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Make your Brand Stand Out by Following these Logo Trends

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It is 2017 and the entire year is about a completely new era of logo design trends since there are a new set of requirements from the customers, new trends for designers together with distinct demand for new and forthcoming projects. On the other hand that the reason behind each new design, logo trends and company is to engage the consumer through a growing number of digital media channels. The frequency of participation would be growing at a fast speed, the companies will proceed more personal and the designer has to be more sophisticated, more innovative and more inclusive.

  1. Minimal – Say More with the Least Possible

As mentioned by Leonardo Da Vinci — “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, it’s the majority of the instances the easiest of the logo designs that grab the attention of the client, in easy words, drives the online traffic towards your own brand. The main reason for, being the most tricky, is that minimalist logo designs are extremely practical and in precisely the exact same time they’re purpose driven. These logo design styles communicate the message in a right way.

  1. Hand-drawn, Handwritten or Handmade

There are logo design styles that connect the brand together with the client for an intimate level. Even though it’s a little bit hard to interpret the handmade design to the digital media but with the growth of scanners, light pens and vector pursuing those issues are now a thing of the past.

This kind of logo designing provides an individual touch, warmth, and credibility. These are the designs that are largely popular with the food sector like coffee shops, restaurants. The aesthetics of this logo keeps you tender, rested and provides you with personal attention. Additionally, it is essential to concentrate on the typography in this specific style as bespoke fonts are invaluable assets to the design market.

  1. Negative Space – See Beyond

This style of logo designing has surfaced in the past several decades. All these, are for the individuals with the curiosity to detect the concealed. A negative space logo designing style is extremely popular on social networking websites and several large brands. They can be brilliant, smart, and witty − and most of all have a rather large recall value which then boosts up the consumer engagement. The design provides the customer, to believe something additional, a deeper message, or even to fix the hidden clue. Seems just like treasure hunting!!! No?

  1. Mono Lines or Line Art

The year 2017 is undergoing an amalgam online artwork notion of logo designing and also the revolutionary thinking of new era designers. All these are simple designs using one line that are often accompanied by a picture artwork. Line art logo designing has recently been adored in the professional logo design company since it is laid back and easy. The design involves a lineup with unchanging depth and goes on like a twisted cable, which if analyzed deeply provides a crisp, clean and cleaner appearance. The plan style draws a very clear distinction line between the two standard colored logos and mono lines.

  1. Vintage – As said ”Old is Gold”

The vintage fashion of logo designing will be seeing an entirely new face in 2017. The significant cause of the exact same is that the nostalgic effect it provides and makes a connection with all the memories of past year. This kind of design style also conveys a feeling of royalty, credibility, and trust. Even though they’re not as slick as the other styles but they definitely excel in their job in regards to catch the clients’ attention to the brand. Yes! This fashion hits the emotional quotient.

  1. Form Simplification

A simple logo design makes it effortless for individuals to recognize and recall it. A fantastic logo design will remain simple yet distinctive. An overdrawn or intricate logo design may confuse the viewers about the brand. It needs to be neat, tidy and distinctive.

  1. The Moving Parts – The GIF’s

Last but not the least, the last entry that’s made it to the trending logo design listing of 2017 — would be that the GIF logo or the shifting logo. Together with the entire world converging towards digitization the brand which sells its products online is the clear winner. The Gif logos are images which are constantly changing positions to accommodate. This style has lately seen a rise as a result of the active participation of social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram, into the world of digital marketing.

  1. Typographical tricks

Typography tricks aren’t standard, but constantly in trend due to the intelligent rendition of an identity that doesn’t draw attention to itself.

Designers like to integrate small visual tricks and double messages from how that they design their logos, like the use of negative space in FedEx.

Also, lately, a number of different designers have ventured for smart typography to symbolize their individuality.

Letter Stacking

Similar to this typographical play, there’s another renowned method which pushes the envelope by utilizing letter stacking to convey the message.

Here the trend is all about less is more.

From “hiding” particular elements of letters, the designers render simply enough so that anyone can read the content.

The plan style gives off an edgier look and a solid identity blends with exactly the same.

Logos that utilize lettering seem way more elegant than others even though it isn’t innovative as others.

Hotels, cafes, and restaurants typically opt for this style due to its relaxed elegance and professionalism that the sharp fonts and transparent demonstration communicate.

  1. Overlapping tones

Overlapping gradients with simple geometric forms also have led to distinctive styles of logos.

Overlapping was largely employed with animal-related trademarks, but today it’s crossed over and become knowledgeable about the world’s top businesses.

For example, MasterCard’s most up-to-date logo redesign is just one excellent example.

With overlapping pictures, a number of businesses have created their logos memorable and clean.

With its growing popularity, it’s likely to create a strong and inspirational logo design trend in 2017.

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