Why Instagram is the Next Big Advertisement Platform?

With the advent in internet technologies and the growing popularity of social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter advertisement has taken a whole huge leap. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are a huge marketplace for advertisers and for brand promotions. The best part about advertising on social media platforms is the creativity that advertisers put in and the response they get from people all over the world. A particular content gets popular nationwide and sooner or later it crosses its boundaries and reachesto a foreign market without having to do any extra work.This is the reason why advertisers all over the world are targeting social media websites for their advertisement campaigns. Earlier the total cost of advertisement was divided in print, TV and banner advertisement. However, nowadays companies spend more on social media advertisement than anywhere else. One such popular social media platform is the Instagram. Instagram has already reached 80 million people worldwide and is growing at a really fast pace. It is estimated that anyone with a smart phone will be on Instagram by the end of 2020.

What makes Instagram Popular?

There are many photo sharing websites like Instagram that established them way before Instagram was introduced. The reason why Instagram is popular is the easy to use interface and the one touch photo edit and upload. Instagram works on every smart phone or PDA with a camera. You can click an image edit it within seconds and upload it instantly without any hassles. Unlike other photo sharing websites Instagram is light and works fine on all the devices. Photo sharing is really popular nowadays. With the growth of social media websites more and more people are actively sharing photographs online with their friends, family members and followers. This is why Instagram is hot for advertisers. After Facebook purchased Instagram the chances of seeing a popular dedicated picture sharing application has risen and thus advertisers are looking for opportunities through which they can advertise and build their own brand on Instagram just like every company has a Facebook page and a twitter handle where they interact with people and potential customers.

How do Instagram Likes help in Brand Promotion?

There is a common principle behind the popularity of any page or handle or in this case an Instagram profile. The principle states that if the content posted on social media shows a huge number of likes it is very likely that it will get noticed and the page or brand will be followed by numerous other people. If your post on Instagram is liked by many people it will have an extended reach and the number of potential customers you will have will increase by a huge margin. However, you will have to be careful in marketing through Instagram. No matter how many likes you have gathered for a particular post if your content or photograph is not up to the mark the chances of people following suit is less likely. The key behind a su8ccessful advertisement campaign on Instagram is to be very particular about what you are posting and make sure that the content you are posting has something to offer. It shouldn’t be just any random content. Make sure that the website from where you are purchasing your Instagram likes is a verified and trusted website. There are certain websites out there in the market that sell spam auto generated machine likes that tend to expire over a certain timeframe making your content look deserted and less important. You have to make sure you don’t Buy Instagram Likes from such companies. Buy Instagram Likes from companies that provide real and genuine likes from genuine profile and do it in your budget.

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