blogger that is trying to generate traffic mainly from search engines.

We Want to Hammer as Soon as possible

Some people think it’s easy as pie to make money from blogging. While it may seem easy, to set up a blog, buy a domain name and start posting articles. The main struggle lies in Link building, SEO and generating traffic to the blog.

Now for starters, there’s an alleged news of Google Sandbox. The sandbox prevents new blogs from getting in the SERPS for at least six months. Although this news is alleged and there’s no confirmation from BIG-G, it seems, from many internet gurus, the Sandbox exists.

If you are thinking of starting a blog and reaping in the shortest time possible, maybe, it is true, blogging isn’t really for you.

Plagiarism (Copy & Paste)

It’s very easy to lift an article from the internet and paste it to your blog. With the press of the control C plus V, you can get a post up on the blog. Easy right? Unfortunately, that’s cheating, and Big G might not let plagiarism slide.

But plagiarism in Nigeria is more than just copying a whole or part of someone’s work.

Bloggers have a misconception, that, while plagiarism is wrong and can sabotage your SEO, however, giving credit to the real source isn’t plagiarism, when is in fact not true.

Plagiarism is real, and Google’s hammer is always ready to hit blogs that take part is devious act to game the system, this can, however, get your articles down in the SERPS.

To avoid penalties from search engines, write unique articles that add value to People.

Ignoring SEO & Keyword Research

You want to go round the world? But you have forgotten that a journey to a thousand miles starts with a step.

You want everything to be easy, write a thin article with no image, start up a blog without keyword research and bang let Google send people to your blog.

Well, you’d be surprised that SEO and KEYWORD RESEARCH are the bread and butter of search engines. Which means without those two, you’ll lose before you even get started with blogging.

Starting out with Keyword research will enable you to know the keywords and traffic a certain topic is getting.

The advantage of keyword research?

The fact is, small blogs stand no chance of appearing on search engines for competitive head keywords like “how to make money.” Instead, you can easily rank for long tail keywords with a bit of specificity like “how to make money in Nigeria” this narrows down the competitiveness of the keyword.

After keyword research, the next thing is SEO (search engine optimization). You have to optimize your post for search terms people pluck into google search. Although the search engines have been getting advanced, the need to spoon-feed Google by stuffing keywords can get your blog penalized.

To make sure you don’t fall for inadvertent keyword stuffing, go for related terms and (LSI) keywords to minimize the risk.

For example: if your keyword is “best games of 2016” using keywords like top games, rated games of 2016, games of 2016 will even increase your chances of ranking for other keywords with specifically targeting them.

Lack of Passion and concentration

Many bloggers suffer from the Shiny Object Syndrome. Bloggers get distracted by jumping from a blog to another without completing anything. Such act is especially common in newbie’s who try to jump to the next big thing.

Well, change is good, and we can’t achieve greatness if we continue doing the same stuff, in the same way, the need to move, change and adapt settles in.

But that rule doesn’t always apply in blogging. If you follow the right steps before setting up a blog, SEO and KEYWORD RESEARCH, then you are unlikely going to suffer from this syndrome.

The problem with the shiny object syndrome is that when you lose focus and hop on the next trend that’s growing, it is likely going to cost you hundreds or hours and loss of productivity and money.

However, I know how hard it can be hard not to get excited about the next goldmine that can change your fortunes. Some of them are right for you, while, some aren’t. But before you run after the next blog or idea, you must stop and ask yourself.

Is this the best decision?

Do I have the ability to start and make this blog successful?

The harsh reality is, there are about 164 million blogs that get less than 1,000 visitors in a month, and the numbers keep increasing. What are your chances of making your blog successful?

For progress worth, hopefully, you’ve learned from the five reasons that might have hampered you from building an authority blog.

You can learn from the above points, don’t just read and sleep on it, implement the strategies, write articles that add value, market your articles and make bloggers want to link to your blog as a reference.

it’s a churn and burn method, you rinse and repeat the processes.

Do that, and you’ll have thousands of traffic waiting to greet you every time you open the dashboard to your blog.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc


  • Gopal

    January 24, 2017 at 1:04 pm

    Thanks Nice described article. Sometimes i confused to arrange long tail keyword. Sometimes i getting confused that which keywords should i use in keyword planner.

  • Open Heavens

    July 29, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    Nice write up I must confess. The truth is, there is no platform in Nigeria that gives the masses, especially the upcoming bloggers the right orientation to Blogging.
    Most probloggers in the country are equally guilty of some faults mentioned on this post.
    We hope the Nigeria Blogosphere gets better like the India Blogosphere is on a professional rise.

    Thanks for sharing


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