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Want to Optimize Your Joomla Website for Better Ranking? Count on These Smart SEO Extensions!

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The online space is filled with countless websites, and more are being developed daily! So your website’s frontline should be packed with rich SEO tactics for attaining high ranks in the SERPs. Today, many organizations and individuals select Joomla as a CMS option, which is incredibly SEO-friendly with its default Meta. However, if you want the best, opting for the correct extensions is imperative.

When you use the correct SEO extensions for a Joomla website, you have access to a control panel that enables you to manage every Metadata in one platform. It will also help you to set up and add in Open Graph data fast, while simultaneously adding social media buttons to the complete website easily to enable sharing across various social networking platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. The extensions will result in an automatic generation of Metadata and enhanced management of SEF URL. You can further add and make changes to the Metadata in fast and straightforward ways.

If you have a Joomla site, which you wish to SEO optimize, opt for these extensions discussed below.

Utilize chosen permalinks

Permalinks have great significance as that is how online visitors find your content. When you utilize more chosen links along with human terms, for instance, “https://www.joomshaper.com/documentation,” the users get a clear picture of what they are searching and opting for and what they can expect from the URL.  Furthermore, search engines resort to such URLs for ranking the content.

Opt for sh404SEF

It is one of the popular SEO extensions accessible in JED, and it assists every Joomla version. sh404SEF is packed with SEO features, for instance, suggestions for search engine friendly URL, automatic generation of tiny URL and complete assistance for Google Analytics. The extension also comes with Google Tag Manager assistance and can eradicate false URLs. It directs the 404 pages to the suggested SEF URLs easily, adds global support for the canonical URLs immediately, manages the URL rewriting mode on every application basis, and it can customize the page description and title easily with a bulk updater. Furthermore, it helps in managing the site access from dubious domains, and it also creates substantial security against harmful page requests and cross-site scripting attacks.

Use SEO Simple

A promising and prominent Joomla extension, SEO Simple enables users to either manually add Metadata or selected automatic Metadata depending on the page that is meant to be optimized. The plugin merely generates the Meta information on the go and its free of cost.

Opt for SEO Boss

This plug-in is purely aimed at Metadata management. However, users can also get it for external link hiding, page management, and keyword management. Furthermore, SEO Boss effectively eradicates false content. It comes with a simple user interface which makes it the ideal SEO optimization tool for Joomla websites. To know more about this, you can browse through Glendale SEO online and get an idea about such plugins.

Check out EFSEO (Easy frontend SEO)

A popular Joomla SEO extension, EFSEO allows you to manage the entire Metadata automatically or manually. A stunning aspect of this extension is its automated process of generating Metadata that can be stored with the frontend. EFSEO also helps to change the metadata at the front end and allow access via the user IDs and groups. Here the metadata gets generated for specific extensions through the global settings automatically.

Furthermore, there is a backend component that enables users to edit and add entries directly. It also directly saves the entered data in its core tables. In addition to that, EFSEO helps to assign data to each page irrespective of the extension used. The metadata gets allocated with the help of independent URLs, and it is compatible with for external SEF elements.

Try out Xmap

Site mapping might appear to be bland and monotonous, but it is an essential SEO tactic. It enables Google to index website pages and removes all complications that might arrive on a Joomla site. Streamliningsitemap facilitates search crawlers to navigate the site and generate a positive SEO impact. Xmap is user-friendly and offers a direct and easy site mapping approach.

Check out JoomSEF

JoomSEF is instrumental in making an URL favorable for search engines. It is one of the core tools that will make your website rank high on search engines. It is packed with exciting features such as URL caching, duplicate URL customization and effective URL management for the search engine.

Akin to several start-up entrepreneurs and established businesses, you have resorted to Joomla for your website! As you have plans to expand, the one question that pops up is how to make your Joomla website score high on the search engine ranking charts. There are several tried and tested ways. However, resorting to these SEO extensions will help you attain your objective seamlessly.

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