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Benefits of Wildcard SSL Certificates

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Are you wondering? How you can protect your website URL and its subdomains? A good Wildcard SSL certificate is the just that perfect solution you are looking for! In fact, a Wildcard SSL certificate is tailored completely to encrypt the connection between your website and the client’s browser albeit with one main advantage. You will only have to pay for one certificate to cover any and of the sub-domains under your main domain. Yes, that is right! In other words, if you buy a certificate for *.example.com, you can go as far as securing: example.com, www.example.com, photos.example.com, blog.example.com etc.

This is just a single advantage of the certificate as Wildcard SSL has many other great features. Perhaps the most attractive feature has to be the fact that the certificate is compatible with virtually any browser in the market today not to mention that it is also compatible with mobile devices. You will rest assured that you will be protecting all your consumers regardless of the browser they are using. On top of this, the SSL deploys up to 256-bit encryption along with 2048-bit root certificates. This hybrid cryptosystem is colossal in defending your website against brute force attacks that is quite prevalent today.

Benefits of Using Wildcard SSL Certificate

There are number of benefits that come with choosing to use Wildcard SSL certificate especially in cases where you are yearning for flexibility in your SSL needs: Some of these benefits are:

It Covers Unlimited Domains

As stated earlier, one huge benefit of deploying Wildcard SSL is the fact that you can set up an unlimited number of sub domains and protect all of them under the same SSL certificate

It’s Affordable

The cost of purchasing a Wildcard SSL might be high on paper but not practically. Think of it this way, what would be the cost of purchasing certificates to cover every sub-domain on your website? Do some math, you will find that a single Wildcard certificate will be the much affordable option.

Organization Validated

The other thing about using Wildcard SSL Certificate is that you can assure your users of their security hence building trust among your target consumers is easy. This is because your consumers will see your company name in the certificate, a feat that will demonstrate full authentication of your organization.

It Allows Immediate Deployment

The other quality is that anytime you deploy a new site with the same Wildcard SSL, a Wildcard certificate will protect your Sub-domain automatically; you will not need to wait to be issued with a new certificate. The site will be protected immediately, saving you lots of cash and time.

It Boosts Efficiency

The other advantage that comes with using Wildcard SSL certificate is that it lets you manage multiple servers on different sub-domains.

Popular Brands Offering Wildcard SSL

There are a number of great Wildcard certificate brands in the market. Some of the best options to choose from are Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL and Comodo. All these are best fit for any type of online platform out there that is craving for top-notch security. Whether it is an ecommerce platform, a blog, a company website or any other website featuring a number of domains, you are sure to be protected with any of these certificates.

Introducing ClickSSL, a Perfect Place to Buy Wildcard Certificates

Now that you know about Wildcard SSL certificates, the next question you need to answer is where can you buy your Wildcard SSL certificates? Well, there are many platforms to look but ClickSSL has got be a cut above the rest. Talk a blend of benefits that come with buying from ClickSSL – www.clickssl.net

Affordable Rates

Of course, everyone fancies a pocket friendly solution and ClickSSL delivers just that. The real secret is that ClickSSL is a global reseller of Wildcard certificates that buys directly from renowned central authorities (CA) and selling to consumers at very affordable rates.

Trusted by Renowned CAs

ClickSSL sells SSL certificate from trusted and renowned CAs like Comodo, GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL, Symantec among others meaning that you just have to select whichever certificate you like and you are ready to go.
100% Money back Guarantee

What is even amazing is that with ClickSSL you do not have to worry if your Wildcard certificate does not work, as you will get you all your money back if you do not like certificate.

Top-notch Customer Services

ClickSSL has built its business model on streamlined customer services, all targeted at delivering customer satisfaction. ClickSSL has a great support platform that will help you through installations and any other queries you may have in the realm of Wildcard SSL certificates.

Well, it is time to beef up the security of your main domains and sub-domains. What is better way to do so than to buy some of the most trusted certificates? Just take your pick and order from ClickSSL today!

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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