What to Do When You Want To Sell Your PS4 Console

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Wondering how to prepare your PS4 for sale? We’ve got you covered. Here we will show you how to do it. The steps listed here are from PS4 console trade-in. Use them to learn how to maneuver through the process.

Your old PS4 sucks and you want to buy the latest gaming console prepare it for sale and upgrade to a PS4 pro for much less than the normal price.

Here’s how to prepare a PS4 for sale.

  1. Find out which PS4 you have

First things first, you need to identify the PS4 you have. The console was introduced in 2013 and since then, son has updated the console once which is the PS4 slim. Upgrading is crucial since a PS4 Slim has a higher resale value than a normal PS4 now in digital marketing company in also  available ps4 .

An original PS4 has a removable side plate and a LED indicator at the center of its rear face whereas the PS4 Slim features a matte finish together with a PS4 logo in the center of it top-face. Note down the model of your PS4 somewhere. Also, observe if your console comes with a distinct design or paint job. The distinct design could earn you extra cash.

  1. Review your console to know how much storage your console has

The second step is to check how much storage your console features. Get this information from your console’s total storage capacity from the sticker right at the bottom of the console. The package where your console was shipped with also contains the information concerning the storage capacity the console has. Since the PS4 allows users to easily upgrade the storage inside, don’t forget to put the drive you bought your console with back, if you replaced it with another before selling it. Note down the storage capacity of your PS4. If your console has more games, you will get more money from it.

  1. Find out what you will sell together with your console

To get it sell faster, it is good to add some accessories and any other games you have. This is a good method to ensure your listing adds value on numerous trades-in or on Amazon and eBay.

  1. Create a backup of your games

If you are thinking of upgrading your PS4 to a PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro, you must back up your games from your existing PS4.  This will help you to avoid downloading the games again. Downloading games is also another hectic task so you should avoid messing up and backup your current games in advance. However, if you don’t wish to purchase a new PS4, it means all your games are stored on disks, go to the next step.

The PlayStation four (PS4) got the heatedly anticipated Yukimura update, conjointly referred to as computer code a pair of.50, on Sunday. it had been crucial for a bunch of reasons, the foremost vital of that is that the ability to make a copy the complete contents of your PS4, as well as game installs.


This will facilitate if you ever ought to re-install a game. a number of that, like grand larceny car V weigh in at around 40GB. With the new update, you will not need to re-download any of your digitally purchased games if you choose to upgrade your PS4’s Winchester drive to one thing additional substantial than the present 500GB it comes with. It may even be helpful if you have deleted a game to form house on your console, and need to play it once more also Android Emulators To Experience Android On Your PC 

  1. Copy your games to a hard drive

To back up your PS4 games easily, you just plug a USB hard drive to your console. It will be detected by your PS4 as an external storage for games and apps. Ensure your USB hard drive has adequate space to accommodate all your games.  Follow the step by step procedure to back up your games.

  1. Check your drive for games

After you have moved all your games and apps, ensure there is no game left in your PS4. Eject your USB hard drive. It should slide but not produce a chime sound to show you that your games have been copied.

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  1. Erase your PS4 network account and reset it.

Ensure to reset your PS4 when you want to sell it. There are other platforms where they will do it for you but it’s good to DIY. The last step is disconnecting your accessories and cleaning your console and your console is ready for sell.

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