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Why Pinging your Backlinks is Important

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Why is pinging your backlinks is important is surely an important question. But let us began with what is pinging – it can be really good for the beginners to understand. Pinging is nothing else but a simple method by which we tell any search engine that we have written something in a blog/website and posted it.

This means that a Google search will give more importance to those websites which have been pinged. And, this will indirectly put your website in a better position. There are so many out there in doing so. However, here is what you can do ping your backlinks. You can use a number of methods to add ping backlinks.

  • Ping Farm: It is very known name when it comes to backlink pinging. It’s a web based tool to ping the links on a blog/website. The positive point about this tool is that is absolutely free. However, you will have to get a professional to make it work. This because it has got cross scripting security blocks associated with it. So, it does takes a lot or professional to make it work!
  • Blog Comments: If you have Scrapebox/GSA or such other blog commenting tool, it will not cost you anything. The cost is absolutely free so you can use it as and when you like it.
  • Scrapebox’s Rapid Indexer: It is helpful in creating links by making use of statistics of the website you are running. It’s free, easy to use and fast too. It comes free with Scrapebox license. However, it’s not that much known to Google; so if you are running your blog on Google, then avoid it. Try some other search engine in case you wish to get benefitted from it.
  • Xindexer2: If you wish to have something which can run for a month at a stretch, then use the Xindexer2. It is helpful in submitting links to PR blog network for a month. The good point about it is that it easily validates links and indexing too before submission and during processing. However, it is slow in its pace. It builds links only once a week that runs for 4 weeks at a stretch. So, comparatively slow.
  • OneHourIndexing.co: This one too is very popular among pinging aspect of backlinks. Howsoever it works, it does one thing very clearly – it gets the pinging done that too at a very fast pace. Another added positive point about it is that it is very inexpensive if compared with the task it does.

While it is invariable that one can use any of the above programs to carry out the function of ping backlinking; one must be sure what result one would like to have at the end of the day. Since ping backlinking is not a very big thing these days, one can try any of the reputed companies to get the best results! (One of the best ping your backlinks practices can be seen in linklicious.co. To get details refer to the website: http://linklicious.co

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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