Why Google Penalizes a Website

Google has included a lot of terms and guidelines in search engine optimization. Since 2000, it is altering and continuously changing its algorithm. The major Panda update in 2011, then in Penguin update in 2012 and lastly the Hummingbird update in 2013 has altered every tactic. However, there are regular updates in the algorithm, but these three are the major among all. A few years back, coming to the top position was easy for a website, but it is very tough now. Google is prone to offering its users the most accurate information according to the search query. It wants uniqueness in content from the finest writers. So, the tweak and improvements are best of the web can get its exposure. The new enforcement aggressiveness towards the spammy websites has become reluctant. Even if you make a little wrong in things you might get heavily penalized. Since, the internet has evolved as a business school, one thing we surely come up with is SEO. Since, web traffic is most important for all online marketers, people are eager to apply every possible technique to get it done. With the high number of businesses of every shape and size are evolving, it is becoming highly competitive and in one wrong step you might get heavily penalized by Google resulting rapid loss in business.

There are certain reasons why Google penalizes a website. Many rules and certain possible infractions are included. The most important among all is duplicate content. If Google finds out any duplication then you might get bad user experience. Google always needs fresh and unique content to provide their users. If you have similarity in content on two or, more website pages, then users can rectify it easily. They will know this and never come back to your service again. The content serves as king in SEO and if it is more keyword stuffed it becomes unpleasant to read. So, do not overuse unreasonable amount of keywords in your content and make it user friendly. Since, all you want to reach your viewers with a unique message that makes you identified among all others. If you are buying a content which is poor in quality, it will piss off Google, turn your readers off and drive them off. Getting poor quality back links or, some competitor is trying to affect your website through bad SEO means you will get heavily penalized.


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