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What’s the purpose of logos and why do they matter?

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Nike, Pepsi, Apple, land Starbucks. What was the first image came into your mind after reading the names of these brands? The faces of the companies in the form of logos right! Logos are the face of the corporations and crucial for every business. It is how your customers recognize your company or product. It also shows your company’s personality, value, and principles that you try to communicate through your logo design. In a nutshell, a logo is the identity of the company.

Logo immediately connects to our mind with the business without even listening to the name of it. Whether a logo contain any letter from the name of the company or any image that match with the services you provide, a well promoted and a good business logo design can still represent you and your business in a much better way. For the layman, a logo is like a mental shortcut to a product or company.

To elaborate this whole discussion, in the next lines of this article I am going to highlight some of the major purposes of the logos and why do they matter that much?


Remember those movies about vintage counties in which the villagers used to brand their cattle with the hot iron rod with their mark on it to show their ownership? The logo is something like this but not in that painful way. By having a logo on your products or any merchandises like mugs shirts and different stationaries, you show that this thing belongs to you and you are the owner of it. This is another way of telling the world that in what type of product you do business and what are the benefits you have to offer to your customers.

Moreover, having your logo on different things including merchandises is a great way of promoting your brand. For example, the shirts and caps with the logo of Apple on it are quite common. That doesn’t mean whoever is wearing Apple’s shirt is an employee of the Apple or selling its products. That person could be a diehard fan of the Apple products or he just got that shirt from somewhere for free, and he is wearing it. But, that person is carrying the Apple logo with him everywhere which is a sort of branding in the marketing books.


Introduce you to new customers:

You will never be able to start your business with just a name attached to it. People are fragile in remembering the names until you give them something visual attached to it. Furthermore, people draw towards the design and colors more than just simple text. No matter how better your marketing tactics would be, without a compelling logo, no company has ever survived in this tight market where everyone is ready to hunt the customers of their competitor.

For a new business, you need a logo which draws the people towards it. A logo which is simple enough that on the first look it can give your potential customers what you are about to and what service or product you sell.


A logo that can create your image:

From a logo, you can take multiple benefits. On the one hand, where a logo is a company’s identity and introducing it to new people, it can also create your image in the mind of your target market.

The marketers know the importance of image in the corporate world. For example, a company that manufactures sports products like shoes and sports costumes need a logo which can create the image of your products in the mind of people. Logo for such company should reflect energy, aggressiveness, and power. That is why in the first part of this article I emphasized the importance of having a logo which has the right mixture of colors and design elements that can create your desired image in the minds of the masses.

Keeps you apart from competitors:

The final nail in the coffin of every brand or company is to have nothing different than their competitors. That is why a brand who aims to be the best in their industry always try to keep its entire brand different from its competitors. For this, a unique logo plays a vital role. The designers know the cliché things they do while designing the logos for the companies of particular industries. For example, every designer prefers to add an Italian man with a mustache when he or she has to design a logo for any pizza restaurant. Similarly adding chopsticks in the logo for a Chinese restaurant also comes under the same umbrella.

Such things do nothing but harming your credibility and turning your brand just another company in the industry.  A unique logo would not create any impact on your product or quality of service, but it can keep your image different from other similar companies like you in the same industry. The company with a good logo can reflect what is different in you as compare to other companies. Consider it as another marketing tools that can show up your USP without even promoting a word. Just a logo placed anywhere would be enough to convey the entire message.

Put it anywhere:

For the marketing, you can get posters, social media postings, and even the TVCs if you are a big brand. All of these and others too if I am missing have designated places to where you can publish, telecast or place them. But when it comes to the logo, you can put it anywhere you like. You cannot just carry it in all of your packaging, products, social media website and other indoor things, but you can also place it on the outdoor locations too. The best thing is, even a tiny logo unless it is not visible from the naked eye can do wonders if you market it correctly which not also going to cost you a lot.

However, there is only one condition attached to it. You have to be constant in your logo design. You have to stick with the colors of your logo, and it’s designing element until you get your name attached to it.

Mawiya Karam has been working in a Digital Marketing Company as a senior copywriter. She likes to write for her followers and explain technical topics in a way that her readers can easily understand. Mawiya has also lectured at many seminars concerning copy writing techniques.

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