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Why Every Business Needs a Web Geek

Why Every Business Needs a Web Geek

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Why Every Business Needs a Web GeekNo matter the line of work you do or business you run – there is space for a Web geek. These are the people that bridge technology with businesses and you can find them with ease. Many of these individuals would be more than happy to work in a position where they’re able to bring their love for technology and the Web to the table; give them that opportunity and you’ll see a myriad of incredible benefits and opportunities appear for your business.

Where You’ll Find Them

There is a wide variety of talent you can choose from when you begin exploring your options. You’ll want to set a budget, obviously, but look at the value they will bring before you immediately dismiss the salary they desire. Likewise – your selection will depend on how you source your potentials:

– Freelance/Job Boards – Here you’ll find people hungry to work from all over the globe. You can often set your own prices if you decide you only need them for a specific project, but you could also refine your search to providers in your area, which would allow you to make contact and begin vetting them to your business.

– Staffing Services – Your better bet is to use a staffing service like Extreme Technologies Inc, which specializes in finding applicants that are well-skilled with technology rather than using a staffing service that tries to be a jack of all trades. With a defined staffing service, you can lay out exactly what you need and they will come back with the ideal candidates, which greatly reduces the time needed to sift through potential leads.

– Local Search – Go the old school route and place an advertisement in the newspaper or in an online publication. The Web individuals still sift through these in the hope of finding work and often times you can find truly great talent even if you operate out of a very small town. Since you’re limited on space your best bet is to use the ad as a quick pitch and then drive them to a long-form page that clarifies the details.

You have plenty of options when it comes to finding the right individual for the job; it’s just a matter of time before their resume hits your hands.

What They’ll Bring

Even if the individual isn’t the most qualified in Web development, it’s still all about the mindset and drive this person has for their passion for the Web. You can learn anything online and when there is motivation to do so – such as requesting them to work on a difficult project – you can bet your butt they are going to do everything they can to learn and master the topic.

When you bring on someone that has experience in Web development and other Web-based technologies you are adding the following to what you can do in business:

– Online marketing – They, without a doubt, will understand what goes into developing a website that gets found in the search engines and which platforms would be best if you decide to explore online advertising.

– Social media – Far too many businesses aren’t utilizing social media to their full potential; with someone that’s online a great deal of time the social media aspect comes naturally so they will be there to guide you through all the different ways to use Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other platforms to your business’s advantage.

– Web development – Of course this is going to be on the list since that’s who you hired. You may not understand all that goes on behind-the-scenes but they’ll be able to bring valuable offerings like upgrading your site, digitizing your work flow, improving conversions, expanding the online store, creating email lists, running analytics, and the like.

– Tech advice – Outside of the Web is all the knowledge they’ll possess about hardware and software which can be used for business. They will either know what to suggest or will able to easily compare and contrast the options for areas such as upgrading your computers, expanding your network, providing mobile devices to employees, and much more.

At your disposal is someone who loves technology; it would be a shame to squander the talent and a greater shame if your businesses never have the pleasure of working with these individuals.


Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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