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10 Best WordPress Android Apps helpful to Manage and Monitor your Online Business

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Handling your blog on WordPress can be quite tedious working in front of the PC every time. There is a solution to this too. Android has equipped all enthusiast bloggers with apps that allow managing your blog from your Android. That sounds great! Move down to the curated list of 10 best WordPress Android Apps for the online entrepreneurs.

The Best WordPress Android Apps

The handy handset playing into our hands is equipped with mind blowing apps that manage, organizers to enhance your online business just at your fingertips. Perform all your online activities anytime and anywhere. Instead of the bigger screen, work from the smaller screen and stay updated with all the latest.



This app is capable to create posts, upload photos, comment, edit, update your blog from your Android or iOS devices. It offers apps that connect with self-hosted WordPress sites. The user needs to first create a WordPress.com account to start WordPress.com that connects to your self-hosted WordPress site. In addition, it is equipped with an in-built reader that offers to view your competitors’ blogs.

Download WordPress.com!

2. WooCommerce


Are you running an online store using WooCommerce then this is a must required app that manages your store while you are away. The beautiful interface allows viewing your store’s sales and order. Now, you don’t need your computer now, monitor your online shop on your smaller device.

Download WooCommerce Mobile Assistant!

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics-app-image

The Google Analytics is the most powerful analytics tools that provide you with features like checking key metrics in built-in reports, comparing data ranges, monitoring real time data, build and save your own reports. Monitor your online business using the handy Android device.

Download Google Analytics!

4. Evernote


This is one of the best productivity apps that provides tools to keep your work organized. If you get hit by a random idea and need to write down all the ideas, thoughts coming your way, opt for Evernote. It facilitates with to-do-lists, taking notes, doodle drawing, syncs with other devices, saves pictures, videos, bookmarks and gives you enough time to think and keep a note of bringing it into reality.

Download Evernote!

5. Pingdom


This app allows viewing the status of your servers and websites by connecting to the Pingdom uptime monitoring service.  It caters with alerts and also helps to resolve issues through its efficient root cause analysis. Get updated with the current status, view uptime and response time statistics, find all outages represented in the form of an account –wide summary twitch between connected accounts.

Download Pingdom!

6. Buffer

Buffer-app-imageIf you come across some good articles or an insane video or an important link that needs to be shared, use Buffer. Share photos, videos, audio, link, text on multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram. Get analytics of each click, repins, retweets, likes and shares everything at your fingertips. Schedule your posts whenever required and promote it on social media sites.

Download Buffer!



IFTTT stands for If This Then That That caters 400 apps, including Twitter, Telegram, Twitch, Instagram, Gmail etc working on devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home etc. It is equipped with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant that renders to control all your work with your voice. Get instant notifications; enhance your workflow and work as a monitoring tool. The multi purpose app works with other services other than Word Press and helps to automate your smart home and office.

Download IFTTT!

8. Feedly


This app is designed especially for the passionate readers and entrepreneurs who need to be updated with all the latest. It keeps a track of all the magazines, blogs, publications, YouTube channels providing an easy to read format all in one place. Divide your reading interests based on the topics you prefer. Share and spread knowledge using the easy sharing options.

Download Feedly!

9. Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook page manager-app-image

Want to handle your online business through Facebook? You might surely need the Facebook Pages Manager.  Speak and stay connected with your customers using your Android device. Get necessary notifications, track promotions, statistics to build your business.

Download Facebook Pages Manager!

10. Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager-app-image

The blogging app is useful to track Facebook ads directly from the Android phone. The tools used are powerful allowing online businesses to connect with its ad performance. Design your own ad using pictures, video, audio directly from your media library. Reach to your audience by using various tools offered such as editing text, targeting, budgets, schedules etc and give fuel to your business. View your performance on a daily basis by comparing it with best 5 campaign ads.

Download Facebook Ads Manager!

11. Google Drive

Google Drive-app-image

The widely used Android app offers a free storage for all your files including photos, videos, files, documents etc. Save all your business related important things on the Google Drive. Don’t forget to sync all your saved files, with this option get access to all your business papers on all platforms.

Download Google Drive!

12. Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by gmail-app-image

It is quite normal to get an overflowing list of emails, including comments, updates, contact form notifications and more. The Inbox by Gmail app helps to clean all your unnecessary emails. The smart email client is smart enough to bundle all your emails into groups, allowing them to mark it as done. It makes sure that your important email doesn’t get hidden among the unwanted email garbage.

Download Inbox by Gmail!

13. Paypal


Running an online store? PayPal is one of a kind productivity app that allows having a track of all your PayPal activity with just a click. Make transactions, payments, balance viewing everything from this one app.

Download PayPal!

14. Google Adsense

Google adsense-app-image

The app is a good source to make money for small websites and blogs. In case you are using Google Adsense to serve ads on your WordPress account, then download this must required app that gives an overview of all everything going on in your account. Along with it, it equips with an instant access to the finance report on all key metrics.

Download Google Adsense!

15. Trello


If you are an individual or work in a team, this app helps to get the work done before a definite time. It offers to collaborate work, manage projects and organize accordingly. Get the trello app to discover, create boards to manage your work, customize workflows, add to-do lists, assign tasks, comment if required, upload photos, videos or attach a file from Google Drive.

Download Trello!


These are the best Android apps designed for the budding writers or bloggers. Find your desired Android app that is capable of fulfilling your needs to promote and handle your online business with the help of social networking sites. With these apps, you don’t need to carry your PC everywhere, hunt for your Android device and get started with your work anytime.


Author Bio :

Sejal Parmar is an enthusiastic blogger who has a passion and interest in SEO. She covers topics on SMM, SEO, social media, digital marketing, blogging and much more at Web Ratna!


Sejal Parmar is an enthusiastic blogger who has a passion and interest in SEO. She covers topics on SMM, SEO, social media, digital marketing, blogging and much more at Web Ratna!

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