Ways to boost eCommerce business using AI

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These days artificial intelligence(AI) is one of the topical subject, people love to talk about. If you neglect being the part of it because of its complexity, you are really losing an opportunity to get aware of the next generation technology.

Besides making things easy and simple, AI powered tools can help you making future business decisions with high precision. For your eCommerce business, these smart tools can assist in increasing productivity and generating maximum revenues.

In the health care market, AI has been very much functional and the market cap is about to hit $6.6 billion by 2021. With the rise of digital assistants: like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google’s Cortana, people are getting more familiar with the implications of AI and are hoping for more advanced progressions in the coming years. In order to boost e-commerce business using AI we have listed some ways primarily focused on the ultimate usage of AI.

Amazon’s powerful integrated user experience

Amazon that is best known for its massive scale and seamless customer service has built a strong foundation and the major credit goes to efficient usage of AI techniques. Amazon is now sending product recommendations to its customers based on their interests and buying behaviors. They utilize machine-learning techniques to predict what customers want to buy; moreover, Amazon’s drone delivery service is yet going to be something more exciting. AI is considered to be a game changer in the upcoming years as it will be in the top 5 priority list by investors who will not lose a chance to bid on AI driven investment sectors.

Clutching Potential customers

Getting advantage from machine-learning tools and techniques, businesses are getting more efficient in enhancing the sales cycle. Every business tends to utilize flexible marketing tactics to grab potential customers. Smart marketers are getting more inclined towards the productive ways of getting attention from target audience. There are hundreds of AI-powered tools available that tracks down the purchasing history, buying behaviors, interests and likes of the target audience. So, marketers have the opportunity to pitch only those who resonate with their business scope.  Also, by using more advanced tools they can connect with the people who have already shown interest in the specific product or service.

Designing Sales Procedure

Ai is now reshaping the overall sales process.  Most marketers spend too much time collecting data and searching for potential customers that they couldn’t meet their targets with in the time-frame. AI is vest in tracking complicated data patterns and simplifying it to be comprehended easily. The smart machine learning algorithms are designed to harvest data patterns that facilitate making robust decisions.

Walmart observed 10% to 15% increment in online sales for $1 billion using Ai sales prediction.

Image Source: https://www.fmeextensions.com/

It helps pulling large amounts of customer data that is based on their interest, demo graphs, likes and dislikes and much more. Saving your time and efforts it keeps you focus on selling products.

Predicting the market

Data is crucial for businesses, whether it is in the shape of business sales record, competitor’s analysis or customers purchasing history. AI has made it possible to predict lucrative business opportunities and allow taking smarter decisions that leads to more customers’ engagements in the business domain.

While running an eCommerce business, AI tools allows keeping an eye on the modern trends that helps you fabricate your business strategy and assists in managing the product’s inventory.

Making use of Chat bots

Now Chat bots are helping businesses with great competency saving billions of business costs. People are comfortable communicating with the Chat bots, as now they will get the right response on the basis of data and facts rather than theories and assumptions.

Ecommerce businesses are moving towards revolutionizing the customer experience and Chatbots are one of its examples.  They are efficient in providing the right information the customer has asked for. They give you leverage by moving with great pace while managing your prospects through the sales funnels.  From apps to messaging platforms, you can find chat bots on almost every bigger channel.

It is predicted that by 2022, Chatbots will help save $8 billion worth business costs.

Image Source: https://www.fmeextensions.com/

Marketers are taking advantage from chatbots by mapping the chatbot conversations and depicting the valuable results from it. The user that is willing to know about the brand when gets engaged with the Chatbot conversation provides valuable clues about his interests, likes and dislikes. The marketer then gathers the data and designs the marketing campaigns by giving it more personalized touches. The relevant ads are then manifested to the audience and get in the spotlight.

Final Words

AI is supposed to make a drift and will quickly consolidate in small to large scale businesses. Many eCommerce businesses have already adopted AI driven tools and many customer-to-business interactions are managed with the partial to extreme usage of AI.



Zeeshan Khalid is a web entrepreneur and an eCommerce specialist. He is the CEO & Founder of FME extensions, a leading web design & development agency. Over the years FME has served thousands of clients with top Magento extensions and custom development services.

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