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9 Ways To Promote Your WooCommerce Store

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9 Ways To Promote Your WooCommerce Store1Woo-commerce is a free eCommerce platform on WordPress. It offers numerous features like client engagement, order tracking, stock administration, creating customer tools, tracking user activity, and many more. WooCommerce is the mainstream and seemingly best web-based business module for WordPress, and its joining considers you to incorporate both incredible SEO esteem and eCommerce ability. You can easily start your store through WooCommerce. It also operates through mobile phones. So you can create a WooCommerce store easily but achieving more traffic on WooCommerce and promoting it consistently requires effort and patience.

Have you wondered, even after putting all the promotion strategies into work, you are not achieving the optimum target, or your promotion strategy is inadequate, inefficient, or not updated concerning the current time? Also, you are continually searching for approaches to improve it. Then you are at the right place.

So let’s dive in-

Promote your WooCommerce store with these simple ways –

1) Setting up a referral program

Ask for a referral program with a convenient, largely automated plan that grows your WooCommerce store and acquires new sales through referral marketing that will spotlight your brand in the sea of sameness.

The digital revolution has made starting an online business simpler than at any other time, yet that accompanies a cost: fierce competition. Setting up referral programs is the fastest way to grow traffic and sales in the process of promoting your WooCommerce store. References transform your satisfied clients into persuading team promoters. The customers have paid a huge amount for the product. If they’re satisfied with it, it will convert to an incredible selling point to other people through inviting their friends to the referral program. In return, the referrer gets some benefit, say coupon or a special discount on the next purchase via emails. So sign up for the Invite Referrals program software with complete referral strategy design and implementation and start your journey of growing your WooCommerce store.

2) Newsletters and emails

Another way to promote your WooCommerce store is to capture the visitors’ email the moment they visit your online store. You can attract them by giving freebies, say ebooks or any exciting offer. Newsletters are tools used by businesses to regularly send updated information about the company’s product or service once they receive an email from the visitor. Newsletters help to nurture leads. Once you build a great email list, you can use that email list to drive traffic by promoting your brand and easily grow your WooCommerce store.

3) Guest Blogging

To grow your WooCommerce store, you need to boost traffic and search engine rankings to your website. The website needs to have a solid domain authority with heaps of followers. Also, you will want to get a quality connection to your WooCommerce store. One such way is contributing guest posts to relevant and authoritative guest posting websites. That way, you’re sure that your post would get the quality link getting the necessary exposure.  Guest blogging is an attempted and tried marketing system that will help you acquire top-notch backlinks and better reach.

4) Personalization

“Personalized content is known to trigger better than generic content since it’s anything but a client’s feelings.” Add that human touch to messages when you speak with your clients over their #1 channel. Use existing customer data to segment according to demographics, behaviour, cookies based, and many more. and personalize your strategy for each segment. Then, run your personalized segmented campaign on all your devices, say mobile, desktop, or tablet, and see how your WooCommerce store is growing.

Examples of personalized email and messages like-

  • It is a superb idea to connect with your shoppers by greeting them through their names.
  • You can express gratitude(Thank You) by messaging them through their names.
  • You can customize emails and messages according to gender. Say like – ‘I got you back, Lucy. Enjoy this super fun red lipstick and let your girls be jealous of you!’

5) Implementing A/B tests9 Ways To Promote Your WooCommerce Store1

A/B tests, also known as split testing, are testing two variants of the same web page to different segments of website visitors and comparing which variant drives more conversion or in which variant customer is more engaged. The process of A/B testing may seem laborious, but it is a powerful tool for your WooCommerce store as it optimizes each page congruent to user choice and interests, therefore, giving more power to the store resulting in immeasurable in terms of sales.

You additionally can’t overlook the intrinsic benefit of focusing on consistently improving the adequacy of your store.

Testing merits the worth of investment for stores that can meet the necessary sample size in two to more weeks about a month. Stores that can’t opt for A/B tests which are so important to conduct should consider different types of practices until their traffic increases and WooCommerce stores grow.

6) Use of Social Media

Everyone knows “Content is king”. But do you know where the king resides? So the answer is Content is king in the kingdom of Social Media channels and that’s the power of Social Media. Since people spend most of their time on social networking sites, promoting WooCommerce stores through popular social media such as Pinterest, Facebook is one of the easiest and convenient ways to reach your target audience. So a WooCommerce store needs to have an account in all the popular social media depending upon the niche and have promotional content posts in all the accounts.

7) Running a campaign and contest

Facilitating various new campaigns or contests for your clients gets brand awareness quicker. So at whatever point you have new or less popular items in your store, attempt to make your client aware of them by running promotional campaigns with exciting offers, freebies, or discounts. Running a campaign and contest generates a sense of curiosity among the audience about the product. So discovering the most grasping contest to run in your store can end up being truly useful in triggering your targeted WooCommerce audience. It will make them interested, permitting them to think about the specialty of that product in-store. Even online contests with exciting prizes help create personal branding and promotion of WooCommerce stores.

8) Use of email marketing, market automation, and sales CRM9 Ways To Promote Your WooCommerce Store1

  • Email marketing – helps to retain existing customers and create new ones.
  • Market automation- send automated emails to keep engaged with customers and flow of the message.
  • Sales CRM- helps to organize all your customer data that drives deals forward.

These are all the tools you need to make and grow your WooCommerce store.

Gathering client email addresses is a fundamental component of the business cycle, whether offline or online. If you don’t do this, you are missing out on an immense marketing opportunity. Instead, assemble an email list that can be integrated with WooCommerce stores; when you have a rundown of clients, you can contact through emails and messages, offer incentives, and encourage repeat buyers.

9) Promote through engaging videos content

In this digital era in 2021, videos, clips, reels are in trend. Visuals appeal more compared to reading blogs, and we do enjoy watching videos.

Today SEO optimized videos generate more traffic than any other form of promotional strategy. So it is cleared that we are getting more reliant on visual content. Creating short videos related to the product may be about product description or how to use or any tutorial. You can raise awareness of your WooCommerce store and drive more traffic to it.

Some Key takeaways which cannot be ignored

You need to make the items in your WooCommerce store as charming to clients as could be expected. And keeping in mind that your product description and infographics will also impact the growth of a WooCommerce store, there’s significantly more you can do to promote your WooCommerce store.

  • Create scarcity-Tell your clients that a few items will probably sell out, and they’ll be eager to act immediately.
  • Utilize an advantage driven CTA- For example, feature the product benefits in the CTA catch to give a client that last little push to click.
  • Know your clients – Businesses should know their target audience i.e what specifically they are looking for, what are their pain points and what are their other requirements.
  • Offer a gift- Individuals are attracted to gifts, so part with something to urge clients to finish a deal.
  • Improve on your site- Try not to make it hard for your clients to discover the items they need—you’d rather not lose a deal over a terrible shopping experience.
  • Security-related concerns – Use secure hosting with SSL certificates.


Promoting your product is a significant part of online business. Alongside the overall drives, you need to focus on specific items of your WooCommerce store, depending upon how they are performing. Now and again, the right consideration can restore dull deals or upgrade the deals significantly for slow-moving sales. If you are using the WordPress platform, you will also discover a few plugins that will assist you with promoting your WooCommerce Store.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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