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Top Benefits of Adopting Smart DNS in Everyday Life

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Smart Domain Name Server (Smart DNS) is a technology which ensures that internet users can access blocked websites by tweaking their DNS settings. This technology is normally used by users to unblock websites containing restricted content. This is an online service used to manage physical location. There are some websites that can only be accessed in specific locations. With the use of Smart DNS, those websites can be accessed – no matter where you are. This proxy will change your computer or device’s location with the one available on the website. This means that it translates the address of the network to that of the websites.

Sometimes, there’s confusion about Smart DNS and VPN (Virtual Private Network). It should be known that a VPN will change the IP address and encrypt the data with the help of another server. Smart DNS, however, is used to unblock websites that have been regionally blocked – websites like Hulu, Netflix, and Pandora. Unlike the VPN, it doesn’t use another server which makes it faster.

DNS Benifits

How Does Smart DNS Work?

Smart DNS works by tweaking your device’s DNS. Any time you try to access a website that has regionally-blocked content, Smart DNS will change your proxy server. It will also redirect a specific server that is able to recognize your device as geographically correct as it concerns the website’s constraints.

Benefits of Smart DNS

Here, we can now discuss the many benefits of Smart DNS.

  1. Legal Service

Smart DNS is completely legal in a host of countries that include the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Although the use of Smart DNS is illegal in countries like North Korea, Syria and Iran, the list isn’t as large as that of the ones who have legalized it.

       2. Ease of Use

Technical knowledge isn’t needed when trying to use Smart DNS for the first time. This service is very simple and it will allow you to effortlessly access restricted websites. All that is needed is to sign up for this service and select the streaming services you want to use with Smart DNS. It is compatible with a lot of devices, so there’s essentially no need to worry about new equipment to be able to use the service.

       3. Speed

VPN’s encryption feature means that this additional level of security and third-party servers will make it slower than Smart DNS. Even without the level of encryption that VPN offers, Smart DNS’ connection speed makes it stand out from the rest proxy options. There are no restrictions here and the speed of your connection won’t be tampered with.

       4. Compatibility with other Devices

One good thing about Smart DNS is that it can be used with almost any device that can be connected to the internet – Smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets. Smart DNS also allows for 3G/4G as well as Wi-Fi connections.

       5. Reduce Censorship

Smart DNS’ purpose is also a great benefit to it. Censorship has become a very big problem and its consequences can be felt in different spheres of life.

Everyone should be entitled to freedom of speech as well as freedom of communication and association. Blocking and restricting streaming websites don’t really tow the route of these fundamental rights.

In this light, Smart DNS gives its customers an opportunity to access streaming websites like Hulu and Netflix that have blocked some of their content. With this, you can use your computer to access information at any time regardless of all the censorship.

DNS Reduce Censorship

        6. Public Connections

Smart DNS can be used anywhere – as long as there’s an available internet connection. Public networks can be used to access Smart DNS effortlessly. It will be able to hide your location, but anyone who really wants to find it can still do so. Smart DNS lacks that extra protection that VPN can offer and that’s the reason people can still locate you.

       7. Affordable Service

A great benefit of Smart DNS is the fact that it is very economical. It doesn’t matter the service provider you use, services are usually under $5 per month. Signing up for more than a year will make the subscription even cheaper ($3 – $4). Some service providers even offer a combination of Smart DNS and VPN which will ensure security and speed. Overplay is a service provider that offers this combination and you can get the best of both worlds.

      8. More Security than Random Proxy Servers

Free proxy servers are neither safe nor reliable. Hackers with little technical knowledge can be able to hack these servers. Digital footprints are always present because connection records are likely being logged by the proxy servers. Usernames and passwords can be viewed by anyone re-routing traffic using the proxy server. This is a massive reason why Smart DNS is so useful.DNS Suitable on the Move

       9. Suitable for People on the Move

People on the move (expats, tourists and business travelers) will not want to miss their favorite shows. If some of these people are in countries with restricted streaming access, they will surely need a service that can lift these restrictions and grant them complete access to watch what they want. Smart DNS is perfect for them as it provides access to apps or websites that have been regionally restricted.

       10. Access to various Social Media Platforms

Some websites (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc) have been blocked by certain countries. With the help of Smart DNS, you can unblock these websites and communicate with people using them.

YouTube videos can even be seamlessly viewed without disruptions because of the fast buffering of videos.


I have just explained some of the benefits of making use of Smart DNS. I’ll advise you to make good use of this service especially when you’re visiting another country. You really don’t want to miss out on your favorite TV shows, do you? As soon as you sign up for any of the Smart DNS services, its benefits will even be clearer to you. You’ll also see why using the service is worth every penny you paid.


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