Email Marketing – Why it is popular

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Many companies use email as a marketing method because it offers a lot more benefits over traditional marketing methods – both to merchants and customers.  Many people might wonder how such marketing can impact business – how it drives ROI and how customers are engaged better compared to other marketing methods? Why do companies spend a lot more time and resources to develop email marketing programs.

Benefits of Email Marketing:

Less time and effort: Direct marketing to consumers using the print medium can be quite time consuming and expensive.  Many people tend to discard mailers as junk mail and this is not a viable options.  Telemarketing as a tactic faces the same challenges – people have to make calls, wait for consumers to answer and then make their pitch for a product. Quite a few people are adding their names to a Do not call list making it difficult for companies to reach new customers.

Real time Messages: With print mailing campaigns, it is harder to personalize marketing tactics – not only that; there is a time lag between developing and implementing a campaign.  Email marketing campaigns can be done within a couple of hours using different templates –messages can even be sent at specific times, like anniversaries or birthdays.

Personalizing messages: Print campaigns, TV and radio ads are all general and designed with a one size fits all format.  It is difficult to address individual customers directly.  Email marketing offers many dynamic opportunities – it is very easy to send personalized emails based on a customer’s purchasing history.

Segmenting customer information: With more and more companies maintaining databases on customers and their preferences, targeted marketing campaigns can lead to higher sales.  Databases can be used to generate specific messages and aim it at customers who are likely to respond – a hallmark of good marketing.

Communicating more often:

Since email is so easy to create and send compared to other marketing and advertising methods, companies can stay in touch with customers on a more frequent basis.  One thing to note is the fact that companies should not send emails too often or end up losing a valuable lead.

Test marketing: Since email templates are easy to change, many companies choose to change a few elements and send the same message to different customers based on lists.  It is also easy to track how well messages were received and how many were converted to solid customers.

Reducing overheads: Email marketing costs are much lower than traditional methods – few employees are needed.  Printing and mailing costs, advertising are all eliminated.  Effective email marketing programs require the use of a good platform and a good marketer who knows how to put the right elements together.

Environmentally friendly campaign: More companies are trying to do the right thing by not sending paper leaflets.  Optimizing emails and using it as the primary method of communicating with customers has been adopted by businesses of all sizes.

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