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Micro Apps: How Are They Beneficial for Your Business?

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Micro Apps: How Are They Beneficial for Your BusinessDo you know what a micro app is? What purpose does it serve? Or how it can help your business? You may think that you don’t know much about micro apps, but you have interacted with the one. Consider Facebook Messenger. It is a micro app. It does one particular thing: permits live chat between Facebook clients. And this is the exact meaning of a micro application: it has a solitary usefulness, enabling the clients to tackle an exact issue or fulfill a particular need without navigating through an extensive and complex application.

There used to be a little heap of mobile applications a couple of years ago. But today, that heap has developed into an enormous territory, pulling and tweaking the entire humanity into it. Individuals are currently dependent on mobile applications for their everyday tasks. But, over 70% of mobile application clients trust that regardless of being genuinely engaging, these applications concentrate just on pushing content, forgetting their original motto. They behave in a similar way to a website.

What Are Micro Apps?

Micro applications allude to those applications that are small, customer oriented, task specific and provide a particular functionality, giving clients a chance to perform selected tasks easily. In contrast with the usual mobile apps, micro applications offer a system that is more tasks oriented and easy to use.

While using a micro app, a client just needs to tap the icon, do the desired task and get out with maximum efficiency instead of extra work. For example, if you want to reply to a message on Facebook, you can do so with its messenger – which a micro app. It will not show you the additional notifications and news feed. In other words, a micro app doesn’t do everything, but everything you want.

How Are They Beneficial?

Most clients would prefer not to use applications in a similar way in which they use a website. They are in a rush, or they’ve recently had anissue that need to resolve immediately. They require the application to do one particular thing so that theycan save time and this is not possible while performing the similar taskon awebsite.

Also, this is the requirement where numerous mobile applications fail. They have splash screens, menus, numerous sections and the client loses much time than expected doing what they needed to do. Micro apps solve such issues. Light in size and easy to handle, a dedicated micro app enables the client to feel in control and to do precisely what they require, with no bother which help to make the right decision.

Just think, how good it will be if you get a notification every time when your sales team closes a deal? Or a new employee is hired in your organization? It’s good for a business owner to stay updated every time. All this can happen with a micro app! With a micro app you can stay updated and work from anywhere.

The Difference between Mobile and Micro Apps

Mobile application development generally tends to construct applications that aim to do everything without a moment’s delay. Usually, mobile applications are only an abbreviated form ofwebsites or desktop applications that are designed to perform all the same tasks as their larger counterparts. This prompts troubles, irritating and slow applications that stop to be effective because of unnecessary functionalities.

Most of the mobile applications are rejected because of poor user experience. The client would uninstall the application in the blink of an eye if he/she battle to perform a basic function the application.

Some other reasons of app failure are:

  • Long load times
  • Difficult to access features
  • App performance issues (moderate or slacking)
  • Long registration processes

However, micro apps provide a good client experience, and a client can without much of a stretch access what they are searching for. They are simple, don’t have much functionality, they enable the client to rapidly play out a particular activity in few steps.

The idea of micro application rotates around two basic essentials:

  • Get in – Interact – Get out.
  • Performing Errands in the Real Time.

Advantages of Micro Apps

Small in size micro apps are loaded with many benefits. Some of them are given below:

  • Micro applications are based on HTML/HTML5 and load dynamically. A large amount of cost is saved while building and promoting a micro application.
  • IT firms get the benefit of agile development.
  • Users want their business applications similar to that of personal applications so that their tasks become easy. And micro apps make this accessibility very easy.
  • The UI of these micro applications that the end clients get is uniquely designed for specific tasks for which they are utilizing the application.
  • The UI can be modified by designers for specific user type, use case, set of devices, app workflow, etc.
  • Clients can rapidly give feedback to associations for testing purpose.

Micro Apps and Organizations

Presently, there is a speedy and simple approach to enhance your association’s efficiency by eliminating the individual procedures out of the framework and transforming them into basic mobile applications.

From an enterprise perspective, micro applications should be viewed as a few segments to accommodate and integrate into a solitary installable application.Delivering app development services that enable a client to be more productive and effective, and urging those to utilize these applications rather than the other applications should be the final target of the enterprise.

Micro applications are constructed utilizing the basic framework and process; with no coding and for a mobile environment. Each micro application is built with a solitary particular result, empowering representatives to finish longer tasks instantly.

This call for activities that work in a quick yet savvy way and these micro applications can serve this purpose. From back-end administrations to front-end UI, enterprises can constitute several specialized solutions and join them together to make extensive solutions. So, in case you find out that a micro app will be extremely beneficial for your business;get in contact with a mobile app development company as soon as possible!

Author Bio:
Maria Huges is a content writer, mobility strategist and blogger who write on latest technology and business-related topics. At present, she is working with Cerebrum Infotech, a leading outsource mobile app Development Company which helps to grow the businesses.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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