WordPress: A Versatile Platform For Building Diverse Websites

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WordPress is a widely acclaimed CMS platform that powers millions of websites on the internet. It comes with a host of features that make it capable of building diverse websites for different requirements. Whether it comes to adaptability, customizability, or versatility, the platform gets full marks. The same goes for versatility too, as though WordPress is normally associated with blogging platforms, its capabilities go far beyond. Although it made a start as a simple blog management system, WordPress has come a long way and is today regarded as a powerful content management system.

The platform is capable of rendering a wide variety of websites, which are listed as follows:

1. Blog/Personal Website

During the initial phase of its inception more than a decade ago, WordPress was regarded synonymous with blogging as this was what it was actually built for. Even though the platform is much bigger now, it still continues to be the favorite for building blogs and personal websites. It is empowered with some simple yet amazing blogging tools that yield excellent experiences for the users. What more, these tools have only grown more mature and sophisticated over time, making the platform a better blogging option than ever before.

2. E-commerce Store

Another type of website that WordPress can render is an e-commerce store. An e-commerce website is the backbone of an online business as it enables them to establish their identity and extend their reach to the online customer base. For this reason, it should have the right look and adequate functionalities to drive near-perfect shopping experiences for the online shoppers. WooCommerce serves as the most useful e-commerce plugin that WordPress offers for building and customizing impressive e-commerce store.

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3. Business Website

WordPress has emerged as a strong foundation for business websites too as it provides all the features and functionalities that such sites may require. Additionally, it offers a range of themes that can be used to structure an appealing and professional-looking web presence for businesses. Furthermore, the site can be customized with specialized WordPress extensions which are designed to facilitate the addition of multiple business-oriented features such as contact page, portfolio, location maps, and even images and videos.

4. News and Media Websites

WordPress can also be used for building news and media websites as it has the right set of custom themes that are most likely to catch the eyes of the readers and render ease for content creators. Multiple editors and authors can be added to the site to streamline the publishing process. Moreover, these WordPress themes are SEO-friendly which make it easier to extend the site’s reach.

5. Job Boards

As the concept of hiring and searching for jobs through job boards such as Glassdoor is becoming increasingly popular, there is a great demand for developing such sites. WordPress serves as the right platform for creating powerful job boards enriched with advanced features such as search index, average salary, company reviews, and more. Applicants can go through the facts about prospective employers as well as look for niche-specific jobs by leveraging these features.

6. Online Communities

Next on the list of websites that can be created with WordPress CMS is an online community. Most businesses today are investing in these networking communities to connect with the existing customers and extend their reach to new customers. WordPress comes with plugins such as BuddyPress and bbPress to bring the desired community functionalities for the websites. Additionally, it also has some relevant themes to support the community building process.

7. Photography Websites

Like blogging sites, photography sites are used by creative people who want to share their work online. The website needs to have an appealing interface in addition to the right functionalities and tools that enable the showcasing of their images with the highest quality standards. WordPress brings excellent themes that are just right for these sites. It also presents the slider plugins that can be used for showcasing the pictures in a slider format.

8. Government Websites

Besides artistic and commercial sites, WordPress has also emerged as a reliable platform for building the sites for governments and departments. Sweden, Finland, and India are a few countries that have chosen this CMS for powering their official websites. While Sweden runs its official government site on WordPress, Finland has used it for its tourism site and the Indian PM’S official website also uses it. The platform is acclaimed for being admin and user-friendly and also offers multi-language support, making it the right choice for this purpose.

9. Question and Answer Website

Building a Question and Answer website such as Quora can be a challenging job, considering the kind of functionalities it needs to have. WordPress CMS simplified it and reduces the time and effort that goes into building such a site. It comes with a complete set of themes and plugins that enable the creation of a feature-rich question and answer forum, right from the scratch.

10. Coupon Sites

Businesses are investing in coupon sites to earn massive amounts of affiliate commissions from those offering discounts and deals on their products and services. These coupon websites are empowered with functionalities that enable addition, management, and the expiration of coupons. Since these involve a level of complexity, the choice of a right platform makes all the difference to the performance of the site. Once again, WordPress comes up as the right platform for building such sites as it has special themes and coupon plugins that allow modification and management of coupons.


Seeing the extensive range of websites that WordPress can be used for creating, it would not be wrong to address it as one of the most versatile platforms. At the same time, if you are planning to use it for creating one of these websites, there is a need to partner with expert WordPress developers who have complete knowledge and rich experience. This is essential because they can help you use the right features to your advantage for getting a solution that matches your needs to perfection.

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