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Where you should place your Explainer Videos for the win!

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Introduction to Explainer videos

A combination of pure graphic designing using multi animation techniques to create the illusion of movement or rotation, obtaining a sequence, for describing a product or service, as well as providing answers to some questions related to the products, is termed as an explainer video.

This simplifies the company message & at the same time shows their activity in a more original form. Ideal for companies that offer innovative products or services intangibles that are difficult to understand. These are short videos that are used to engage your audience both “online” and “offline” (in the case of TV commercials).

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are used for crafting such animations that feature an idea to transform a complicated message in an understandable and believable speech for all. Being short, the contents are transmitted before and can reach a more targeted audience.

The main reason is because, the animated videos capture the attention and get your message to your audience perfectly, especially when it’s Whiteboard Animation or Motion Graphics videos.

Sometimes we find it hard to find ways to efficiently convey our brand, product or project. An advertisement, a wedge radio or a simple presentation is not usually enough to get where we want. This is where the explanatory videos come into play.

Where to place these Explainer videos

Although it mostly depends on your marketing strategy, it’s better to adopt certain guidelines when placing your explainer videos to amaze your audiences with your services. Following are some places where you could place your authentic explainer videos-


Your own homepage:

It should be pretty obvious that your own landing page is where your explainer videos should come first. The moderately larger play button should be the first thing people see on your homepage, if you want them to be caught off guard. It’s a great display to inspire your audience to learn more about what stuff you

As soon as visitors peek at your site, they’ll feel like clicking/tapping on that play button. The best place to set the video, is above the fold, because that’s where everyone’s going to start looking from. It also aids your site to rank higher in Search Engines and also optimize your site even further.



It comes as no surprise given that it’s the world 3rd largest social network and the largest video sharing site, with newer users being added day and night. Not setting your video animation or your animated explainer videos on your YouTube channels is like the most unintelligent move ever.
It’s filled with all sorts of visitors and newcomers that also have nothing to do and browse through random videos. If they ever were to stumble on your site and then share it on social media, imagine the number of viewers you’ll get. Establish a good YouTube video SEO strategy along with it, and you have yourself guaranteed a gold mine.



Twitter is an extremely popular social media and with its new video marketing management services, for instance- the promoted video ads & a native video player, it will play a long way to enhance your explainer video sharing and advertising.



One of the largest social media, it’s natural that your videos should exist here among your friend circles. They can easily share your content with their friend circles and your viewers would multiply that way. But remember, this strategy won’t work if your video is not what people expected. So, try surprising them with short but creative videos.

Social media platforms

On your blog:

It’s most likely evident from perusing your blog, yet we concur with that, if your organization isn’t blogging as of now, it needs to begin now. Viable blogging can drive both movements and leads for your business by furnishing potential clients with significant esteem. Yet, viable blogging requires convincing substance!

Regardless of whether it’s a piece of a mindfulness, training, or influence battle, your explainer videos should contain mostly imperative data displayed in a connecting way so that it’s possible to arrange and organize, making it a simple expansion of your blog content, or maybe the focal point of its own one of a kind post.

Setting your video in your blog entries will influence guests to remain longer on your website, and – as we said over that will improve your SEO (site improvement) rank. At the point when individuals remain longer on your blog by viewing your video on it, you help your online perceptibility.



Explainer videos are born to be a different, entertaining, illustrative and more direct approach to get the messages to the target audience. Through animated explainer videos and the different techniques used, you can easily explain the operation of an application/startup/company sensations for a brand, a project or a product. And it is that customers like to feel close to the companies as part of their activity.

Explainer videos for business

That is why an explainer video can be an important tool for users and potential customers to know you in a more personal way. With the help of video production companies, it’s simpler for you to create your own animated videos that represent your own company, service or products in a natural way so that people become enamored to have a holistic look at them and fails to realize that they are actually commercial videos trying to sell a product, a service or the benefits of hiring your company. This helps greatly to both increase sales and build your brand.

For you, we believe Animate2Explain is quite dedicated and comprised of highly experienced individuals to come to your every need for crafting the most groundbreaking explainer videos having ideal hand-drawn animation designs for amazing prices.

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