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Tips for Managing Your Career at Home

If you are career driven, have the world at your feet and love your job, you may find yourself in a position where you are required to be accessible remotely due to the high demand of your job and unforeseen circumstances that keep you from the office. This isn’t an unusual occurrence and in some…

The top 7 mistakes you should avoid for the success of your PPC campaign

Are you looking for online marketing that is refreshingly simple yet profitable? Then, pay-per-click or PPC marketing is the best option for you. It is simple, effective and customizable. Most PPC campaigns utilize search engine marketing (SEM). They leverage the advertisements on search engine result pages that depend on their relevance to their search-terms, location…


5 Reasons Why Most Nigerian Bloggers Fail

I know how it feels, opening the WordPress dashboard only to count the number of times you checked on your post. No traffic, the only traffic to your blog are but the sympathetic friends and family you have, who feel obliged to add a little to the trickling traffic. Believe me. I know how it…

Make Money Online

Some Easy and Realistic Ways to Make Money Online

The development of technology has offered many sources of income. Internet marketing is becoming a trend of buying and selling. Small business to large business everything is wrapped up with many ways to get profit. The internet is not only filled with better business space, but also it is littered with a lot of opportunities…

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