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How to choose the right logo for your Business

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Have you ever thought why logos of some companies are so popular and so easily recognizable? Credit goes to the design of these logos that has made them memorable and successful. Logo Design is all about showing personality of a brand with the use of graphics. To come up with a great logo that represents true personality of your brand correctly, you need to stick to some basic principles. This post shares best practices for logo designing that will help you choose the right logo for your business.

A Unique Concept- Your logo needs to have a unique concept that conveys your brand message clearly. The whole idea of designing a logo gets defeated if your logo is copied or looks similar to that of your competitors. It is the visual identity of your company,  the very first  introduction to your company so it needs to be original. Though, you can always take inspiration from successful logo designs but your idea needs to be creative and  innovative if it looks amateurish or copied then people will not take your business seriously.

So, you need to come up with a well-thought out concept for your company logo so that goes with the personality of your company effortlessly.

Say yes to Simplicity- As famously quoted by Bruno Munari, “To complicate is simple, to simplify is complicated”. Anybody can complicate but only few can simplify. To make your logo relatable and easily recognizable, it needs to be simple. Simple logos are well received and easily stick in the minds of people. So, it is highly recommended to come up with a simple logo with memorable graphics.

If your audience is having a hard time understanding your logo concept then chances are your logo may get lost in oblivion. And i am sure you don’t want to take chances here, you can always avail services of expert logo designers who can create a logo that represents your company in the best possible light.

Finding the font- Next thing is ‘font’, you need to pick a font that perfectly represents your company’s personality. Font is an important element of design and needs to be selected very thoughtfully. Select a font that does not interferes with the readability and legibility of your logo design else it only causes distraction. Though picking standard fonts for your logo is the safest option but you should experiment and finalize a font that matches with the personality of your company.

A well-selected font can highlight the benefits of your brand whereas an inappropriate font can negatively affect image of your brand. You can find an overwhelming variety of fonts online, some are free and some needs to be licensed for commercial use. Fontsquirrel and Google Fonts are my favourite places to find fonts. 

Color is important- Color is another important element of logo designing and plays an important role in the brand recognition. Each color has a meaning and evokes a different emotion, so when selecting color for your logo, you need to keep your brand’s personality into mind. Don’t pick a color out of fondness rather go with a color that complements the company image.

For instance– Red represents boldness, excitement, and passion in the same way Black is a symbol of class, exquisiteness, and power. Based on what message you want to give your audience, you can always pick a color. Ideally, you can always stick to the branding colors of your company to reinforce your message. Many well-known companies have included their branding colors in their logo design. Remember, not to include too many colors in your logo as it causes distraction, you can maximum include two to three colors in your logo design for maximum impact. 

Durability is essential- Another thing that makes a logo great is durability. Your logo needs to be durable and it can only happen if you don’t fall prey to latest design trends. Trends come and go, and making your logo inspired by these trends is not a good idea. When you create your company logo keeping fashion of the moment in mind then it soon becomes dated.

To create a timeless logo, you need to come up with an original and creative concept so that your logo remains effective even after a decade. Though with the time you can always do little tweaks in your original logo so that it does not get affected by the passage of time and looks great always.

Versatility is the key- No matter how well-designed a logo is, if it is not versatile, it would never be that effective. To ensure the efficacy of your logo design, create your logo in a vector format so that it can be scaled to any size. Logos created in vector formats can be scaled to any size be it as small as postage stamp or be it as large as billboard without affecting the quality.

Vector format is regarded as the most ideal one for designing logos as it is flexible and is capable of giving output to any image format be it gif, jpg, tiff, png, etc.

Avoid being Generic and Overused – Many times companies end up having a generic or overused logo. The idea behind investing in a logo is to create a unique brand identity of your company and when you create a logo using common symbols, shapes, or cliche images, then you get a generic logo. An overused or generic logo conveys that company is substandard, dull, or not serious about the business and i am sure no company would like to create this image.

For your company logo, you should come up with an original concept that reflects your company’s beliefs and ideologies.Though, seeking services of professional graphic designers is highly recommended but if you have a creative bent of mind and some knowledge of graphic design then you can always try free online logo generator tools. One such tool is online logo creator that allows you to design a brand new logo for your business in a matter of minutes. But if you are looking for a high-quality logo design then you should consider expert graphic designers only. 

Concluding Note- Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind and create a stellar logo for your business that makes your company stand out from the competition rather than blending in. Happy Designing!

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